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Every time I read about pet animals dying or getting terminally ill because their owners decided to purchase discount pet medication product from some secondhand online retail store I hurts my heart and I get angry at the same time. How can anyone care so little for another living being that they’ll let a few dollars decide whether it should receive first class treatment or some discount solution that they just happened to find when surfing around online? It makes me sad and at least I hope that the pet owners that do decide to go for the cheap pet meds solution are hurting as well when their beloved pet dies or gets very very sick!

Cheap pet Medicine

The best solution would naturally be that people were not even thinking about purchase anything but the very best but I can also understand why it is that you might find it difficult from a financial standpoint if your pet is very ill or has some kind of chronic disease that will need ongoing medication for the rest of their lives. The sad thing is that medical companies know that chronic illnesses that will require ongoing medication and that they are therefore able to set prices at a higher level than for medicine that is only taking on a “nice to have” basis compared to the “need to have”.

Savings On Pet Meds

I can understand why people who are struggling financially will try to find cheaper solutions while still being able to help their sick animals and in either case it is a loose/loose situation for both pet owner and pet. Cheap pet medicine will more often than not be of the same high quality and effectiveness standard as the more expensive medical counterparts which means that not only will the pet suffer more than necessary but it would also stay ill for a longer period of time that it has to.

One Solution is Pet Insurance

There are a few options that you can choose as a pet owner in trying to get your pet the best possible treatment when you’re not able to pay the high prices that the treatments and pet meds require. One option is to make sure that you have a great pet insurance coverage that will not only take care of VET bills but one that will also cover any payments needed for pet medication and even for treatment that will last for the rest of the pets life.

Some pet insurance companies will have insurance packages that will take care of medical bills to a certain amount and a few will pay for everything. The last option will naturally be a more expensive solution than the ones with less coverage but even though more expensive it can still prove to be a great deal for you as a pet owner if you are in the unfortunate situation that you pet will get a terminal long lasting illness that will require that it is on constant medication for years to come.

Having an insurance policy that covers all medical expenses will make sure that you’re never placed in a situation where you will need to look for cheap pet meds and running the risk of getting your picture in the paper as the pet owner that killed his or her pet by giving it poor quality medication bought from a secondhand online store. Don’t go down that route… please!

Another solution is a bit more drastic and it is also a lot more difficult for the individual pet owner to have an effect on but if it can be done it would instantly remove the need for cheap solutions to pet treatment. It will definitely be the best solution of the two but it will also require a lot more effort and struggle before becoming a reality.

What I am talking about is to have the government pass a law on what pet meds (and human meds as well) can cost. Just like giving tax breaks on green environmental solutions in cars and other polluting inventions it could also pass a law that would make effective pet medicine cheaper so that everyone would be able to afford it. You could even argue that terminal illnesses might be able to get the meds for free in some cases. Playing the political game is difficult and the large pharmaceutical companies that are profiting from the expensive medication are most likely going to react and reject any ideas that will reduce their profits from these meds. From a business perspective I can understand why that is and living in a free country you might argue that it wouldn’t be fair to those companies.

From a human (or pet) point of view and a national health point as well you could also argue that cheap pet meds of high quality would benefit everyone and that it might even reduce other types of government funded costs that occurs because of pets being ill…

But since politics are played by the people with the most economical strength you are more likely to win the game and avoid giving your pet poor quality pet medication but choosing a pet insurance plan that will pay a sufficient amount (if not all) on the medicine treatments necessary to keep your pet healthy.

If you are one of the people that have been looking for cheap medicine for pets online then please share your thoughts and comments in the fields below. I would love to hear what you think about the situation.

5 thoughts on “Cheap Pet Meds | Be Careful or Get Pet Insurance”

  1. It makes me really sad that pets have to suffer because of their owner’s financial burdens. In some cases, it seems like it could almost be considered animal cruelty.
    Getting pet insurance is a good solution because then people won’t feel as financially limited concering their pets health.
    But as far as discount meds go… I think that any medication on the market should be required to be of a certain quality standard. Some people just can’t afford the brand names.

  2. Your absolutely right Stacy. Since I can see that you work for Trupanion would you care so share how you cover medical bills?

  3. We cover 90% the veterinary bills for accidents and illnesses. That covers diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications.

  4. So what if a pet owner has a cat or a dog with an incurable illness that will need lifelong medication. Will you still cover 90% on the recurring costs until the pet dies and/or the policy is terminated?

  5. Yes, these costs would be covered so long as this deadly illness was contracted after the owner enrolled said pet with pet insurance.

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