Unique Beds – Different Kind of Comfort

There are many dog beds available without having to look far. Pet stores have abundant supplies for large and small dogs and online there is link after link from the simple cushion bed to the orthopedic or raised even heated. But the ranges are often no different from the next store and it’s not so easy to find that novelty or something a little more in keeping with the style of your home.

Many probably just buy a bed they are not overly impressed with as they think that finding something different is too difficult. It need not be the case. Although they are not in huge quantities they are out there if you know where to look.

You can search using words like unique or custom and still mostly what you get is the run of the mill ranges and it’s hard to understand how they are calling anything in their range unique. You simply have to think beyond that and use words like hand crafted or specialized and novelty and even then the results are disappointing but you’re getting nearer to what you’re looking for.

Look for designer dog beds and try angles like that and you should get a more rewarding result.


Unique Beds
The types of beds that you can truly call unique vary from the slightly unusual to the bizarre. Always a good place to seek out the slightly unusual in anything is Etsy where they always have many choices to show you. Etsy links you to many stores and many pages of dog beds of which many can be called unique.

With Etsy they always have many different and more interesting stores and a good place to see the kinds of dog beds available is to use this site as a starter. They are not all of a highly unique nature but many are and the sheer volume means you have an excellent chance of finding something you was looking for.

Interior Designer Dog Bed

Now for the truly original and unique take a look at Opulent Items which in fact is a site for interior design but this novel bed is certainly something a little different. Called the VU dog pod, it’s a complete one off made in either Cherry Wood, Aluminum Laminate or Wenge Wood. Definitely something a little different which may appeal to some for its look although it does not appear too comfy. It comes with free shipping at a price of $550.

Hand painted

Unique Beds
For beauty and originality try the JBB Je t’aime Hand Painted Dog Bed for this beautiful wooden bed with hand painted molding and is truly beautiful.

Would look good in any home and although your dog may not be too up on beautiful artwork you will love it.

Attractive fabric graces the top with a washable outer cover. A truly unique item at $399 and shipping may take 2 to 3 weeks but worth the wait.

Space Saver

Here is a bed designed for space saving and fits snugly into a corner from Perfect Dog Beds. They are fairly simplistic in its design but definitely unique. Some are designed for the corner of the room others are oval shaped. They are handcrafted dog nests made in a variety of colors with furniture grade foam cushion. Furthermore all the profit from these dog beds goes to homeless pets.

This just a small selection of unique dog beds and although they are not easy to find, patience and imaginative searching will locate some. Just saying unique won’t find you much in a search so look at interior designs for homes and handmade and hand crafted when you search. A little effort involved in finding true originality but they are there.

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