Dog Homes – Re-homing the Lost and Abandoned

Finding homes for dogs is the work of many an organization, from animal shelters to humane societies even pet food brands get behind it and fund some organizations. Largely these are organizations run on donation and fund raising activity. Some are privately funded but what they all have in common is finding dogs homes through adoption.

In addition to shelters and rescue groups you have websites like Petfinder. The ASPCA are involved and even leading pet stores all help in some way or the other in re-homing dogs through adoptions.


Dog Homes
Some are just run within the locality and others use the nationwide network that has built up designed to find adoptive parents to lost mistreated or abandoned dogs. From pure breeds, to little street urchin mongrels. Some are breed specific and if you are seeking to adopt a breed of a particular dog then you can register.

When the dog of the type you desire comes along they contact you. Every angle is covered giving a greater chance of successfully re-homing a dog. When they first come into a shelter they are examined by a vet and very wisely spayed or neutered to ensure they don’t spend the rest of their days adding to the dog overpopulation problem.

They are fully vaccinated, potential owners carefully vetted and all being well a dog finds a new home. Of course the new owner pays the costs of the vaccination and spay or neuter but it is at reduced rates.

Abandonment and Surrender

Dog Homes
Often a dog is simply found on the street and it happens because he gets separated from his owner or sometimes just abandoned deliberately when the owner encounters problems. Sometimes they are voluntarily given up as for various reasons the owner is not able to take care of them anymore.

Sometimes well meaning can get out of hand as in the case of this home in Frederick county.

The Adoption Team

Dog HomesAs mentioned Petfinder is a major player in this network. They serve as a nationwide and as well as Canadian directory to link up owners and pets. They present profiles of dogs that are available for adoption, and perspective buyers can browse and contact the shelter or rescue group to find the dog they want.

You can search out a specific breed or just find a lovable rogue to take home after vetting. You can search by age or state it really could not be easier. After clicking on the dog of your liking you get the opportunity to contact the author of the ad directly.

Other major players are the ASPCA who do an excellent job with their adoption service. They have great profiles describing the personality and other valuable information.

It’s like the best matchmaker service imaginable but for dogs and owners. They make a lot of effort with the profiles and even have videos to help to increase the appeal. No doubt the harder dogs to adopt get a better chance by personalizing them using video.

Many an animal shelter or rescue group offer their own service of pet adoptions directly to those that contact them but still most of them are linked into a wider program to increase the possibility of that dog finding a home. You can access lists of animal shelters and rescue group’s via the websites of Petfinder and the ASPCA who have a directory available on there sites.

Pet Stores and Pet Brands

Dog HomesMajor stores like PetCo and Petsmart have links to adoption schemes for dogs. Various dog food brands also help out like Pedigree. They all make up the team that gives these unfortunate dogs a brighter future.

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