Dog Training Basics – Essential Control Techniques

The beginning of training your dog starts as a puppy. Before you ever reach the stage of teaching them to sit you have to toilet train them. So the first training task is simply that as failure to do so means he poops and pees around the house and who wants that. The earlier you start a little basic training with your dog the better and the most basic thing is just that, teaching him where to do his business.

Crate Training

A common method of doing this is crate training. It’s a very effective method using the dogs own den instincts. Dogs hate eating in the same place they use the toilet. By crating him he learns control or the consequences for him are poop in his dining area and they simply hate that. Here is an account of how to crate train your dog and the reasoning behind it from the Humane Society of the United States.
Dog Training Basics

Puppy Training

It is so much easier to train your dog when you start with him at a young age. The biting and chewing, jumping up on people especially children, potential aggression, collar and leash training and the continuation of toilet training are all issues to get to grips with early on when still a puppy.

It’s also the time to socialize your dog and get him used to other dogs and people, which may prevent problems when he is older. Here is an excellent piece from Perfect Paws which should help to guide you through those early months of having your new puppy and effectively training him. The time and effort and patience you put in at this stage will be of major benefit as he grows and develops.

Basic Training

Dog Training BasicsAs he gets a little older the work you have put in training him as a pup should make the task a little easier. By now he should be responsive to you and recognize you as pack leader. Basic training classes are provided by many major pet stores such as Petsmart who have courses in dog obedience training as well as PetCo.

This is a simple and convenient way to progress him and the basic obedience training they offer will include learning the command of sit and stay, to go down and come when called as well as heel. It should also progress him to walking on a leash without pulling.

All the basics we need for simple control of our dog. It is vital to get your dog at least to that stage with training as a well trained dog in simple obedience matters means a dog you can control as the last thing you want in a public park is a dog that pulls on the lead and runs off and won’t return when called. Many dogs get lost in this manner.

Home Training

Dog Training BasicsSometimes dogs respond better without the distractions of other dogs in groups and there is always the option of having a trainer come to your home and assist you with basic obedience training. As much as anything they can train you in how to train your dog.

Here at Canine Crib, they give an account of how best to train your dog some of the basic commands.

Finding the right dog trainer is essential and always use a credible trainer that is accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and on their site they have a list of reputable dog trainers which you can find using their search facility that helps you find good dog trainers in your area.

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