Pet Vacuum – Best Choices for Hairless Homes

Pet hair is a problem in many homes especially if you have a hairy beast long haired dog. Dogs jump up on the furniture and lie around the carpet. When they scratch themselves you see the hair flying and of course it’s going to land somewhere or the other. They jump on the bed and they leave the dander there too and it’s hard to keep a pet from doing these things and the only solution is a good vacuum cleaner.

There are special attachments that are designed for pet hair but in general a good vacuum cleaner that gets deep into the carpet is what you need. Strong suction obviously as pet hair can be very stubborn on certain surfaces and grips on and is hard to lift. The special attachments are an addition in certain brands.

Naturally enough, every company tries to pull in customers by recognizing a need and a need for pet owners is to get that damned hair up. The best vacuum cleaner manufacturers are busy working on ways to get deeper into your carpet and into the tightest corners, and with every technological advancement, the removal of pet hair becomes easier. If somebody in the household suffers allergies then a good top range vacuum cleaner is essential.

Best Brands

Pet Vacuum
Dyson have a range of vacuum cleaners that have animal hair in mind. They have a series they call the Dyson Animal Range. They have the DC 25 at $549.99 and the DC28 at $599.99. These models are both uprights.

In addition they have the hand held DC31 ideal on upholstery and furniture at $269.99. They all are, as the attachments are what perform that task with the uprights. Furthermore, you may find this review of interest and worth noting the comments on the mini roller.

Pet Vacuum
Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is a popular vacuum cleaner brand and within their range they have the Dirt Devil 0105 Corded HEPA Handheld Vacuum with Pet Hair Upholstery Brush on the Dirt Devil website with free shipping at $59.99.

Another good brand of vacuum cleaner has a model that claims to have extra magic when it comes to pet hair. Bissell have within their range the Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Models 3920 and 87B4 series with special extension tools of pet contour tool and pet turbo brush. At a less expensive price of $149 and a 3 year warranty.


Pet Vacuum
What’s different about a pet vacuum? Well by all accounts it appears that on the whole they are really simply highly efficient vacuums that come with an attachment. Suction is suction and powerful suction is the first priority when it comes to getting that stubborn pet hair up.

The tools are what put them into the pet vacuum category. So based on that and you already have a powerful vacuum cleaner, simply speak to the manufacturers of your vacuum and ask if there are any special attachment that they can provide that fit the model you have.

You may already have the ideal vacuum for pet hair, but just needs the extra help of the right attachment designed to vacuum upholstery and furniture. May just save you the need to go out and buy a new vacuum.

Any electrical appliance distributor will be able to recommend a particular model and brand but remember the attachment is helpful but above all what you need is powerful suction.

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