Pets Insurance – Better Safe Than Sorry

Pet insurance is an option to take the stress and anxiety out of pet health problems and the odd calamity. There is never a good time for your pet to be ill or be injured. Wouldn’t it be an even worse blow if it came at a time when your finances are low causing extra anxiety and concern?

There are very many pet insurance policies on the market and online is the ideal place to look and compare. There are reviews from customers and they can be a good indicator of credibility as customer satisfaction is often due to good service given.

Exotic pet insurance

Pet InsuranceMany companies only insure dogs and cats but there are companies that cover exotic pets. exotic pets cover a multitude of many other pets like gerbils, birds, snakes in turtles in fact many pets come under the banner of exotic pets.

VPI, a well-known insurance provider provides an exotic pet cover as well as dog and cat insurance.

For more specialized insurance such as for a horse, there would be specialist insurance companies.

As an experiment, I looked for Llama insurance; and what do you know? It was there with another specialist insurance company so if you search hard enough most pets are insurable somewhere or the other.

Most American insurance policies reimburse 80% of the cost and in some cases 90%. You really have to give a good deal of thought to what you want and exactly what you want covering.

Know your need

Pet insuranceThere are accident only policies, which cover you for everything that is accident related only. In most cases when you take your pet to the vet it is going to be for illness so consider at least a step up from this as the likelihood of illness is greater than accident.

Commonly, people insure their pet for accident and illness and you can upgrade that to include vaccines, spaying/ neutering, heartworm prevention, yearly tooth cleaning and more.

There is usually a maximum incident benefit and maximum yearly benefit. Make sure you are fully aware of these amounts before you sign up. There would be an annual deductable ranging from $100 to $200.

No leg work required

It is so much easier to obtain the best deal as all companies these days operate online leaving you able to request simply a quote from many companies. It is for you to study the quotes and study them well.

The small print syndrome comes into play in insurance matters as much as anywhere so study what they are offering you. It never hurts to ask. It is so much easier nowadays, the tendency in the past was to take the first one you speak to as phone calls, and traveling to the different pet insurance branches was a chore. We can no longer use that excuse as a reason as to why we signed up to a decent pet insurance policy.


Pet insuranceThere are extras you can add on. You can even have your pet boarded and paid for by the insurance company in the event of hospitalization of the pet owner. If your pet goes missing, you can have insurance to cover missing posters costs and even receive a payout on the death of your pet.

There are travel insurance plans for pets available also.

Most importantly know your need and ensure your coverage is enough for all eventualities or strike a balance between need and budget. Read reviews and do not be shy to ask direct questions to any potential insurer.

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Direct Line is a very well known insurance company in the UK and the market leader in motor insurance; famous in the UK for their advertisements featuring a red phone, and later on, introduced a red mouse to the logo when they became an online company. (Click link to see video)

They were the first UK insurance company to operate by phone later also online.

Founded by Peter Wood in 1985 and is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, it was consequently nationalized in November 2008 due to being bailed out by the British government during the banking crisis.

Direct Line Offices

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThey have a head office in Croydon, Surrey, England and since have opened many other regional offices nationwide. They have expanded into Spain (Linea Directa), Germany, Italy and Japan in partnership with (Yasuda Life).

Their rise as an insurance company to the top was achieved very quickly.

Out of this, they started trading in pet insurance and have become one of the market leaders in this field of insurance too. They recently celebrated their 25th year of offering pet insurance.

They offer a generous 15% discount on the first 12 months’ premiums. Its usual now to cut out the agent with the rise of online business and this meant that they could offer cheaper quotes having that early advantage but naturally the competitors have caught up in that department by now.

Catering for Cats and Dogs

They will pay the Vet fees directly saving the policyholder a lot of unnecessary stress and form filling.

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThey cater to dogs and cats only and are very competitively placed in the UK market. (Read more)

They cover kittens from 8 weeks of age up to 9 years old.

For dogs, they offer to cover vet fees for up to £4,000 – £6,000 GBP on their advanced policy on any new condition over a 12 month period.

They can pay up to £1,000 GBP should the owner need to go into hospital thus taking care of the boarding fees and even offer £1,000 GBP advertising fund for lost pets, and a £200 reward offered to anyone that finds the pet.

They have a pet travel insurance option for which you would need a pet passport which is a system in the UK to ensure all animals traveling into and out of the UK are cleared through quarantine. To obtain one, your pet has to be micro chip tagged and can be quite a complicated process.

Direct Line is a highly respected body in the UK in many fields of insurance and is easy to use and like other online options everything is done by phone or internet.

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThere are many players in the British pet insurance market and Direct Line has been long established in this field. There is facility online to ask a question so be advised to think carefully as to which kind of cover you want for your pet.

The options are varied and as always with insurance, a little complicated. Ask specific questions applicable to your needs and your pet.

They operate 24 hours 7 days a week so no need to take time out to find the information you need to make a choice.

As always read the small print and don’t rush decision but if you’re looking for a market leader, then Direct Line definitely qualifies.

Diseases from Pets to Humans Requires Insurance

Humans love having pets and there’s no question to that. They adopt these different kinds of animals – dogs, cats, birds, fishes or even reptiles and spiders– for different reasons. Some have them for security purposes, while some for companionship. They share a bond to their pets that no one could ever fathom. In addition, this bond is built through the exchange of love and care.

Pet Diseases And Insurance

Because of this emotional attachment, people feel for their pets, they find it all right to share their bed with them and plant them “kisses” on their faces. There’s nothing really wrong about sharing the bed and the kisses if you are sure that your pets are clean…as in C-L-E-A-N. There are billions of things your naked eyes couldn’t see; and roundworms (ascarids for this matter), which nests inside your pets, are one of them.

Ascarids are the most common parasite found in the digestive tract of dogs and cats. These animals could be infected by various ways like ingestion of the egg (eggs are passed on through faeces), nursing from a mother cat or dog and consuming a prey animal that is carrying developing worms. Once outside the host’s body, eggs wouldn’t die easily for their shell is made to be highly resistant to external environment such as desiccations and dryness and can survive for a long time, which means that the stool would probably be decomposed yet the eggs are still “alive” waiting for its next host. Once inside the body of a host, eggs begin to develop into larvae to mature worms and then start to lay eggs again.

Pet Treatment

One of the most common nematode in cats is the Toxocara cati while Toxocara canis is for dogs. Both of these parasites are enough fatal to the said animals yet these are still considered to be hazardous to human health. Humans were infected by ingesting the eggs of the parasites usually brought by the pets.

After ingestion, eggs mature into larvae which will make its way to the gastrointestinal tract and there invades the mucosa to the portal system. Although the liver could have trapped some larvae, still some find its way to the lungs to be carried out to the circulatory system and be disseminated throughout the body including the heart and the brain. Because humans are not its primary host, after infesting in the tissues, it eventually dies causing the infected person granuloma – an inflammation due to damaged tissues which may be fatal or not depending on the person’s inflammatory response.

This case is called the visceral larva migrans (VLM) described for the first time in 1952 by Beaver. However, there are still two types of infection caused by the Toxocara parasites. The covert toxocariasis which is the milder version of VLM and the ocular larval migrans (OLM) which occurs when a microscopic worm enters the eye and causes inflammation and formation of a scar on the retina.

Pet owners, especially the parents, should be aware of the possible dangers dogs and cats could bring. Since the newborn puppies or kittens are the most susceptible to being infected with parasites, you should schedule with your veterinarian a deworming activity. Besides, going to a veterinarian is not that burdensome especially if you’re in ASDA Pet Insurance where you can cover up to £1,500 in vet bills plus covered for x-rays, surgeries and nursing care! It has always been said that prevention is better than cure. So pack those pets and go to your vet. Keep your family safe – get your pets safe.

How to Find Pet Health Care Insurance

Are you wondering how to find pet health care insurance? It can be difficult finding the right insurance when you don’t know what to look for. Whether you are searching for insurance for your loyal pet dog or for your independent cat, you need to know what to look for in your search.

How to Find Pet Health Care Insurance to Suit You

The first thing to consider when searching for pet care insurance is the type of pet that you want to insure. Typically most people look for pet insurance for dogs and cats, but there is also pet insurance designed for more exotic pets too. If you want to insure an exotic pet then the cost will likely be quite high. Also, standard pet insurance excludes exotic animals so you will have to do your research if you do want to insure an exotic pet.

Similarly, if you want to insure a rare dog breed then the cost will also be higher than it would if you were insuring a Labrador for example. Newer breeds such as the Labradoodle (LabradorxPoodle) or the Cockapoo (Cocker SpanielxPoodle) will also have a higher price tag. This is because not a lot is known about their health problems or the care that they may need.

Pet Health Insurance Reviews

When looking into how to find pet health care insurance, the main thing to consider is what the policy will cover. All pet care insurance plans are different and what one plan will cover, another will not. Most insurance plans don’t tend to cover routine treatments such as vaccinations or flea treatments. The plan will also not cover any illness that your pet already has. Usually the insurer will ask you for any existing illnesses that your pet has and if you want them to be covered then you will have to pay a higher fee.

Another factor that you need to consider is the limits of pet health care insurance. All plans come with a limit on the amount of cover that they offer. It could be a limit on the amount of money you have to pay yourself before the insurance will step in. There may also be limits on the amount of time that the insurer will pay for a condition. For example, if your pet develops arthritis, the policy may only pay out for a period of 12 months.

The Easiest Ways to Find Pet Health Care Insurance

Now that you know what to consider when searching for insurance, you can now find out how to find pet health care insurance. The easiest way is to look online. Having a good idea of what you need to look for helps you to actually find it. Use a popular search engine and type in exactly what you need. If you need pet insurance for an exotic pet then type in “exotic pet insurance”. You will then be presented with relevant results.

You can also apply online too and that typically gives you a discount. So why not search online now for the best type of pet health care insurance available for you?

Why You Should Check Pet Insurance Companies Out an Not Rely Solely On Your VET

I’ve spend the last four days in the company of a great veterinarian and we’ve had a lot of talks about healthy pets and sick pets and what some of the problem that affect the most pet owners are. As I am mentioned in previous posts one of the main issues for many cat and dog lovers are not only whether or not they would actually want to buy into a pet insurance program but also what company to choose to provide that service for them.

Check Pet Insurance

After speaking to the great doctor I found that even VETs can have a hard time figuring out what insurance companies that are good and what companies are not. The scary things it that most VETs are more influenced by the advertising (direct and through media) that the pet insurance companies do than from what it actually the case. Sure some veterinarians will have some idea about how many of their clients are having difficulties with the pet insurance companies but they’re still heavily influenced by the advertising campaigns of the insurance companies.

Pet Insurance Surprises

To be honest with you I am not THAT surprised about that fact since we’re all influenced in this way. Though many years we’re been “trained” by the media and whether or not the message is sent from the media as “news” or as an actual advertisement then I it still affecting us and the decisions we make for our pets. And it is not only pet insurance companies that are doing this. It goes for all kinds of companies and I am sure that you will come up with some other stuff that you have bought due to watching an advertisement.

Maybe you’ve tried out a new kind of pet food or bought a dog collar or maybe you have tried sending your pet to the local favorite spa. (What do I know??). What I know is that it happens to all of us and veterinarians are no different from us.

And that is why I find that even though you should always listen to your veterinarian when we’re talking about the health and wellbeing of your pet you will also want to use your brain and just do a little thinking on your own. Do some research online and offline to see what other people are saying about the different pet insurance companies. Go check out websites like this blog and see what people like you are raving about and what they are condemning. It might not be all truths but it will definitely be a great start where you’re trying to find the best cat of dog pet insurance solution for your pet.

Cheap Pet Health Insurance – How to Find It

Owners of pets fall into two different categories. One will never ever want to pay for insurance for their pets and the other group will. In this article I am not going to take anyone’s side as I find it to be a very personal choice and there can be a lot of reason for not wanting to get a pet health insurance for your cat, dog or whatever pet you have.

Pet Insurance Excuses

However there is one reason that some pet owners are going to use as an “excuse” and in my book that is not a valid one. Some will say that they can’t afford to pay for the insurance plan but if that is they case they are the first people that I would suggest got it. The whole idea of insurance are to be able to get treatments that you would otherwise have a hard time paying for. There are plenty of cheap pet health insurance options available today so I can’t use that excuse as a valid reason. I know that you wouldn’t use that excuse right?

Saving Money On Pet Insurance

On the other hand I find that you might argue that if your pet is really old and might die from old age or other natural causes then a pet insurance might be a little over the top. The cat or dog might not even be able to live through surgery or heavy medication so paying for something that would kill the pet anyway would seem a bit stupid. Another great reason would be that if you have plenty of money and would never have a problem paying for surgery, medication and ongoing treatment then you wouldn’t need insurance. But since I assume that most people do not have such an excess of money I’ll talk a little more about where you can go find cheap pet health insurance.

As you probably already know then there are tons and tons of insurance companies that are more than willing to part you with as much cash a possible and you will need to focus and pay attention to what you’re doing and what they are offering so you won’t find yourself buying something that you do not need. There are plenty of cases where we see pet owners having bought expensive wellness plans for their cats and dogs only to find that when they animals are involved in accidents or gets lifestyle illnesses then the insurance isn’t going to cover those specific things. That is not the time that you want to find out that you have made a mistake. Trust me.

The Road to a Cheap Pet Health Insurance

So what should you do to find the best price? The best way to go about it (if you ask me) is to set aside enough time to do your research. The area of insurance isn’t hard to understand but there is a learning curve that you need to pass but after that it gets easier. The great thing is that you will be able to get the most of your education for free as you can always call up insurance agents and ask for phone meeting or live meetings where you can ask questions non stop. When you’re done you just say that you’re going to think about their offer and move on to the next agent in the next company. I bet that if you do your research (start with their websites) and you aren’t afraid to ask questions then you’ll be able to find out not only where to get cheap pet health insurance but also where you’ll get the most coverage for your money.

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VPI Pet Health Insurance

Finding pet health insurance is not something that everyone thinks is necessary, but this affordable protection from VPI can save you thousands of dollars during your pet’s lifetime. Saving money is important and by signing your pet up as early as possible you can make sure that you have coverage available for routine health care as well as any type of illness or accidents. These VPI Pet Health Insurance policies cover almost every kind of animal and for a small monthly premium you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that any future vet costs will not break the bank.

VPI Pet Health Insurance

I have an older dog that is not eligible for this protection because of his age and pre-existing conditions, and my vet bills for him have already topped $3000 in just the past 6 months. If I had signed up for the VPI Pet Health Insurance program when I first got him I would only have paid a few hundred dollars at most, and even factoring in the monthly premiums I would be way ahead of the game. There also would be no worry about the bills that will surely continue to mount in the future. Once your pet is accepted the premium stays the same and the coverage remains intact even if they develop the heart problems and arthritis that my own dog has. As far as I am concerned a pet health insurance plan will always be part of the package on any animals I have in the coming years.

Pet Insurance Policies

These policies can be used at all vets and even if an emergency comes up while you are out of town your pet is covered. Even routine care is included as part of the insurance coverage and this means that pet owners can stay up to date with checkups, dental care and vaccinations. The VPI Pet Health Insurance takes care of spaying or neutering which is always a major cost during the first year and can cost up to a couple of hundred dollars depending on the vet that you select. Once your pet is covered by one of the insurance plans the health care protection will remain in effect even if life threatening illnesses or diseases should happen. There is little wonder why these plans are becoming so popular with people throughout the country. Now you can make sure that you always able to provide the very best health care to your pet and it will cost you very little money to accomplish it.

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Dog Pet Insurance – What is Great About It?

What would happen if your dog became ill? You would take him to the veterinarian, right? What would happen if after the Vet examined your precious pet that you had to choose between paying excessive veterinary bills that are far beyond what your budget can afford to give your dog relief from pain or illness, or putting the dog to sleep? This is a decision that no pet owner wants to make.

Dog Pet Insurance

Let’s face it – animals become part of the family. After all, dogs are not considered man’s best friend for nothing! While people regularly make sacrifices to provide for their family’s needs, when it comes to the health of our dogs, it’s far less common to consider selling your home or taking a second job in order to make it possible to afford expensive veterinarian bills in order to keep Fido healthy and pain-free.

Having pet insurance can help you avoid the agonizing choice of taking a second mortgage on your home or having to put the dog to sleep should unexpected and expensive veterinary expenses come up. Pet insurance helps keep trips to the vet more affordable, as many of the expenses incurred at the veterinarian will be reimbursed through the dog insurance policy.

Dog Insurance In The US

Dog insurance has been available for many years in the US, but it’s only just recently begun gaining recognition. Pet insurance works very similar to your own medical insurance. When you take your dog to the veterinarian, you pay for your expenses at the time of service, fill out claim forms, and submit to your pet insurance company. All qualified expenses will be reimbursed according to your pet insurance policy.

As with medical insurance, your dog health insurance will require you pay premiums and have deductibles for various levels of health care coverage. You need to spend some time going over the policy options and select a plan that best fits your needs.

Just as your health insurance helps you plan and pay for your own health related expenses, having dog insurance makes it possible to budget for veterinary expenses so that you aren’t forced to take a second job, skip a vacation, or choose to put your dog to sleep because you simply can’t afford the care he or she needs to get well again.

There is an increasing number of pet insurance providers available for US pet owners, giving you the ability to select the provider that offers the right plan for you and your dog. Pet insurance is ideal for all dog owners – however, owners of multiple dogs can benefit even more from having dog insurance. With a traditional check up at the veterinarian for large dogs reaching a few hundred dollars each visit – a comprehensive dog insurance policy can pay for itself in one or two visits to the veterinarian each year and help you save money.

No pet owner should be forced to choose between loving and enjoying their dog or having to put him or her to sleep due to lack of funds. Obtaining a comprehensive dog insurance policy can make it easier for you to afford the health care your pet needs to live a long, healthy life.

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How to Make a Claim with VPI Pet Insurance

When visiting the VPI Pet Insurance website you’ll find that they have placed an “easy claims process” box in the lower left corner of the site. This text states that it is a simple three step process where you will have to:

1. Visit any veterinarian
2. Submit the claim
3. Receive the reimbursement

After just looking at these three steps I have to agree that the process seems really simple and I get the feeling that this ought to be a walk in the park.

Is VPI Pet Insurance Claims Really That Simple?

But from several negative testimonials that we’ve received from people following this blog I felt that I had to dig a little deeper to see what might lie underneath this easy process. VPI pet insurance provides a link that says “learn more” so naturally I clicked that link.

The next page looks nice and starts with a statement that says that “VPI has helped protect more than one million pets since 1982”. So there is still nothing that makes me feel uneasy with the claim process at VPI.
The first thing you do is to take your sick or hurt pet to the veterinarian for treatment. Depending on the treatment required this can be a more or less costly affair. At this point you still don’t know whether VPI is going to cover your expenses or not. You’ll have to pay for whatever treatment is required and then get the money reimbursed at a later stage. If surgery and medication is required you can see yourself paying thousands of dollars without knowing whether you’ll ever get them reimbursed.

Pet Insurance Reimbursement

After you get the bill from the VET you’ll download the claim form from VPI’s website, fill it out and send it along with your VET bill to the insurance company. After they have received your claim you should get a confirmation that your request is received and is being processed. One would assume that this response should be with you in a matter of days.

The final step is the reimbursement where VPI states on their site that: “After meeting your policy’s deductible, you are reimbursed according to your plan’s benefit schedule allowance or the invoice amount, whichever is less”.

On their website you’ll also find some examples of how a VPI pet insurance premium packages has saved different pet owners from large medical bills.

Now all of this sounds just fine but what is missing is that VPI (like any other pet insurance company) will not accept every claim made and you can therefore be in a situation where you have paid several hundred or thousands of dollars for pet treatment and you’ll get nothing reimbursed.

I have no statistics that will tell you how many claims are rejected every year but I bet it is quite a lot. So my advice is that you should talk to your VET about whether she thinks that you’ll be able to get the treatment costs reimbursed BEFORE you have them treat your pet. I know that it might sound harsh but if you can afford the treatment without getting the reimbursement what other options do you have?

Just for the record there is no different between VPI and any other pet insurance company. All companies will reject a smaller or larger amount of claims per year and the VPI pet insurance program is no different.

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Embrace Pet Insurance – Embrace Your Pets with a Loving Reassurance

Pet lovers are finding that having a quality health and accident insurance policy with the Embrace Pet Insurance Company is a way to make life better for both them and their 4-footed animal companions. The Embrace Pet Insurance is a plan that offers an affordable, low cost protection policy to cover your furry pal’s vet treatment when accidents and illnesses interrupt your daily routine. The company itself was founded by people who have been through the stress and worry of trying to pay for quality vet care for a sick pet. Embrace’s CEO has had to deal with this type of pet care problem in the past, and this was one of the reasons that this insurance plan was created.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Today health care costs are higher than ever before and this is just as true for veterinarian fees. Technology has made astonishing advances the field of medicine and cats and dogs can now be successfully treated for a multitude of accidents and illnesses, including hereditary problems. Our faithful and loving animal friends can be given medications, surgeries and specialized care for heart, kidney and lung problems. There is even dialysis available that can add precious months and years to a treasured animal’s life.

Medications and Embrace Pet Insurance

Medications and special care can be used to treat heartworms, intestinal parasites, arthritis, and even depression in our pets today. While the quality and length of an animal’s life can be increased substantially, there is also the need to realize that all of this wonderful care comes with additional costs and fees. Conscientious and loving pet owners want the best for their furry buddies but the reality of how much this top vet care costs is something that we all must carefully consider. It helps when you have a plan that will reimburse you up to 80% of all medical costs.

This is why Embrace Pet Insurance has become a much-appreciated option among pet lovers across the country. With the backing of this insurance plan, your much-loved friend can have the best care whenever they need it. Owners are able to tailor a plan that is individualized for their pet and their budget, and they can use the benefits as needed. There are some other health care plans for pets on the open market but these often have drawbacks and exclusions that people are not aware of.

Many pet owners who already have policies underwritten by the Embrace Pet Insurance Company are quick to point out some of the solid performance features that set this plan apart from the competition. Owners have the ability to choose the annual limits for their policy and are not required to settle for a standard program that has standard annual limits. Accidents and illnesses for pets can occur at any time within any given time frame so it is especially reassuring to have the ability to choose a policy with coverage amounts of $2000, $5000, or even $10,000 per year. Even the deductible amounts can be tailored to meet the needs of the policy owner.

Another benefit of the Embrace policy is that you can decide exactly how you want to use the coverage dollars. This gives you better control of how your pet health care dollars can be utilized. Embrace is also known as a company that delivers personalized and compassionate customer service. Policy owners are quick to point out that the staff takes great pride in the way they handle all claims and questions. During critical moments, this “little extra” means a lot to someone who is dealing with a sick or injured pet. The people who work for Embrace are pet lovers themselves and they can really identify with what customers are going through when their pets are hospitalized or need specialized emergency care.

Once you have your pet covered with one of the health care plans, you will find that the company lives up to its promises. Embrace stands behind the promised benefits that they describe to their customers. Some of the other policies are known to exclude costs that are incurred for treatments and disorders by claiming the animal had a pre-existing condition that was overlooked. There are also claims that have been submitted by unsuspecting owners who only receive a portion of the expected reimbursement received because charges are disallowed after the fact. The Embrace Pet Insurance is recognized for its honest disclosure from day one, and they do not look for loopholes that will let them get out of paying a valid claim.

This coverage does have some drawbacks however, and one of these is related to age limits for animals that are accepted on the policy plans. Dogs must be no older than the age of 8 if they are mixed breeds and 6 years of age for purebred canines. This is unfortunate for some pet owners who have animals just a little beyond the age restrictions. Many dogs are in superb health at 7, 8, or even 9 years of age, and it seems a little harsh to find out that they are still ineligible for coverage by the Embrace Pet Insurance umbrella.

These pet policy benefits are based on the region in which you live, and coverage amounts are affected by your zip code. Some people do not like being reimbursed for costs that are calculated in this manner. The Embrace Pet Insurance plan is also one that is structured for accidents and illnesses, and not routine health care. Normal wellness checkups and visits are only covered if this option is offered in your state of residence. And even then you must request and pay for this additional coverage. Pet pregnancy is also not covered by the Embrace Pet Insurance policy because pregnancies are viewed as a routine and natural event, even if surgery or other treatments are required. For some people these drawbacks are viewed as significant, but others are happy with the excellent quality and many outstanding pet care benefits that this policy delivers.

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