PetCare Insurance Review

PETCARE Pet Insurance is a program that is designed to make it affordable for any pet owner to provide their dog or cat with the best possible health and accident care. Veterinarian costs have skyrocketed and even a simple spaying or neutering procedure can cost up to $200.

Pet Illness Coverage

A serious illness or accident involving your pet can mean thousands of dollars for prompt care so that they can recover. You don’t want money to be the deciding factor in whether or not you can get important medical treatment for your beloved, furry friend, and it doesn’t have to be. Now your beloved animal is able to be treated for many different types of illnesses and ailments including arthritis, heart disease and kidney disease and your pet insurance plan will cover the costs.

If you have a dog or cat, you already know how much health care has improved for pets over the past few years. Animals are able to live longer and happier lives because of advances in medications, surgeries, and specialized treatments. This quality health care is available at a low cost thanks to the PETCARE Insurance program that offers several coverage plans for your cat or dog.

PetCare Insurance Policy

Insurance for your pet will cover many health care related costs including veterinary fees, medications, surgeries, and emergency treatment for accidents. Even MRI and CT scans, acupuncture, chemotherapy, and endoscopies are all included in your PETCARE policy. Now you can make sure your companion receives the medical care and know that you have an insurance plan to cover the costs.

With the PETCARE Pet Insurance Program, your dog or cat is eligible for coverage as soon as they become 8 weeks old, and the plan can be maintained for the life of your pet. This is very good news because everyone knows that the cost of maintaining a healthy animal increases substantially as your pet becomes older.

The insurance will stay in effect as long as you are current on the premiums, and even if your pet develops a devastating health condition, the policy will continue to provide the full medical benefits that you signed up for. You can even enroll an older animal, of any age, on one of the different health insurance plans, although some of the policies do have some age restrictions. There are age limits for the QuickCare Gold and the QuickCare Complete programs and these plans will only accept cats that are 10 years old or younger and dogs that are no older than 8.

One of the biggest and most expensive worries of a pet owner is having an accident happen that involves their pet. Even indoor animals are not immune to having an accidental injury, and an emergency trip to the vet can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in medical costs. With the PETCARE pet insurance program, your faithful friend is eligible for the best emergency care because the insurance plan contains unlimited coverage for accidents.

Your pet policy is in effect 24 hours a day even if you are on vacation or traveling with your pet out of state. Any accident will be allowed the maximum benefit coverage that is outlined in your insurance policy. One of the best benefits for pet owners is that with this type of pet protection there are no caps on annual or lifetime accident benefits.

People have found out that these PETCARE pet insurance plans give them an affordable way to obtain illness protection for their pets. There are some maximum benefits allowed for certain diseases and disorders but you get to choose how and when to use these benefit coverages.

Even the enrollment process is simple and convenient, and it just takes one quick application that can even be filled out and submitted online. Your pet will be covered at 12:01 am on the morning that your application is approved, and approval is almost instantaneous. There is a 30-day waiting period, however, on both the Gold and Complete programs before benefits go into effect. Upon acceptance and approval, you are then responsible for an annual premium amount, or you can choose to handle the cost by paying a low monthly premium instead.

The premiums and deductibles will not change, regardless of their age and health of your pet, and there are no increases just because your pet is getting older. Even if you have an older pet that you want to enroll in the PETCARE pet insurance program, the monthly cost is the same as the cost for younger animals.

As the pet owner, you are free to choose the veterinarian of their choice, even if your pet has an accident that requires emergency treatment or hospitalization. The program just requires that the veterinarian be a licensed practitioner in order for the benefits to be paid. Pets that are enrolled on the pet insurance policy must have an annual health check up and be kept up to date on any necessary vaccinations.

Responsible and loving pet owners do this now, but with the insurance program in effect, the cost is now covered.

The company accepts any breed of cat or dog for enrollment and medical records are required in order to process the application. When you have one of these pet insurance policies placed in effect, your pet has health and accident coverage that is guaranteed for life.

There are some policy limits and some conditions that may not be covered and these are detailed in the terms and condition section of the policy plan. A cat that has FIV or FELV diagnosed before treatment or during any waiting period is not eligible for the insurance but if this should be diagnosed after the policy is in effect the treatment will be covered. There are also special insurance policies that are available for animals with chronic or hereditary disorders.

If you have an insurance claim for your pet, the company works to process these as quickly as possible. Claims are generally paid within a week to 10 days, as long as you have completed the form and attached the proper documentation from the vet’s office.

As a pet owner, it brings great peace of mind to know that this policy pays 100% of all approved claims, minus the deductible charge. There is no surprise involved with the claim payment because the coverage chart lists shows the amount to be reimbursed as well as the deductible that you must pay. Vets are familiar with how the PETCARE pet insurance program works and the doctor or office staff will be happy to explain your pet benefits to you.

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7 thoughts on “PetCare Insurance Review”

  1. I am not sure if other pet owners have had a similar experience with PetCare.

    I continued PetCare Insurance after getting my dog from the Humane Society. In October of last year my dog was treated for gastroenteritis. I submitted a claim and heard nothing from the company for months. In January I sent an email asking if they received my claim and what the status was. They said they contacted my vet for medical records and hadn’t received them. They did not follow-up with the vet or contact me asking for the records. They just dropped it. I followed up and had the records sent.

    Two and half weeks after receiving the medical records, PetCare denied the claim. The denial was based on an incident of diarrhea and soft stool in May and June of that same year. PetCare considered the diarrhea from 5 months earlier a preexisting condition.

    PetCare responded to my email inquiries on the matter by sending their original claim rejection letter over and over. They did not acknowledge my email, they only repeated their original statement like a broken record. PetCare responded to my phone calls, asking how diarrhea 5 months prior to gastroenteritis could be a preexisting condition, by telling me “I original position is to deny the claim. Someone will get back to you”. Several days later I received the original email from PetCare stating that they have denied my claim. The company is completely unresponsive. I was paying $42/month for this insurance. I would have expected better customer service. I have since moved to PetPlan insurance, which provided more coverage (including congenital conditions), a higher annual benefit amount at a rate that is $10 lower per month.

    I trusted PetCare because the Humane Society recommended them but my experience as proved otherwise.

  2. I had an almost identical situation with PetCare Insurance. They are a fraud. They take forever to follow through on a claim and then made up a false pre-existing condition claim. Even though the dog was not diagnosed or in the hospital until after the policy was in effect. Horrible, horrible service, too. Huge cheats. Big scam. Do not give them one cent.

  3. Pet Care is the worst in customer service! I truly believe that they are training people to be rude and intimidating to any and all customer that actually submit a claim. I have used Pet Care for the past eight years, this past year we have been unlucky enough to have to use them because our pets have had a couple of accidents. They couldn’t be nicer when we update our payment information, but the second you call to check on a claim they send you to the crudest people possible to try and answer your questions. I have been given the run around so many times these past nine months I am about to go crazy. I jump through all the hoops they ask and EVERY time I get the call that now they need more information. Frankly they just don’t want to pay! Oh they will eventually but you have to stay on their asses! I will stick it out with them until I get my latest claim back, then as far as I am concerned they can all go to hell!

  4. I can completely understand your frustration as I use to work there and in the past their concentration was on numbers only and the customer care was lacking. In all companies you can get really great customer representatives and really lousy ones who should not even be answering the phone because they have such bad attitudes. There needs to be a place where the average consumer can go to get advice if their pet insurance claim is denied and who knows the ins and outs of the pet insurance industry. I am seriously thinking of starting this in Canada as I have read numerous web sites today and there is nothing out there offering this service. Do you think there is a need for this service?

  5. Rates may not go up because your pet is aging, but the carrer does rate increases on an annual basis for most of their products. They lose premium payments and it is up to you to prove that the payment has been made and cleared.

  6. As North America’s second largest provider of medical insurance for dogs and cats, 24 PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs processes a large number of insurance claims on a daily basis. The vast majority of these claims are processed within a reasonable time frame (5 to 10 business days) and to the satisfaction of policyholders. When there is a delay in claims processing, it may be due to many factors including, but not limited to: obtaining medical records from one or many veterinary clinics, review of all available medical records by Claims or Underwriting departments, and processing of the claim itself, which may involve obtaining missing items such as invoices or receipts. Even when there is a true or perceived delay, be assured that our Adjusters are doing their best to get your claims processed as quickly as possible. 24PetWatch also exclusively offers the EVE system to veterinary clinics for online claims processing and even faster processing times.

    When policies are underwritten, there may be minor conditions or incidents of a specified date that are considered pre-existing and not available for coverage. However, future and separate incidents are available for coverage. These temporary restrictions may even be reviewed and removed after 12 months. Symptoms that were chronic and ongoing either prior to the policy or during an applicable illness waiting period are considered pre-existing and related conditions, even when diagnosed and treated later, are not available for coverage. Congenital and hereditary conditions are available for coverage under our policies provided that the symptoms were not pre-existing to the policy or within any applicable illness waiting period.

    This leads into the discussion of pre-existing conditions. Conditions are considered to be pre-existing based on symptoms, physical examination findings, or blood work abnormalities when these occur or are described prior to the policy or during any applicable illness waiting period even if the actual diagnosis and treatment of the condition does not occur until later or after the policy is in effect. Although these details may not seem related even to an attentive pet owner, veterinarians use these same historical symptoms, physical findings, and blood work changes to help formulate a diagnostic plan to reach an ultimate diagnosis for your pet’s conditions. Therefore, the best time to insure your pet is when they are young and symptom free. If you do have a pet who is older or who has pre-existing conditions, insurance is still a good idea as new conditions will still be available for coverage and we have a variety of insurance plans to choose from.

    Also on the topic of pre-existing conditions and declined claims, be assured that policies are reviewed thoroughly before decisions are made where a reassessment request has been received. Even then, additional information in the form of medical records, diagnostic reports, or written statements from your veterinarian may be submitted for further review.

    In response to customer feedback and in an effort to provide even better customer service, changes are currently being made at 24PetWatch to improve claims processing times for both first and subsequent claims and further steps are being taken to ensure that claims decisions are being reached appropriately.

    I can assure you that 24PetWatch representatives, pet parents like you, are caring individuals that want to help you keep your beloved pets happy and healthy.

    Craig Galbraith, DVM
    Veterinary Advisor
    Pethealth Inc.

  7. At first, I was very happy with PetCare (as it was called before the name change). They paid quickly and all was good. Then came my first major claim. I finally received a payment of $300 for a major claim filed. I was gobsmacked. I tried to find out why I didn’t receive my full amount due (about $1900), but received no response. Next premium renewal comes and they almost doubled my annual premium renewal. I was so upset, I called to ask why. “Well…. you turned in a lot of claims”. I said you have no idea of the claims I DIDN’T sent in. Too many times it took the vet’s office forever to fill out their portion of a claim and get it back to me, I’d be too busy to turn it in on time. My vet has a way of filing electronically with 24PetWatch but they charge extra if I use this service. I finally told 24PetWatch they were in violation of our policy agreement. How dare they double my premium when they did not pay out the 70% I was owed as per my policy. Short story long, it was because one page from the vet bill was missing. A short scrap showing a zero balance since I’d paid it. Why didn’t anyone contact me to tell me this? Why did I have to find out a YEAR AND A HALF later? I finally did receive my payment check and they did renewe me at the current rate (about $50 more than the previous year).

    Due to this experience, I am cautious and no longer trust this company. I will not be getting a policy with them for my 11 mth old. It’s so sad. They claim to care, being pet owners themselves. ALL the pet insurance companies do this. In this tough economy every penny counts. I just want my dogs to enjoy the best lives possible. Why does this have to be so difficult when it comes to pet insurance? I understand these companies have to make money, but please, don’t prey on pet owners. Why not set the initiative of being honest with what you advertise to your potential customers. It’s called INTEGRITY. What a novel idea, eh?

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