Pet Friendly Airlines – Options for Flying

It’s more than possible these days to fly with your pet. Not just in a cargo hold but actually in the cabin. No of course they are not allowed to run around and go lifting their leg etc. but you can enjoy a flight with them in the cabin. It is so much easier and less upheaval than cargo and so much better for the pet. Many domestic airlines allow this and although there are regulations to observe, it is simple and now an everyday practice.

Not only can you take your pet in the cabin with you, he can fly alone too so give him a brochure so he can book his own vacation. There is an airline that only flies pets. You can’t go on it, its pets only so even if you can’t be with him in flight, it is still possible to fly your pet without having to put him in a stressful cargo hold. Each airline has its own regulations which differ so you must check with the individual airlines before you make any plans.


Pet Friendly Airline
You will need to ensure your carrier meets the right criteria and need all their health and vaccination documentation and even have him checked before the flight. If they are flying overseas they will need to be micro chipped so as you can see it can be quite an ordeal preparing for a flight with your pet.

That’s without even talking about quarantine regulations in various countries you may be flying to. It is seriously worth considering whether it is a wise decision to fly with your pet. If you have to, then fine but if it cannot be avoided then that’s the only time to consider it. It can be a stressful ordeal for a pet whether in flight or otherwise.

In all don’t leave anything to the last minute as this is something that takes a little organization. For more information about which airlines accept in cabin flights and there conditions read Pet Friendly Travel and there is also some additional information on chartering flights with pets. You can fly to Canada with a pet in cabin but not Hawaii or Alaska.

Also read this information from Delta which you should find to be a useful source of information regarding regulations and conditions.

Chartering a Flight

As stated there is another option and if your dog is larger than a small dog the only option other than in the cargo hold is that of chartering a flight. For groups or families it is not so economically unviable but can be expensive if as an individual with your dog.

For more information about chartering a flight read Stratos Jet Charter Services which you should find useful. There are fewer regulations with charter flights and although more expensive is another option if you don’t want your pet in the cargo hold.

Pet Dedicated Airlines

Pet Friendly Airlines
Companion Air Ad
The other option is to fly your pet alone with an airline dedicated to looking after your pet on your behalf. It is easily the least stressful way for a pet to fly if they really have to fly. There is also a new service that allows you to fly with your pet and is a pet dedicated airline.

The pet’s only service is Pet Airways and the new service where you can board with your pet is Companion Air.

For more information, read about Pet airways and how they do things.

For traveling tips, read more through this link to the Humane Society of the United States.

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