Dog Urns – Dignified Memorials

For many, the death of their dog is a hugely traumatic experience. Often for possibly 15 years your dog has been a companion and friend and lives on in the memory. Cremation throughout history has not always been accepted and the Catholic Church only permitted it from 1963.

Pragmatism being a large reason for the turn in attitudes as with the population as it is how can we deal with the consecrated ground for millions. So slowly cremation has become a more accepted practice and is extremely common these days with humans.

No different for our pets. And a dog urn serves as a memorial of the dog’s life and many these days wish to keep the ashes of their loved dog.
Dog Urns
Pet cremations have steadily increased over the years, although many still find a corner in the garden or near his favorite spot for burial, but for many cremations is a more pragmatic option. Who knows if we ever plan a move in the future? You cannot take him with you of course. Many have a dog urn to contain their dog’s ashes and to keep them in a spot where they can acknowledge and honor the memory of their lost loved friend in that way.

It’s surprising how many there are on sale when you look online. When the cremation of your dog is over you are handed a simple wooden box with your dogs ashes and naturally for many this is not fitting with the memories and great times they had over the years and it’s a natural way to honor him and have a dog urn. The ranges are simply amazing and you can buy standard or even fine handcrafted and ornate ones on the market.

Handcrafted Custom Made

Dog Urns
As your dog was unique and there was never a dog in this world like your dog, it’s fitting to honor him with a custom made handcrafted dog urn like those produced by Spirit Remains. They have an astonishing range to choose from and you can give it uniqueness by having personal items of your choosing on the urn. You can provide a photograph and they will paint on the urn an image of your dog making it unique to your dog and honoring him in a way more in keeping with your special memories. They can add figurines and make it totally personal. The Selections are vast, a very tasteful memorial for your dog.

Beautiful Selections

Dog Urns
At Memorial Gallery Pets, they have a huge and beautiful selection of dog urns which would look beautiful as a feature on your mantelpiece. They have a range of decorative vase type urns and beautiful wooden boxes all very unique and creative; well worth a look. They have picture boxes, some made of marble. There are figurines, and many different and novel designs as well as the more traditional.

These are just small examples of the huge ranges in dog urns that are available. These are two good sites to give you an idea of what you can expect to find online. They are usually helpful and sensitive and will try and accommodate you with requests if you just talk to them. See the other ranges; there is no shortage of dog urns online.

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