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You have a much greater range of choice for a small dog when it comes to carriers. Small dogs are treated by some as a fashion accessory. Not good I know but that’s the world we live in.

So consequently a whole range of fashionable carriers are available that is simply not there for larger dogs. For one you can’t really carry a large dog in a handbag sized carrier so the range of choice is much more for a small dog.

A small dog is easy to take around with you and tend to be a pocket dog in many cases. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and some they can poke their heads out and watch the world go by as you carry them on your shoulder.

In this respect small dogs have a more fun time as they get to be taken everywhere from work places to shopping malls.

Most dog boutiques have an abundance of such carriers. Of course you can get the more orthodox types but too big and bulky then you don’t have the same freedom.

From handbag size to sports bag size and even back pack style, there is a small dog carrier to suit your need.

Where to Find

small dog carrier
At, they have a very wide range of small dog carriers that fit the purpose of being fashionable and useful for taking your dog everywhere with you as many of us do.

The range features slings, classic styles, puppy carriers and a lot more. They have Italian leather, glamorous ones and airline approved. They ship for free on orders over $75 and only $4.99 on anything less. Good selection to be browsed.

At again a good across the range selection to choose from. Slings, embroidered, animal print soft bags are available. They have suitcase style carriers, courier bags all of which look good and keep your dog safe and secure whilst in transit with you. Shipping is free.

More choices at with ranges from $49 to $460. Selections of Italian leather looking more like a stylish bag than a dog carrier. Cute little soft denim carriers and back pack style.

These are all stores with generous ranges for you to browse and variety of styles. For practical use if you are ever a traveler and want to take your dog with you, as you can take your dog in cabin with you on many airlines these days then airline approved pet carriers are a must.
Small dog carrier
A leading brand for airline approved dog carriers are Sherpa who offer quality and safety and security and were the the first airline recommended soft sided bag. Always upgrading their designs, they are known for their good quality durable dog carriers. Furthermore they will refund all expenses you may have lost if one of their bags is not accepted when boarding.

Also take a look at Official Dog House that have a generous range as well as Muttropolis .

Small dogs are well served with choices from the practical to the simply fashionable. These are stores deliberately chosen for the large selections and variety. There is a carrier for every small dog. Where possible ensure it is fully washable and well ventilated. These are never factors to overlook as the comfort of your dog is more important than the look.

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