Dog Life Vest – Water Safety for Dogs

There are very few dogs that don’t love water. All it takes is a throw of a stick and splash in they go. And a good thing it is too as it’s an absolutely great way to help them keep fit. They use every muscle when they are swimming doing their famous doggie paddle.

Even an older dog in senior years can benefit. We should never be over protective and prevent them doing something they enjoy and actually gives them such great health benefits. Yes they can be a little stinky after but hey so what. It’s nothing a dog shampoo can’t take care of.

So with that said wouldn’t it be a great idea to put your mind at rest and supply them with a Dog Life Vest. It is peace of mind for you as it is safer for your dog. If you go fishing or have use of a boat, then a dog life vest means he can become a passenger without the worry of him going overboard and the current maybe being too strong for him. A dog life vest will keep him afloat so you can simply pick him out the water.
Dog Life Vest
Beaches are a popular spot for dogs and if his the type that swims out instead of just running along the shoreline then maybe for his safety it may be worth putting one on him. Dog life vests and jackets do the same job they keep him afloat.

Where to Look

There are a few selections online for you to browse and gain an education on the ranges. They accommodate most dog sizes and can be florescent or damn right jazzy and colorful. Often you have to go looking between the dog jackets and the dog floats and view small ranges.

A dog vest tends to be a little less bulky than a jacket which is why some prefer them. If you’re looking for a good quality sturdy and robust dog life jacket then maybe this Champion Canine Life Vest may be just what you’re looking for.

This will protect in the most torrid of waters. In sizes to suit all size dogs from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane. It is extremely none restrictive and yet totally safe.

A useful feature is the grab handle fitted at the back, so should he need to be lifted out of the water then the handle would make it a lot easier. It has a Cordura nylon outer shell which makes it resistant to a little rough treatment even mild chewing, and most importantly machine washable.

There is an additional $7.95 for shipping on single or doubled items and $12.95 with 3 orders or more regardless of weight. It can take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. Prices range from $39 for the smallest size to $79 for the big dogs.

Other Selections

Dog Life VestAs stated before you won’t find many large selections under one roof, or on one website you may well have to look around to see the full ranges of what is on the market. Picking between the dog life jackets you will find the vests.

To find other selections with the best prices then look on Google Shopping and it will open up a mine of life dog vests and exactly where to find them. Mostly entering dog life vests into a search brings up dog life jackets and as there is little difference why not consider them too and it does open up your range of choices also.

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