Dog Training Basics – Essential Control Techniques

The beginning of training your dog starts as a puppy. Before you ever reach the stage of teaching them to sit you have to toilet train them. So the first training task is simply that as failure to do so means he poops and pees around the house and who wants that. The earlier you start a little basic training with your dog the better and the most basic thing is just that, teaching him where to do his business.

Crate Training

A common method of doing this is crate training. It’s a very effective method using the dogs own den instincts. Dogs hate eating in the same place they use the toilet. By crating him he learns control or the consequences for him are poop in his dining area and they simply hate that. Here is an account of how to crate train your dog and the reasoning behind it from the Humane Society of the United States.
Dog Training Basics

Puppy Training

It is so much easier to train your dog when you start with him at a young age. The biting and chewing, jumping up on people especially children, potential aggression, collar and leash training and the continuation of toilet training are all issues to get to grips with early on when still a puppy.

It’s also the time to socialize your dog and get him used to other dogs and people, which may prevent problems when he is older. Here is an excellent piece from Perfect Paws which should help to guide you through those early months of having your new puppy and effectively training him. The time and effort and patience you put in at this stage will be of major benefit as he grows and develops.

Basic Training

Dog Training BasicsAs he gets a little older the work you have put in training him as a pup should make the task a little easier. By now he should be responsive to you and recognize you as pack leader. Basic training classes are provided by many major pet stores such as Petsmart who have courses in dog obedience training as well as PetCo.

This is a simple and convenient way to progress him and the basic obedience training they offer will include learning the command of sit and stay, to go down and come when called as well as heel. It should also progress him to walking on a leash without pulling.

All the basics we need for simple control of our dog. It is vital to get your dog at least to that stage with training as a well trained dog in simple obedience matters means a dog you can control as the last thing you want in a public park is a dog that pulls on the lead and runs off and won’t return when called. Many dogs get lost in this manner.

Home Training

Dog Training BasicsSometimes dogs respond better without the distractions of other dogs in groups and there is always the option of having a trainer come to your home and assist you with basic obedience training. As much as anything they can train you in how to train your dog.

Here at Canine Crib, they give an account of how best to train your dog some of the basic commands.

Finding the right dog trainer is essential and always use a credible trainer that is accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and on their site they have a list of reputable dog trainers which you can find using their search facility that helps you find good dog trainers in your area.

How to Become a Dog Trainer – The Credible Way

Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. There are no real formal accreditation or diplomas or qualification to become a dog trainer. So if you’re low down the order in academia there is an opening for you. So when a client is checking the credentials of a dog trainer what are they actually looking for?

In truth they have little idea what to look for as there is nothing that actually states that you are a certified qualified dog trainer. So if this is a career you truly want to embark on then the door is open. But as you read on, you will discover the most credible and worthwhile route to take.

Training Schools

How to Become a Dog TrainerThere is nothing to stop someone that’s done a few weeks course in obedience training only from setting up as a dog trainer. OK, it’s unlikely that that scenario happens but in theory it’s possible. It’s totally self-styled.

Which is good news and bad news all at the same time as first it means you cannot really be too sure of the credibility of the person that is training you and your dog, but at the same time it shows you how wide that door is open for you. Follow the steps set out for you here and you will find a clear course to take.

So you enroll in a training school and you complete the course and they give you a diploma. What’s it actually worth because in truth it just says you met the standard required by that particular school, it holds no real professional weight. So in effect you’re paying for a diploma that really holds no value in reality.

This is not meant as any slight on a training school. Most do have standards but remember that they are really in the business of helping people up the ladder for a fee. Not saying the standard is poor as in the overwhelming majority of cases I’m sure not, but it certainly does pay to be aware of this and in some cases save yourself a lot of money.

Which Direction

How to Become a Dog TrainerBased on this then I see no wrong in starting your training by enrolling on the most basic of obedience classes such as those provided by PetCo or Petsmart. What purpose this will serve is for you to know if this is truly something you want, and you can do. It’s a start on the road to building your own career in dog training and from there on it’s down to self confidence, self belief and possibly a big personality.

And the road to take would be a credible road of collecting experience and knowledge and building your CV. Hopefully you will not need too many training schools to achieve that. From here most gain experience through working with an experienced dog trainer, attending seminars and even volunteering at an animal shelter. All these things build up your knowledge and will build your CV. It’s not an easy road and is down to your own determination.

When can I call myself a dog trainer?

There is a credible route to take and the road ahead can be clear. If you can work towards certification from the CCPDT or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers then it could be said you have achieved that aim. All instructions and the route to take are clearly explained on the website.
How to Become a Dog Trainer
It will cost you $60 dollars only to take the exam and the thing to do now is build your knowledge and follow the path advised by this organization. Read and study from animal behaviorists and follow the steps as advised. Get your foot in the door at the Animal shelter as that will be a mine of knowledge and information. You can contact the CCPDT and ask specific questions I’m sure they will be only too glad to help.

Another association to familiarize yourself with is the APDT or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. You will find this site an invaluable help.

Also follow the advice as laid out by the ASPCA which I think you will find an extremely useful read and should help you to set your path credibly to a future as a professional dog trainer. Good luck.

Dog Training Methods – Control by Encouragement

I’m sure at some point you have observed a dog owner that has his dog under control with fear. There are many that think that training a dog is all about domination and will resort to beating and growling at the dog. There are many that have little idea but try out their own domination theories.

They even think they are a good amateur trainer because the dog complies but its crushing the dog’s spirit. Yes the dog will comply because he is scared of physical punishment.

Ok to some degree it works; you can control your dog sometimes in this manner but is it really a way to make a dog an obedient dog? His being a happy dog is just as important.

Click and Treat

Dog Training MethodsMany use treats as a way to train a dog. Where as a dominant trainer punishes him when his done wrong, a trainer using treats rewards him when he gets it right. Far better to bribe than domineer and the end result is a happier better adjusted dog.

Another way to train a dog using treats is by using Clicker Training. The idea of using a clicker which is a simple device that clicks in a way that’s simple for the dog to understand. Words may confuse him but a click is a click. It’s a positive reinforcement training approach.

When the dog has done right he is with a click and treat. This is like a double signal he has done right. He complies because he knows that to do so would mean a reward. You should always click first and then very quickly reward him with a treat.

Crate Training for House Training

Dog Training MethodsA new puppy or even an older dog when he is first introduced to your household is at his most destructive and is most likely to pee inappropriately. Crate training is a great way of house breaking a dog as well as toilet training.

Crate training works on the dogs own instinct as den animals. They do not want to eat or sleep where they poop. Confining him at certain times in a crate where he only has enough room to move around a little but cannot escape the poop if he does that in his crate.

You can’t train a dog by telling him he is wrong he just won’t get it but harnessing his own den instinct to work to your advantage is a great method of train your dog not to poop indoors and not to poop in the night when you’re tucked up.

Information on crate training can be found here or this video that simply explains how to crate train and its purpose.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a very necessary training as it helps you learn how to control your dog outdoors and is ideal to keep him safe and under control. Obedience training consists of teaching them to sit and stay and to come when called. It is also to teach how to walk on a leash and not pulling you down the street. It can also incorporate preventing him jumping up and over excited behavior as well as even eventually walking with you without a lead.

Obedience training is widely available, even leading pet stores have classes and there are many professional dog trainers out there you can consult with.

Here at you will find some useful advice about training your dog at home in obedience as well as other useful training tips.

Dog Obedience Classes – Canine Etiquette

When we have a new puppy or even an adult dog as a new addition to the family, it is important he is taught the parameters of what he can and cannot do. You, as the owner, are the pack leader and your family is his pack. He has to understand his place within the social hierarchy of the family pack.

Obedience training is a good way to start to teach your dog a few of the basic rules for him to co-exist within your family structure or in other words know the rules of his new pack.

Obedience training can be the very basic starter course of teaching leash walking, sit and stay and can progress even to competition standard. Even show dogs had to start with the basics and who knows if you have a pure bred dog you may even graduate from sit and stay to showing your dog in competition as a simple obedience class can lead you on to greater ambitions for you and your dog.

Here is a link to the United Kennel Club that gives you an idea of the road you could end up on with your dog, from a small acorn called dog obedience training.

Back to Basics

Dog Obedience ClassesIt is great if the whole family can be involved with the training of your dog and naturally the main handler of the dog, therefore the pack leader in the dog’s eyes is the ideal candidate to learn how to obedience train your dog.

A starter course often entails 6 to 10 weeks of weekly classes where they are taught to sit and wait and walk on a lead among other exercises and is a great bond builder between owner and dog.

There is no shortage of these kinds of classes and many leading pet stores such as:

Those that don’t have courses offer plenty of training advice on their website such as Pet Valu who preach the virtue of obedience training.


Dog Obedience ClassesAn early start with obedience training can only be a good thing and in most cases, prevent problem behavior starting. Many negative traits in a dog can develop and often there is a simple explanation.

If a dog is bored and lacks exercise, he is far more likely to be over excitable on occasion and chewing of items you don’t want chewed can be a consequence or excessive barking.

A good way to introduce a new dog or puppy into the household is to Crate Train your dog. Your dog is likely to be at his most destructive as a new edition to the household that does not know the rules and what is expected from him.

Crate training helps to establish good dog manners. Also it is an excellent way to toilet train a dog. Done properly and patiently this is a terrific way to establish to your dog what is expected from him in your pack.

Further Schooling

Dog Obedience ClassesTo continue his training in obedience beyond the basic courses available, you may wish to further train your dog in obedience. You don’t get more credible than the American Kennel Club who can point you to obedience clubs some of which are for specialty breeds and others for all breeds. The AKC has a high standard of its own and invites AKC-registered dogs to enlist onto training programs which could take you all the way to competition standard.

Finding the right trainer to help you train your dog is not something to take lightly and reading the advice from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers can be helpful when choosing the way forward with your dog. They can also help you find a qualified Trainer in your locality.

Dog Leash Training – Calm Walking

Possibly the most important part of training any dog is to get them to walk properly on a leash. It’s not easy as they get so excited at the very sight of the leash that you are going to require a lot of patience. But that’s where the discipline should start right from that moment he sees you fetch the leash he needs to be encouraged to calm down.

It’s a good idea to teach him to sit whilst you put on his leash as a part of generally teaching him to stay calm and not get ahead of himself. When he does sit patiently reward him with treat, lots of praise and then put on his leash.

That is the start of the training process for learning to walk on a leash. Naturally he is going to be excited and as you put the leash on him, he will be ecstatic but from the moment you begin your walk then you have to let him know that pulling is not an option and he will not gain from doing so.
Dog Leash Training
Every time he pulls, stop. Do not proceed until he stops pulling and use a command he will learn to understand over time like ‘walk’ or ‘let’s go’ and keep that word so he knows it. This is where your patience will come in. Some dogs get it quicker than others but simply stop the walk every time he pulls. First few times you may not get much further than the front driveway but consistency is the key.


You can have help in this battle of wills with another weapon. A good Martingale leash is an excellent way to encourage him to stop pulling. Maybe one day in the future when he is a well trained and obedient dog, you can use a buckle collar but till then use a Martingale collar.

They are similar to a choke chain but are more humane and will not hurt his throat. It tightens when he pulls but does not snatch on his throat like a choke chain. So using a combination of stopping every time he pulls and a Martindale collar he will soon start to understand. Reward him when he gets it right and don’t forget to fuss him too and let him know he has pleased you. It’s a simple case of never let him prosper from pulling on a lead.

A pull is greeted with a tightened lead and his fun stopped by standing still. When his stopped pulling and only when then use your command word and walk again. It’s a long road with some dogs more than others but he will get it eventually.

Training your dog in further obedience on a leash entails more information and one short article cannot do the methods justice. He can be taught to sit whilst on a lead and to wait.

Dog Leash TrainingIn fact this is important as it again is teaching him to be calm. This is a little more advanced than simply preventing him pulling and I have focused on the pulling aspect of walking a dog on a leash as it is possibly the most annoying and difficult to handle aspect of a dog being on a leash.

Dog obedience classes are a great idea to teach your dog how to behave when on a lead and eventually you can feel assured he won’t be dragging the kids around the park and even they can handle him.
There are many dog obedience classes including many well known pet supply stores like PetCo and Petsmart.

For a more detailed account on leash training, read here.

Dog Training Biting – Best Ways to Stop it Starting

More often when a dog bites its more fear than anything else it’s not like his just decided to be nasty. Dogs will bite in certain situations from fear and reaction to pain etc in the same way as we snap sometimes when someone treads on our foot or such situation.

Dog aggression comes in many forms and often the reason is that they have not been taught any better and if allowed to be that way will be.

Puppy Bites

All puppies go through a period of biting as for one they go through teething and this gives them the urge to chew and bite. They usually grow out of this quickly but once the teething is over, it would be an important time to set the parameters as regards biting.
Dog Training Biting
Giving them toys to bite on will help to focus the attention away from your fingers and leg. When puppies play with each other, when one goes too far, they yelp to tell the brother or sister that they are hurting.

You should do the same when a puppy bites you and let out a loud ouch. Also ignore them at that point reinforcing that biting will lose you a favor. Never play biting games with a pup or any other dog as this is telling him biting is good. Tug of war is a distinct mistake and one you may come to regret.

As time goes on you may resort to putting her in a crate just for a few minutes again making the puppy feel out of favor just enough to keep making the point. Patience is important and consistency is vital. Alert other family members of how to react to a biting pup so the consistency is always there.

Dog Training BitingYou can react to bites by instantly tapping them on their nose and saying no or no bite. Consistency again here is the key.

it is useful if you encourage your dog to be around many people as biting is often a fear reaction. Many bites are fear based and lack of trust so the more time a pup is taught to feel relaxed around people the better.

Taken outside on a leash bring her into contact with many people and even when they come up your path, say a mailman then let them sniff and feel relaxed with all the people around them as well as strangers.

Feeling comfortable around children is a good life lesson as they learn that young and old you don’t have to be wary and fearful of which is at the back of a lot of biting.


Dog Training BitingIf you are consistent with a puppy, it will grow into a confident adult and this alone reduces the likelihood of biting as an adult.

In a dog’s mind you and the rest of the family are his pack and its important he knows who the alpha male is and that he does not believe himself to be a higher order pack member than he is.

Allowing them to come on to the furniture and bed can present just that situation. He will start to think you are an alpha male after all, as hey, I can come up into an elevated position and you are too weak to stop me.

That is a dog’s mind and if you let a dog feel he is of higher range than you, there are going to be leadership issues, and him seeing you as weak can present you with a leadership challenge from your dog.

If you have taken on an older dog that is not familiar with people then it is not too late to start. Socialization is the key and the confidence that comes with it can prevent a lot of incidence.

Be guided

Dog Training BitingIt is important that you start training the dog from a young age, you yourself need to be knowledgeable about how to raise your dog, and so he is not only fun for you but also safe to be around everyone else.

Dog training can reduce the risk of your dog biting and there are proper training methods to stop your dog biting.

For general training which is always good including obedience training there are many places you can get help with knowing how to handle your dog and make him safe to others.

Dog trainers are easy to find online as well as the many courses available through major pet stores like PetCo and Petsmart as well as Pet Supplies Plus.

If your dog has a specifically bad biting problem, look online for a good certified dog trainer that can spend time on the specific problem.

In addition, there is a lot of detailed advice online, take the time to read all. You cannot know enough when it comes to the right way to raise your dog.

Watch this video.

Dog Training Tricks – Old and Young New Tricks

Teaching your dogs tricks starts with basic obedience training. Its starts there and can end with your dog being trained in a specialty like search and rescue or sniffing out substances.

Many tricks have no such practical purpose but however a dog enjoys learning new tricks and as we all know dogs love to please us.

Control and bonding

The advantage of teaching your dog tricks is that in the process of training him you are asserting control and forming and reinforcing the relationship between you and your dog.

This can be helpful in keeping him safe in anxious environments and he is easily controlled in public.

Keeps dogs amused

Dog Training TricksDogs bore easily prompting problem behavior like chewing and incessant barking. Training your dog tricks is stimulation for your dog and he will truly enjoy it if done in the right way. Like people, it’s healthy to keep the mind active.

Training your dog tricks reinforces you as the pack leader in the eyes of your dog, essential to maintain control of your dog. The bond between you will grow through training.

Having that degree of control over your dog makes your life a lot easier and makes things simpler for your dog to understand.

You will find that your dog will actively participate so when people criticize for what they may call turning your dog into a circus performer then you can reply that the dog loves it and it would be a very fair comment almost certainly.

Dog Training TricksBasic obedience training is the first stage to exerting control over your dog and an introduction to understanding training and the pleasure you will see from his wagging tail and his receptiveness.

Some things come more naturally to some dogs more than others, depending on breed in some cases, but most dogs will be happy to be trained.

A dog responds to training because he wants to belong. Your household and family are his pack and training lets him know his place within that structure.

You have to remain consistent with your dog at all times as otherwise he will become confused. Making him calm down becomes easier and he becomes a well-disciplined dog and less of a worry as to the safety of others.

Patience and time

With obedience training you will have already taught him the basics. He will be seeing you as pack leader and more advanced tricks are easier from there. You must be patient and consistant. He will already be familiar with sit and stay.

Dog Training TricksFurther popular tricks to teach your dog are lie down on command and to wait until called. He can be taught to shake hands, play dead on command and beg.

In time with a lot of patience, you can move him on to more advanced tricks. In no time he will roll over on your command, he may give you high fives, taught to crawl, chase his tail as well as fetch games of which fetching your slippers and your newspaper from the letterbox are part of this training.

Detailed accounts of dog training tips and guides are available online. Most of these tricks are easily taught with the right degree of patience.

Check these sites for a detailed account of how you can teach your dog many various tricks: Dog Trick Academy, and

Dog Agility Equipment – Saving Money by Shopping Around

Whether you are just replacing old equipment or you want to begin competing with your dog in agility shows, you should take the time to check out the different equipment available.

A lot of people end up spending far more than they should because they did not take the proper amount of time checking out what is on the market. Heading to a local retailer and picking up equipment right away may seem like a good idea if you want the new pieces fast, but you should definitely be patient if you want to get a good deal.

Taking your time checking out the different dog agility equipment on the market will help dramatically in finding you pieces that work great and are inexpensive as well. It is also so important to keep in mind the specific needs you have in terms of equipment.

Checking out Available Retailers

The best thing to do when you are trying to save money on new equipment is checking out the different stores that are in your local area and online as well. A lot of people spend far more than necessary because they do not take the time to check out different retailers.

Instead of just heading to any store for your equipment, you should check out the prices that are offered at the different stores. Comparing prices will help ensure you don’t spend any more than necessary and you are still getting the quality equipment you want.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Needs

If you are just beginning getting interested in the hobby of dog agility work, it is important that you really do some research on what equipment you need. With the variety of items, it can be difficult knowing what to pick up and what should be passed on.

Hoops are an obvious must have, but it can be difficult knowing whether not hurdles and see-saws are as necessary. In order to determine what pieces to buy, you should take the time to shop around and see what is available within your budget and only purchase the must-have pieces for what kind of agility moves you’re interested in.

There are so many options when it comes to equipment for dog agility exercises. Instead of thinking you need to spend a lot of money to get started in this rewarding hobby, you should shop around until you find a retailer that can offer you a good deal.

Another way to help bring down the cost of equipment is through checking out the different pieces which are available. Purchasing all of the different equipment at once is a great idea if you have the money, but you should really be more patient if you are trying to stick to a tighter budget. Taking into consideration the different equipment and need for each will help ensure you don’t purchase pieces that really aren’t necessary.

Dog Grooming School – Career Move That Costs

It is a very difficult call when you have to pay to advance your career. Unfortunately, the option of leaving high school and training as a dog groomer at college is not there.

If you want to be a dog groomer then you have to put your hand in your pocket unless you are fortunate enough to be accepted by a salon or pet store as a trainee or even assistant.

Dog grooming schools are all over the country as well as Europe and Asia. Anywhere where dogs are popular pets, you will find a culture of dog grooming.

How to choose the right one is not an easy call either. It is not the kind of thing many of your friends have done so you are not going to get recommendations there.

Brave move, risky too

Dog Grooming SchoolFirst of all, are you ready for such a bold move of possibly giving up your day job and attending a dog grooming school for which you are not going to be paid, and in fact will be shelling out money and possibly a lot of money for?

Are you confident that once you have completed such a course that jobs are there waiting for you? Is one course a good standing to set up your own business?

Do they offer advice with setting up your own business? Look here for more practical advice.


Dog Grooming SchoolHowever, if your mind is set and you have the confidence to try and make a career from being a dog groomer then why not. There are possibilities that you may receive the support from your bank to give you a loan to carry you through this passage in your life.

However it’s a difficult decision to make and one that will probably be dictated by your financial status.

Part time and spare time
Should you not be in a position to give up your day job then there may be weekend and night classes available. Some schools do offer more flexible times and if so then you can keep your day job and stay in a wage.

Online courses

Another option is an online course. It does not seem feasible learning some aspects of this skill without the necessary resources like a dog to train on for one. Then of course, the cost of your equipment is an important factor.

Some of these courses have practical sessions just occasionally where you come together with other trainees but most of the study is learned at home through online courses or correspondence.

Some would say that this kind of course is best done in conjunction with practical hands on course. In addition, if you start an online course then you are going to need a lot of help and trust from your friends and family if they are to allow you to practice on their dog.

Equipment purchases

Dog Grooming SchoolSome schools that you can attend give you use of their equipment and let this be a factor you are conscious of when they tell you how much your course is.

If it’s cheaper but you need to buy every piece of equipment you are going to use for yourself then perhaps it’s not so cheap after all. Weigh up all these factors when choosing a school.

Many of these schools claim to help you into employment once you have completed the course. The qualification you will receive will vary.

Ensure that the school you are going to attend is registered with the state. Where possible, ask if you can sit in on a course to observe and see if you have a good feeling and whether you feel the standard of instruction is adequate.

If possible, talk to graduates of the school and ask of their experiences of the training. Also, see how they are getting on with their dog grooming careers and whether the school can really help you find employment.

Look before you spend

Dog grooming can be a lucrative career especially if you run your own business whether as a mobile dog groomer or set up your own salon. If you do not take time deciding, you could find yourself paying someone that uses you for far too many dog baths than what you need.

In other words, there is always the slim chance of you being exploited and you pay for the privilege yourself.

Don’t dive in as it’s an expensive venture and no guarantees of success after you have graduated. It can be lucrative yes but it can be costly in learning also.

Dog Obedience School – Early Ground Rules

Dog obedience training is simply the most basic level of controlling your dog and the start to future more intense training if required.

The basic command of sit and stay and heal, simple training methods that can keep your dog safer on the road and help to develop the trust between you and your dog as trust is vital if you are going to be able to successfully obedience train your dog.

Large boisterous dogs can be taught how to channel their energy into training, improve their behavior, and therefore keep them safer around children.

dog obedience schoolDog obedience training is usually a 6 to 10 week short course to which ends you should be able to control your dog on a leash and teach him patience with sit, go down on command, heel that is walking alongside the owner on the left hand side keeping level with the owner.

To be able to call your dog back to you and get her to stay when told.

This is the fundamentals of dog obedience training and further courses would be needed to advance from this stage. This should give you an idea of how difficult or how cooperative your dog will be. If he struggles with dog obedience training he probably won’t make a good sniffer dog or any other specialty trained dog.

Know his place in your pack

A dog is by nature a pack animal and training can give him a role in your pack the family teaching him cooperation and general good manners hence easier to control. He needs to know what is expected of him and by being consistent in your methods he can come to know what to expect of you.

Choosing the right school can never be easy but all accreditations and asking friends and neighbors can be informative.

It’s a good idea to go along and observe a class before you agree to sign up to any such class putting your mind a little more at least in knowing you have chosen the right place.

Where to look

dog obedience schoolThere is no shortage of dog obedience schools.

Here at Animal Behavior College, it is a private vocational school, and they claim to have a database of dog trainers that have met the standards where the curricula is consistent with the standards offered by traditional institutions.

You can search their database and an approved dog trainer nearest to you can be found. They claim that each of the dog trainers they have certified has been visited by themselves and scrutinized. All details are on their site. Many dog trainers work with a dog obedience training school so that could well be a good route to follow.

Likewise you can find an accredited dog obedience trainer on the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors Inc. website. PetCo and Petsmart both offer dog training courses which would include dog obedience training.

A basic obedience course can cost from around $200 to $500 so you want to make sure it’s money well spent.

Up to date with vaccinations???

dog obedience schoolThere may be a requirement for you to produce all current vaccination certificates so as your dog will be socializing with other dogs and it’s just an obvious precaution to avoid infections.

For a more informed read on dog obedience training and techniques, click here.

Look online but do not just sign up to the cheapest or nearest. Take a little time and trouble to ensure that you are getting the right training for your dog.

Dog obedience training through a school is important and even more important, this first exercise in training your dog is done right as this is the beginning of further training to follow so from the off, you want to get it right.