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When you want a hotel to stay in overnight or even for a short stay in the day time you would be looking for comfortable room with attentive staff, a nice lobby, room service, in room entertainment and activities in the hotel, a good ventilation system, somewhere to work out, a salon and a comfortable bed.

So if that’s the kind of stay you would be looking for then if I said that’s what is available for your dog or cat then maybe you would be surprised no doubt. At Petsmart Pet Hotels, that’s what they get. The best daycare or overnight stay imaginable for a dog or cat.

Guest Requirements

Petsmart Pet Hotel
It’s quite reassuring to know that Petsmart hotels will only admit guests that are fully up to date with vaccinations. They will not accept home vaccinations and they prefer that they were vaccinated at least 10 days prior to their stay. Also ensure that your pet has no ticks or fleas as they will not be permitted to stay.

For Dogs

Petsmart Pet Hotel
Your dog can have overnight stay or day care. They can also use what they call the Doggie Day Camp. This is an alternative to having a dog sitter and a great way to stimulate your dog in group activities when you’re unable to be with them.

With Overnight Care, they have the choice of standard (atrium) room or you can upgrade to a suite. If he’s not a socialite and does not require the group activity of the doggie day camp, he can simply check in for Day Care where they can stay in a comfortable room and be involved in group play or individual play time with staff (for an extra fee).

For Cats

Petsmart Pet Hotel
As cats are not as sociable a creature as dogs, the services for cats consist of day care and overnight care. They have a separate ventilation system so dog smells won’t stress them. They are kept in kitty cottages and if a cat from same household is with them, they are kept together with connecting doors so they will feel more relaxed with their regular companion.

Additional Services

Petsmart Pet Hotel Doggie day camp is an Additional Service already mentioned above as well as Snack Kong which is simply giving him a treat filled toy. Treat time where they get dog safe ice cream and biscuits. Group play time is a crazy half hour of lively play with other guests.

If you prefer your dog to play alone or he is an intact male, bitches on heat or a powerful breed that has a tendency to fight other dogs then he can have individual play time. They can have their nails clipped and a bath before they go home. They have a range of add on packages involving some of these services mixed together. And also the option of double play time morning and afternoon.
Petsmart Pet Hotel
You can avail of dog training where a qualified dog trainer will teach your dog some tricks maybe. If you’re really missing your dog you can call the lobby and they will fetch your dog to the bone booth as they call it. There is no talk of this for cats as we all know cats can’t talk.

You can also arrange a grooming appointment whilst they are staying the Petsmart hotel. Everything is indoor and fully sanitized. They can arrange special diets; if your pet has allergy or other dietary needs that can be accommodated for.

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