Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

Ever since my post about VPI Pet Insurance where people started asking about the Trupanion Pet Insurance, I’ve been wanting to do a review of their website and what they have to offer. So just like I have done with several other insurance companies I’ll take you though their website and the pet insurances they offer and tell you my honest opinion on what I think about it.

Trupanion – The First Impression

When I first visited their website I liked what I found. The look of it is clean and precise and you don’t have a lot of flashy things distracting your attention from the fact that you’re there to check out their pet insurance. The front page has what I consider to be some of the most important elements when you as a pet owner are looking for a new insurance for your pet.

Quotes On Pet Insurance

Obviously they have included an area where you can get a quote on a pet insurance (more on that later). They have another prominent section where they’ll answer questions about whether your pet is eligible for a pet insurance. Both of these are crucial for a good pet insurance website in my opinion. Next they have included a section with customer testimonials, a section where you can see how they compare to the competition and finally a credibility stamp of being approved by AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and then of cause a call to action where you can either phone them or enroll online.

So in this first part of the Trupanion pet insurance review I can only say that the front page of their website get a top rating. So when that is said let’s dig a little deeper. I am curious to see their pet insurance plans and how they are comparing themselves to the competition.

Trupanion Pet Insurance vs. The Competition

Trupanion has created a comparison sheet where you can see how they cover things like:

– If a pet becomes sick or is injured what IS covered?
– If a pet becomes sick or is injured what is NOT covered?
– Will you be penalized for your pet aging?

All of which are very important to pet owners. Everything is explained in simple terms but I would still encourage you to read the actual terms before signing anything. I’m sure that they can be held up on what is posted on their website but you don’t want to go into a battle about that.

The companies that you can compare the Trupanion pet insurance with are VPI Pet Insurance (read my review here), PetCare Pet Insurance, PetPlan, ASPCA Pet insurance, Pets Best and PurinaCare.

What I like about this is that this covers most of the larger pet insurance companies in the country and even though they left out companies like Embrace, Pet Assure and AKC I still feel that it’ll give you a good overview as a pet owner and give you a good feeling of what things are important to ask about when searching for pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Packages with Trupanion

The section where you can get a quote for a pet insurance has 7 simple questions that you’ll need to answer and here comes the first problem. If you chose a pet age above 12 months you’re recommended to select another company as Trupanion is for puppies and kittens only.

Going back to the home page I see now that it says that Trupanion is for puppies and kittens but I didn’t notice that when I first looked at it.

So why is this a smart thing for Trupanion? Well you’ll often find that the animals that get sick or injured are the older ones and not the puppies and kittens. That means that even though they’ll cover your pet when it gets old you have already paid them their fee for many years and it’ll still be good business for them. I know it is a company and that they have to make money but I find it to be a little too clever a way to make sure they get a profit.

I tried to change my answers to be a puppy under 12 months and I found a monthly fee of $24.37 with a $500 premium. The great part is that you get an instant comparison chart that tells you what the cost would be if you had signed up with one of the competing companies. Whether the figures are true or not I can’t say but I find the feature to be great for a pet owner that is fixed on prices.

Now the there can be a lot more to a Trupanion pet insurance review but since every pet owners case is different I would like to encourage you to go check out the site. It has a lot of great features and is easy to understand (besides the fact that it is only for puppies and kittens which I obviously didn’t get).

But always remember that when you’re looking for pet insurance on the insurance company’s site you should always keep a skeptical eye out because they’re there to sell you something and they’ll surely try to do that.

Trupanion Promo Code

In these troublesome times, a lot of pet owners are searching for coupons in order to save money and that this applies to searching for pet insurance as well. Unfortunately, there are no Trupanion promotion code (that I know off) that will help you get a discount on your insurance. Rates are set for a reason and giving a discount would mean that the rate was actually set too high or that the company would now be willing to lose money on your particular account (would not make sense). So saving money on pet insurance will be more about choosing the right company over having the specific company give you a promo code for a discount.

Trupanion review

Now obviously this article is my view on Trupanion. However, what will bring you a lot more insight and even better Trupanion reviews will be to read the comments that customers and potential customers have added in the comments. Besides the comments and questions, you will also find a couple of really nice Trupanion employees giving feedback to customers when they have asked questions. I don’t know of any other pet insurance company that has had such a proactive online approach to its customers.

Surely, you will find a few Trupanion pet insurance complaints in the comments and that is to be expected. Someone will always think that something is unfair but I suggest that you base your review on the comments from the Trupanion staff.

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