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The best known of all cat breeds the much loved Siamese cat has a rich heritage. Companions of royalty and featured in mystical tales, the Siamese cat is a breed of distinction. They are famous for their unique eyes and aloof yet affectionate nature. They are the kind of cat that tries to communicate with their owner’s with a meow all of their own.

They are extremely sociable and intelligent cats that really do develop a close bond with their chosen one and can pine when left on its own. To know more about Siamese cats read Animal Planet for breed information.

The Best Place

Siamese Cat RescueWith a breed so popular it’s not too surprising to learn that they are well represented with rescue centers dedicated to the breed. From localized to nationwide, they take in abandoned Siamese and then set about re-homing them.

Groups like Siamese Rescue, a group that relies on donations, pulls together other groups and shelters and in a similar way to how Petfinder, the well known national network of pet adoption, creates a nationwide service of teaming cats with potential owners.

They put you in touch with a rescue center that can accommodate you but only after they are convinced you understand the nature of this special cat and are aware of the difficulties associated with this breed. Because of their sensitive nature it is important they are understood.

On a more localized level you have organizations like NYC Siamese Rescue. They operate with a team of volunteers that home foster unwanted Siamese cats and once you have passed and been approved for adoption you can view the cat in the fosterer’s home by appointment.

At the time of writing they had 21 cats available for adoption. They request help from those that cannot adopt by offering themselves in other ways like help with advertizing and cross web postings. Also to assist in the socializing of a cat and naturally enough request donations as again this is a voluntary group.

The Purebred Cat Rescue also links you to several Siamese cat rescue organizations as well as other pure bred cats.

Their Stories

It’s hard to imagine how a popular cat like a Siamese cat becomes unwanted. Well it’s not always for reasons of being unwanted. Sometimes the owner has passed away and there is nobody to look after the cat so adoption is the only answer.

They are widely loved but to some they are annoying as they are extremely vocal and due to their intelligence get bored easily and can be mischief prone. Sometimes people that take on a Siamese are not aware of these characteristics of the breed and then they turn them over to a rescue center.
Siamese Cat Rescue
If you are considering adoption of one of these special cats it would be wise to ensure you fully understand them and be sure you are completely ready to be an owner. There are clubs and groups that by being involved with would give you a better understanding and help you to establish a support network. These are great cats but need extra understanding. Clubs like National Siamese Cat Club could be helpful.

These cats are well represented in rescue centers and it’s worth noting that the usual spay and neuter policy of many rescue centers is not applied. These are popular cats for breeding and remain one of the best loved cat breeds there is.

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