Ceramic Dog Bowls – Non Toxic and Decorative

You may be asking yourself what it matters what my dog eats from. Plastic doesn’t break and is lightweight and durable. Yes quite right, and also toxic.

That is why many people insist on using a ceramic bowl to serve their dogs meals in. They are more robust and durable than people think. They possibly won’t survive being dropped to the floor but generally they are tough and can survive the rigors of your dog pushing it round trying to lick that last bit out.

They should be heavy enough to not go traveling round the kitchen floor as your dog buries his snout into it. Make sure it’s able to remain fixed to the floor as he eats. Also apart from having toxic properties that leak into the food, plastic also harbors smells that we can’t smell but dogs can. Maybe not enough to put hungry dogs off their dinner but they have a sensitive nose indeed.
Ceramic Dog Bowls
Ceramic bowls washes well in dishwashers and does not harbor crevices that retain bacteria. A rim is a good idea as sometimes they can slobber the food and it easily gets onto the floor. A rim could well prevent that.

In certain cases a chewy dog may chew his plastic bowl where as he cannot do that to ceramic. They are more attractive and your dog will probably prefer it.

Best Ways to Buy

It hardly seems worth it to pay the shipping costs of a relatively inexpensive item, so maybe pet stores are your best bet. Not only that it’s always good to feel the weight for yourself. A bowl that is too light will end up in the opposite corner of the kitchen by the time he has finished.

Why at pet store, what’s wrong with a normal ceramic bowl? Well simply put we use cutlery so we don’t have need of the extra weight as we don’t stick our faces in the bowl, although some of us may.

The rim on a dog bowl is to serve a purpose of avoiding spillage so in truth you could use a normal ceramic bowl but these are problems you may encounter. They simply are not heavy enough. If you do find a ceramic bowl that is then fine, use it.

Ceramic Dog BowlsPetCo have a nice range of decorative ceramic dog bowls for you to choose from. They have ones for large and small dogs and you are never too far from a PetCo. They range from $2.39 for the small dog bowls to $17.99 for the largest.

Likewise at Petsmart, again a very decorative selection and some are on elevated stands as is popular with some. They start from as little as $1.87 to $39.99 for the double bowls on elevated stands.

Ceramic Dog BowlsIt’s not the hardest item you are ever going to have to search for, and a wander round one or two pet stores will probably find you what you are looking for. Avoid the ones with a rim that goes inward to the inside of the bowl.

Designed to avoid spillage but they tend to trap food where your dog will find it hard to get at just under the rim. Even supermarkets and general hardware stores could have a supply of ceramic dog bowls. Not the hardest item to find and best bought over the counter.

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