Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Asking a question like “is pet insurance worth it” will be hard to answer. First of all you will need to decide what it takes in other for it to be “worth it”. One way to look at it would to take the objective financial approach. Did you pay more than the bills paid by the insurance company? If you did then one might be inclined to say that the pet insurance wasn’t worth it.

Is Pet Insurance Worth The Money?

However you will easily be able to find people that will tell you that the insurance has been well worth it even though they have paid twice or three times the actual bill they received once their pets got injured or ill. Why is that? From an objective point of view that sounds ridicules as the same amount saved over time would have been able to pay for the same services and there would still be something left.

But what if we imagine this situation: Your favorite pet dog has been part of your family for more than 6 years and your children have grown up with this dog being around and they love it like it was a brother or a sister. The one day you are taking your dog for a morning work, it sees a squirrel and runs onto the street and gets hit badly by a car. All the ribs are broken and a lung is fractured. If that wasn’t all you have just paid for your vacation and your husband/wife lost his/her job just last week.

Taking Care Of Your Pet

Now you find yourself in a situation where you will either have to let your children’s favorite pet die or you’ll have to spend a fortune that you don’t have to have doctors try to save its life. Now, if you ask yourself the question: Is Pet Insurance Worth It (?), do you think that you might answer it a little bit different than if you were just looking at the financial aspect of things?

If you’re thinking: “But I would have put those money aside” then I will congratulate you. Then you would be one out of a thousand that would. Fact is that most people live from day to day and do not put anything aside. So if you are part of the majority and you have a pet that you would like to keep alive and well until its time has come (age), then the answer to your question “Is pet insurance worth it” a big YES!. Your job is to make sure that you get the best possible coverage for the fee you pay.

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