Small Dog Carrier – Dogs’ Days Out

You have a much greater range of choice for a small dog when it comes to carriers. Small dogs are treated by some as a fashion accessory. Not good I know but that’s the world we live in.

So consequently a whole range of fashionable carriers are available that is simply not there for larger dogs. For one you can’t really carry a large dog in a handbag sized carrier so the range of choice is much more for a small dog.

A small dog is easy to take around with you and tend to be a pocket dog in many cases. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and some they can poke their heads out and watch the world go by as you carry them on your shoulder.

In this respect small dogs have a more fun time as they get to be taken everywhere from work places to shopping malls.

Most dog boutiques have an abundance of such carriers. Of course you can get the more orthodox types but too big and bulky then you don’t have the same freedom.

From handbag size to sports bag size and even back pack style, there is a small dog carrier to suit your need.

Where to Find

small dog carrier
At, they have a very wide range of small dog carriers that fit the purpose of being fashionable and useful for taking your dog everywhere with you as many of us do.

The range features slings, classic styles, puppy carriers and a lot more. They have Italian leather, glamorous ones and airline approved. They ship for free on orders over $75 and only $4.99 on anything less. Good selection to be browsed.

At again a good across the range selection to choose from. Slings, embroidered, animal print soft bags are available. They have suitcase style carriers, courier bags all of which look good and keep your dog safe and secure whilst in transit with you. Shipping is free.

More choices at with ranges from $49 to $460. Selections of Italian leather looking more like a stylish bag than a dog carrier. Cute little soft denim carriers and back pack style.

These are all stores with generous ranges for you to browse and variety of styles. For practical use if you are ever a traveler and want to take your dog with you, as you can take your dog in cabin with you on many airlines these days then airline approved pet carriers are a must.
Small dog carrier
A leading brand for airline approved dog carriers are Sherpa who offer quality and safety and security and were the the first airline recommended soft sided bag. Always upgrading their designs, they are known for their good quality durable dog carriers. Furthermore they will refund all expenses you may have lost if one of their bags is not accepted when boarding.

Also take a look at Official Dog House that have a generous range as well as Muttropolis .

Small dogs are well served with choices from the practical to the simply fashionable. These are stores deliberately chosen for the large selections and variety. There is a carrier for every small dog. Where possible ensure it is fully washable and well ventilated. These are never factors to overlook as the comfort of your dog is more important than the look.

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Unique Beds – Different Kind of Comfort

There are many dog beds available without having to look far. Pet stores have abundant supplies for large and small dogs and online there is link after link from the simple cushion bed to the orthopedic or raised even heated. But the ranges are often no different from the next store and it’s not so easy to find that novelty or something a little more in keeping with the style of your home.

Many probably just buy a bed they are not overly impressed with as they think that finding something different is too difficult. It need not be the case. Although they are not in huge quantities they are out there if you know where to look.

You can search using words like unique or custom and still mostly what you get is the run of the mill ranges and it’s hard to understand how they are calling anything in their range unique. You simply have to think beyond that and use words like hand crafted or specialized and novelty and even then the results are disappointing but you’re getting nearer to what you’re looking for.

Look for designer dog beds and try angles like that and you should get a more rewarding result.


Unique Beds
The types of beds that you can truly call unique vary from the slightly unusual to the bizarre. Always a good place to seek out the slightly unusual in anything is Etsy where they always have many choices to show you. Etsy links you to many stores and many pages of dog beds of which many can be called unique.

With Etsy they always have many different and more interesting stores and a good place to see the kinds of dog beds available is to use this site as a starter. They are not all of a highly unique nature but many are and the sheer volume means you have an excellent chance of finding something you was looking for.

Interior Designer Dog Bed

Now for the truly original and unique take a look at Opulent Items which in fact is a site for interior design but this novel bed is certainly something a little different. Called the VU dog pod, it’s a complete one off made in either Cherry Wood, Aluminum Laminate or Wenge Wood. Definitely something a little different which may appeal to some for its look although it does not appear too comfy. It comes with free shipping at a price of $550.

Hand painted

Unique Beds
For beauty and originality try the JBB Je t’aime Hand Painted Dog Bed for this beautiful wooden bed with hand painted molding and is truly beautiful.

Would look good in any home and although your dog may not be too up on beautiful artwork you will love it.

Attractive fabric graces the top with a washable outer cover. A truly unique item at $399 and shipping may take 2 to 3 weeks but worth the wait.

Space Saver

Here is a bed designed for space saving and fits snugly into a corner from Perfect Dog Beds. They are fairly simplistic in its design but definitely unique. Some are designed for the corner of the room others are oval shaped. They are handcrafted dog nests made in a variety of colors with furniture grade foam cushion. Furthermore all the profit from these dog beds goes to homeless pets.

This just a small selection of unique dog beds and although they are not easy to find, patience and imaginative searching will locate some. Just saying unique won’t find you much in a search so look at interior designs for homes and handmade and hand crafted when you search. A little effort involved in finding true originality but they are there.

Pet Vacuum – Best Choices for Hairless Homes

Pet hair is a problem in many homes especially if you have a hairy beast long haired dog. Dogs jump up on the furniture and lie around the carpet. When they scratch themselves you see the hair flying and of course it’s going to land somewhere or the other. They jump on the bed and they leave the dander there too and it’s hard to keep a pet from doing these things and the only solution is a good vacuum cleaner.

There are special attachments that are designed for pet hair but in general a good vacuum cleaner that gets deep into the carpet is what you need. Strong suction obviously as pet hair can be very stubborn on certain surfaces and grips on and is hard to lift. The special attachments are an addition in certain brands.

Naturally enough, every company tries to pull in customers by recognizing a need and a need for pet owners is to get that damned hair up. The best vacuum cleaner manufacturers are busy working on ways to get deeper into your carpet and into the tightest corners, and with every technological advancement, the removal of pet hair becomes easier. If somebody in the household suffers allergies then a good top range vacuum cleaner is essential.

Best Brands

Pet Vacuum
Dyson have a range of vacuum cleaners that have animal hair in mind. They have a series they call the Dyson Animal Range. They have the DC 25 at $549.99 and the DC28 at $599.99. These models are both uprights.

In addition they have the hand held DC31 ideal on upholstery and furniture at $269.99. They all are, as the attachments are what perform that task with the uprights. Furthermore, you may find this review of interest and worth noting the comments on the mini roller.

Pet Vacuum
Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is a popular vacuum cleaner brand and within their range they have the Dirt Devil 0105 Corded HEPA Handheld Vacuum with Pet Hair Upholstery Brush on the Dirt Devil website with free shipping at $59.99.

Another good brand of vacuum cleaner has a model that claims to have extra magic when it comes to pet hair. Bissell have within their range the Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Models 3920 and 87B4 series with special extension tools of pet contour tool and pet turbo brush. At a less expensive price of $149 and a 3 year warranty.


Pet Vacuum
What’s different about a pet vacuum? Well by all accounts it appears that on the whole they are really simply highly efficient vacuums that come with an attachment. Suction is suction and powerful suction is the first priority when it comes to getting that stubborn pet hair up.

The tools are what put them into the pet vacuum category. So based on that and you already have a powerful vacuum cleaner, simply speak to the manufacturers of your vacuum and ask if there are any special attachment that they can provide that fit the model you have.

You may already have the ideal vacuum for pet hair, but just needs the extra help of the right attachment designed to vacuum upholstery and furniture. May just save you the need to go out and buy a new vacuum.

Any electrical appliance distributor will be able to recommend a particular model and brand but remember the attachment is helpful but above all what you need is powerful suction.

Dog Life Vest – Water Safety for Dogs

There are very few dogs that don’t love water. All it takes is a throw of a stick and splash in they go. And a good thing it is too as it’s an absolutely great way to help them keep fit. They use every muscle when they are swimming doing their famous doggie paddle.

Even an older dog in senior years can benefit. We should never be over protective and prevent them doing something they enjoy and actually gives them such great health benefits. Yes they can be a little stinky after but hey so what. It’s nothing a dog shampoo can’t take care of.

So with that said wouldn’t it be a great idea to put your mind at rest and supply them with a Dog Life Vest. It is peace of mind for you as it is safer for your dog. If you go fishing or have use of a boat, then a dog life vest means he can become a passenger without the worry of him going overboard and the current maybe being too strong for him. A dog life vest will keep him afloat so you can simply pick him out the water.
Dog Life Vest
Beaches are a popular spot for dogs and if his the type that swims out instead of just running along the shoreline then maybe for his safety it may be worth putting one on him. Dog life vests and jackets do the same job they keep him afloat.

Where to Look

There are a few selections online for you to browse and gain an education on the ranges. They accommodate most dog sizes and can be florescent or damn right jazzy and colorful. Often you have to go looking between the dog jackets and the dog floats and view small ranges.

A dog vest tends to be a little less bulky than a jacket which is why some prefer them. If you’re looking for a good quality sturdy and robust dog life jacket then maybe this Champion Canine Life Vest may be just what you’re looking for.

This will protect in the most torrid of waters. In sizes to suit all size dogs from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane. It is extremely none restrictive and yet totally safe.

A useful feature is the grab handle fitted at the back, so should he need to be lifted out of the water then the handle would make it a lot easier. It has a Cordura nylon outer shell which makes it resistant to a little rough treatment even mild chewing, and most importantly machine washable.

There is an additional $7.95 for shipping on single or doubled items and $12.95 with 3 orders or more regardless of weight. It can take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. Prices range from $39 for the smallest size to $79 for the big dogs.

Other Selections

Dog Life VestAs stated before you won’t find many large selections under one roof, or on one website you may well have to look around to see the full ranges of what is on the market. Picking between the dog life jackets you will find the vests.

To find other selections with the best prices then look on Google Shopping and it will open up a mine of life dog vests and exactly where to find them. Mostly entering dog life vests into a search brings up dog life jackets and as there is little difference why not consider them too and it does open up your range of choices also.

Ceramic Dog Bowls – Non Toxic and Decorative

You may be asking yourself what it matters what my dog eats from. Plastic doesn’t break and is lightweight and durable. Yes quite right, and also toxic.

That is why many people insist on using a ceramic bowl to serve their dogs meals in. They are more robust and durable than people think. They possibly won’t survive being dropped to the floor but generally they are tough and can survive the rigors of your dog pushing it round trying to lick that last bit out.

They should be heavy enough to not go traveling round the kitchen floor as your dog buries his snout into it. Make sure it’s able to remain fixed to the floor as he eats. Also apart from having toxic properties that leak into the food, plastic also harbors smells that we can’t smell but dogs can. Maybe not enough to put hungry dogs off their dinner but they have a sensitive nose indeed.
Ceramic Dog Bowls
Ceramic bowls washes well in dishwashers and does not harbor crevices that retain bacteria. A rim is a good idea as sometimes they can slobber the food and it easily gets onto the floor. A rim could well prevent that.

In certain cases a chewy dog may chew his plastic bowl where as he cannot do that to ceramic. They are more attractive and your dog will probably prefer it.

Best Ways to Buy

It hardly seems worth it to pay the shipping costs of a relatively inexpensive item, so maybe pet stores are your best bet. Not only that it’s always good to feel the weight for yourself. A bowl that is too light will end up in the opposite corner of the kitchen by the time he has finished.

Why at pet store, what’s wrong with a normal ceramic bowl? Well simply put we use cutlery so we don’t have need of the extra weight as we don’t stick our faces in the bowl, although some of us may.

The rim on a dog bowl is to serve a purpose of avoiding spillage so in truth you could use a normal ceramic bowl but these are problems you may encounter. They simply are not heavy enough. If you do find a ceramic bowl that is then fine, use it.

Ceramic Dog BowlsPetCo have a nice range of decorative ceramic dog bowls for you to choose from. They have ones for large and small dogs and you are never too far from a PetCo. They range from $2.39 for the small dog bowls to $17.99 for the largest.

Likewise at Petsmart, again a very decorative selection and some are on elevated stands as is popular with some. They start from as little as $1.87 to $39.99 for the double bowls on elevated stands.

Ceramic Dog BowlsIt’s not the hardest item you are ever going to have to search for, and a wander round one or two pet stores will probably find you what you are looking for. Avoid the ones with a rim that goes inward to the inside of the bowl.

Designed to avoid spillage but they tend to trap food where your dog will find it hard to get at just under the rim. Even supermarkets and general hardware stores could have a supply of ceramic dog bowls. Not the hardest item to find and best bought over the counter.

Dog Exercise Pen – Best Brands

A dog exercise pen is somewhere between a dog crate and a dog kennel. Not as large as most kennels but larger than a crate. Where crates are great to toilet train and confine your dog for short periods a dog pen is more suited to longer periods of confinement.

A crate is too restricting for longer confinement periods and besides, over confining a dog in a dog crate can defeat the purpose of what crate training is. if you confine a dog too long in a crate you will lose him having the willingness to use it as he will fear you’re going to lock him in for too long and turn him against his crate. A pen gives him that little more movement and freedom and much more suited for containment for longer periods.

They are mostly made from metal and are heavy enough to not be pushed. They are not suited to the larger dog as the additional strength of a large dog and his jumping ability may mean easy escape, hence they are usually made for smaller dogs. They can be made from chain link fence components for good weather proofing or some other metal mesh material.
Dog Exercise Pen
Some have roofs and you can be size variable. They can be used outdoors or indoors. Although your dog is a part of the family, there are still times when you need to confine him for some purposes. When visitors call, or when his left unattended for a longer period of time, it stops him running amok around the house and chewing the furniture. Always leave him a dog toy as he is bound to be a little bored and ensure he has plenty of water. Keep him out of the sun and he will learn to content himself.

Best Quality Brands

Dog Exercise Pen
Mid West Pet Products are a leading supplier of dog crates and dog pens. They have a quality range and mid west dog pens can accommodate a dog as large as 110lbs. they a range in zinc, gold or black colors. They are a leader in their field always good quality from this company. Shipping is free with orders above $50. Do not be confused with the similarly named mid west homes for pets that sell a similar product line.

In fact the name Mid West seemed to be coddled by many companies selling the same type of product. There is also Mid West Metals so be careful when you follow links that just say Mid West as it is more often than not the product made by Mid West Pet Products. If you want their product buy direct from them and don’t be fooled into any of the other similar names on the market.

If plastic seems a better option then look no further than Iris where they have a range of 4 paneled 6 and 8 paneled selections of dog exercise pens. Iris is a brand you will stumble on in your searches and fairly widely available. They are widely available through these stores.


Dog Exercise Pen
Shopping around there are plenty of options. Walmart have a range of both Iris and Mid West Homes for Pets dog exercise pens. Again note these are not the same as Mid West Pet Products who sell their product direct online.
For indoor range see

Tough Dog Toys – Best Durable Choices

Dogs don’t play sweetly. They chew the hell out of things for fun. They toss things around and chase and pull and then finish off again with another chew. Ever given a dog a tennis ball, they don’t last long do they. So ideally you want some toys that can stand up to the rigors of rough dog play.

Playing is essential for a dog and dog toys prevent boredom, especially when he has to be left alone for a period of time. Without toys, in bored moments he may turn his attention on to something else and that something may be chewing something precious to you. So what you’re looking for is tough long lasting dog toys to keep him stimulated and occupied.

Dog Play

Tough Dog ToysIt’s also a great exercise for him when he’s tugging and chasing and some toys are designed to help with his dental care also. Kong Dog Toys is a very well known dog toy brand that specialize in tough toys as well as thinking and challenging toys. Their rubber toys are known to resist a shredding from those canine shredders.

There are rubber toys you fill with treats theirs the Kong Classic and for those powerful jawed dogs there is the Kong Extreme which are being used in law enforcement training with sniffer dogs and Military K 9 teams. They also have a Puppy Kong and a Senior Kong which are a little softer.

For retrieving fun then the Kong Flyer is like a tough Frisbee. There are dental chews to improve his teeth and a variety of tug toys and treat toys and retriever toys. Also take a look at their new products.

Other choices

Tough Dog ToysThere are other ranges of tough dog toys for the tough hard playing dogs. At Muttropolis, they have a section for Tough Dog Toys as well as rubber toys among the selections. They have Rubber Toys . There are other selections of toys there also. Shipping rates are set out here.

At Alpha Dog Toys, again a wide range of dog toys and a section for tough dog toys. They are mostly simple toys at very inexpensive prices.

They have dental chews so he can pass his time doing his favorite thing, chewing, and it actually benefits his teeth. They have lots of squeak toys that dogs love and other than the tough dog toy section they have plenty of other dog toys also.

Some companies only sell dog toys that are deemed tough and K9 Tuff only has tough toys. They have a great fun range of strong and durable safe dog toys.

Ball launchers are great fun giving your dog the extra meters to fun to retrieve the ball which can only help his fitness and stamina and take him home a well exercised and quiet sleepy dog after.
Tough Dog Toys
Likewise flying Frisbee style toys and rope and tug toys. You can exercise your dog by simply sitting there and having him chase a safe laser beam all of which wears him out and prevents an over excitable pet as a tired well exercised dog is a happy dog.

They have dog toys for seniors cause with dogs even oldies love to play and designed to be easier on his teeth.

Another store claiming to have the toughest of toys is Tuffie Toys . Check them out to see if they live up to the name.

Cheap Bird Cages – Choosing From a Wide Range

Well it’s a well worn joke about bird’s going cheap, but in the case of bird cages there are so many outlets that finding cheap bird cages should not be too difficult.

Many people keep birds most commonly budgerigars, canaries and finches; all small birds whilst some have larger birds like parrots and minor birds. As a captive bird spends most of its life in a cage then it is important to ensure it is the right size and has distractions and toys to prevent excessive boredom.

Another option to find a cheap bird cage is looking for a second hand cage of which there are many. Most breeds of birds don’t live that long and often the owner does not have any wish to replace his departed bird so second hand cages tend to be abundant. A good place to look is in bargain ad publications.

Cheap Bird CagesThey come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel; powder coated wrought iron, wood and plastic. Birds are meant to be free and many object to the keeping of birds on ethical grounds saying that a creature meant to be as free as a bird should never be caged.

So if you do keep a bird then in all cases the bigger the better as they need to spread their wings even if they can’t fly away. Bar spacing is important as a bird may harm himself if the bars are too big and may even become lodged. could be a useful read for the perspective bird owner. Well informed advice about cage safety and care of your bird cage can be found there.


Finding a bargain online is achieved by endless searching and with so many bird cages on the market then it can be a fairly competitive market.

If you are inexperienced as a bird keeper then it may be best to find out the housing requirements of whatever particular type of bird you have chosen to keep before you buy and never have a cage that is too small.

At there are plenty of selections from a very large range. The name of the site is a little misleading as the bird cages are from less than $100 but they have many a cage in the thousands of dollars for the serious bird keeper.

All their cages are non toxic and made from powder coated wrought iron or high quality stainless steel. Some are made with an anodized aluminum frame.

They all have vertical and horizontal bars for the bird to climb. There is also a very useful article on the site that may be helpful in making your selection as well as helping you gain knowledge.

Select the Right Cage

Cheap Bird CagesIt’s particularly helpful to be able to click on the kind of bird you are looking to house and the website finds the right cage for you. At The Cage Warehouse you can do exactly that.

At, they don’t only have a great range they also have a mine of information on tropical birds species by species.

Some bird cages can be decorative and elegant and you can find some great information which again should be helpful with your education before you buy. They even have a section on cheap bird cages.

Also check out sites such as Amazon to find bargains.

Dog Cages for Sale – Kennels for Quality Cages

In principle a dog crate and a dog cage are essentially the same. The real difference is being mainly that a dog crate has a specific function as regards training. The size has to be just right as crate training is all about encouraging the dog to not foul his living quarters and toilet train him.

So without deviating about crate training let’s just say that a cage does not have a function of training. It’s simply housing for the dog, so you can set the criteria and consequently you’re freed from worrying about correct dimensions for with crate training. Your cage can be as big as you like.

Phasing Out

Dog Cages for Sale
AKC Probreeder Kennel - 8'L x 4'W x6'H
So if you have no need for crate training, and you’re looking for something to maybe house the dog in outdoors, at times that it is appropriate. Then it’s best to specifically search for a cage.

You will find greater choices of size and can be on legs as opposed to being on the ground. You have greater freedom. That is of course if you can find great choices.

Maybe the word cage has become unpopular but surprisingly the selections are not there with simple browsing of dog cages. You may need to open out your search to dog enclosures and pick through what comes up among the monkey cages and other housings.

Best Finds

At Animal Enclosures and Pet Cages, you can find a range of floorless cages going up in size. Suppliers to veterinarians they specialize in enclosures and housing of animals and they have a good quality series worth looking at.

They have a range of 4 cages and a puppy cage also. You have the option of galvanized steel or for $50 or $60 extra you can have Black or White powder coating. Some of the smaller ones are being suitable to go in the back of a pick up or SUV. Shipping can take a week. Prices range from $169.95 for the smallest size to $259.95 for the largest with the puppy cage priced at @289.95. The Black or white powder coating is extra.

Top Manufacturer

Dog Cages for Sale
Lucky dog uptown boxed kennel
This time following the thread of searching kennels brought up Jewett and Cameron Companies which has a range of what they call kennels. Seems nobody much wants to use the C word but these kennels are a cage so good find.

They have ranges by Lucky Dog, ASPCA Kennels and AKC Kennels.

The selections come into categories of Boxed, High Rise, Modular and Welded Wire. You have a great selection to look through here.

Problem is you cannot buy from this site as Jewett and Cameron are the manufacturers for the the brands of Lucky Dog, AKC, and ASPCA so you will need to search around for ranges of their product.

How to Find

Seeing the full range of products they make is useful so all you need to do having found a cage or kennel you like is to search for it. The Jewett and Cameron site does not offer information about where to purchase. Whether it’s possible to buy direct remains to be seen but you could enquire through the contact tab on the website. They can at least be able to advice you on where to buy a specific cage that has caught your eye.

I found various selections of these brands at Walmart and Builder Depot. Simply enter the brand and model of the kennel you are interested in and you will find suppliers.

Soft Dog Crates – Quality to Last the Years

For the home many have the standard wire dog crate which is great and ideal for the purpose they were made. A soft dog crate for a small and sometimes medium sized dog has extra versatility. Most likely it will be used only when taking your dog somewhere like the vet or maybe visit friends and they are easy to carry and put in the car, lightweight and washable.

Who Needs One

It’s a more functional item than a static wire dog crate or even plastic and fiber glass. They are made for carrying so the ideal candidate could well be a show dog that spends many hours on the road being transported from show to show.

Soft Dog CratesAlso if within the regulations of the particular airline company then soft dog crates are ideal for dogs that fly. These days many airlines allow you to take your dog in the cabin with you. As long as your soft dog crate meets the criteria of the airline they are a great way to do this.

Many will not use it as the main crate for their dog when at home but in fact there is no reason not to. They are durable and easy to keep clean and the good ones are well ventilated. There are limits as regards size but there is a soft dog crate for many dogs available.

Quality Choice

The expression you get what you pay for applies to many things and it applies equally with a soft dog crate. You will probably be using it throughout the whole lifetime of a dog dependant on regularity of use. But unless your dog is a crazed chew monster then your crate should survive many years at the very least. The better quality you buy the longer it lasts.

A soft dog crate that is of the finest quality is the Canine Camper Two Door Portable Tent Crate from Mid West Pet Products is an ideal choice. Made from denier polyester and Pvc backing mesh windows. Has privacy flaps useful on occasion to inhibit his view.

Another useful feature is that it was designed to go camping so it’s really durable. You can take it to the ground when outdoors. Has bucket loops to secure water bucket and a synthetic sheepskin cover that is fully washable. You can purchase a Bed that fits perfectly made of synthetic sheepskin again fully washable.

The canine camper two door portable tent crates are available at between $59.99 to $175.99, dependent on size. The size range is larger than what is commonly available starting at a size for a 2 to 10 lb small dog right up to a larger dog of 110 lbs. The beds to accommodate the crate are priced at between $12.99 to $51.99, again depending on size. Plastic pans are available also.
Soft Dog Crates
Shipping is free on orders of $50 and over. They are a good choice with a greater size range than most and extremely durable. There are many soft dog crates on the market. Other options include the Deluxe Vista View Soft Sided Dog Crate available from XS to XXL. Or there is the Pet Gear PG5542MG Deluxe Soft Crate Generation II available here at PetCo. Take a look Online Pet Store By Conny.

This is just a pointer in the direction of starting a search for a quality soft sided dog crate. The choices are plentiful online so don’t just take my word for it; look around as there are plenty to choose from.