Best Dog Food Brands – Best Contents

Who is to say which dog food is the best? Naturally I have no idea but picking out some of the better ones is an easier task. So which are the better ones?

Well the ones that are not the best we mostly already know and that’s the cheaper products that bring the price down by using fillers like corn and more meat by products than actual meat. It would suggest in theory that the good ones are the expensive ones, and although much of that holds true, it’s more important to go by what is written on the packet or tin. The ingredients tell all.

Read the Label

Best Dog Food BrandsWhen considering the quality of the ingredients, it’s important to know that the ingredients that there is most of is what is listed first. So if it says chicken as a first ingredient, you’re on to a good start. If it says chicken meal it’s not such a bad start either. Lamb is a great first choice also as it’s believed these are the best meats for a dog’s digestive system.

If we are going to judge it in human terms we would say chicken is best as opposed to chicken meal. Chicken meal is most of the carcass rendered. Chicken, if it says chicken it would be nearer to the standard we eat. That’s because we don’t eat guts.

But guts are good for dogs and it’s the main course to any dog in the wild that makes a kill. Therefore chicken meal is a great first choice for a dog on the ingredients list. They thrive on guts. Chicken meal is also meat

Ingredients to Avoid

Best Dog Food BrandsAnimal by-products and meat meal is not of the same caliber as chicken meal. That can be many other sources of meat, even rendered euthanized pets. Poultry meal, again best avoided as it’s a wide definition so look for chicken and turkey as opposed to poultry.

Animal fats are often added by the lesser quality dog foods and used as a way to flavor dog food and make it tastier for dogs. That does not make it good, if It does not say animal fats on the label, that’s good.

Fillers are added to make a dog feel full but have little nutritional benefit to a dog and not easily digestible. A small amount is ok but if it’s high up the list, it could suggest the food is rather filled out by these products and compromise nutritional quality.

So look for corn and wheat and rice in high quantity and try and avoid. A little brown rice is fine and some add vegetables and even fruits. This is fine as long as the main ingredient is quality meat like lamb or chicken. Some brands even promote the virtue of fruit and vegetables in dog food. As long as they are not using it too much to bulk up the product.

Here is a more comprehensive guide of things to avoid in dog foods from the Dog Food Project and advice on the additives to look for that you don’t want to see in a good dog food brand.


Best Dog Food BrandsThe opinions of others can be relevant but consistency in praise is what you are looking for. Try to find reviews that list the ingredients of the brands they are reviewing, as so much information is in these lists of ingredients.

A good review that not only lists ingredients, but has a review for many brands is Dog Food Advisor. They have an A to Z guide of all the brands as well as wet, dry and raw dog food reviews. This is a useful pointer towards selecting the best dog food brands.

The best dog food for you is one that agrees with your dog’s system, has him passing regular healthy stools and his general coat condition and the gleam in his eye should tell you if it agrees with him or not.

Here at Natural News, they give an account of the dog food industry and inform you of things you never knew about dog food. They have information about chemicals and other additives in dog food to look out for and avoid. More concise information on dog food and its contents can be found on Pet Advisor.

Some reviews and experts can seem a little alarmist and much is made of subjects such as human grade meat when in fact a dog would probably prefer the innards rather than best breast of chicken so don’t be led too much by reviewers that rate dog food as if it was for humans. (That actually reminds me of a review I read about the Dogtra e-collars where a reviewer was really subjective and had not really checked forums etc. but that is another story).

Remember dogs are not humans and dog food is not something to compare with our own best cuts of meat. also just because a brand is veterinarian approved does not mean it’s a great brand. Try and keep it simple when judging dog food brands and always be guided by ingredients.

My Dog Ate Chocolate – Not a Good Treat

It is never advisable to give your dog chocolate. You hear stories about dogs eating chocolate and dying, and in principle it can happen but frankly it’s not as serious a concern as some panic mongers would have you think.

It takes a hell of a lot of milk chocolate to harm a dog, dark chocolate is somewhat more dangerous and baking/cooking chocolate the highest risk, but first let’s get the dangers of dogs eating chocolate rationalized.

Level of Danger

My Dog Ate chocolate
If you come downstairs to find that he has found your chocolate stash and gobbled it up, then chances are that it is nothing to panic over. It is most likely milk chocolate as that’s what is the most common chocolate around, and the amount he would need to eat to be in any danger is probably more than you could eat yourself if he’s on the larger side.

What’s most relevant is the size of the dog. The type of chocolate is another major factor. Some chocolate has higher concentrations of cocoa and when you get up to baking chocolate then the dangers are more concerning.

Chocolate contains Theobromine which in large quantities is toxic to a dog. It comes from the same family of caffeine. But take note that although it takes a hell of a lot of milk chocolate to harm a dog, when we talk about semisweet or even more so bakers chocolate the ratio of Theobromine is greatly increased.

In rough terms, it means that with milk chocolate the danger limit is 1 ounce for every lb your dog weighs. With semisweet chocolate, less chocolate is more dangerous with 1 ounce to every 3 lbs your dog weighs. With bakers chocolate it’s far more of a danger with 1 ounce being able to harm a 9lb dog.

Other factors have to be taken into consideration such as the sensitivity of the dog and strength of the chocolate.

Little Dogs Most At Peril

So it seems size matters as it’s far easier for a small dog to find a quantity of chocolate that could be enough to harm him. The larger the dog, it is less likely that he would find enough chocolate. Yet a smaller amount which could be just the amount you leave lying around may harm a small dog

Don’t Give Them the Taste

My Dog Ate chocolate
So as established, small amounts of chocolate won’t hurt a dog but its best to never give them anyway as this gives them a taste for it putting them in more danger. If it was to ever come to pass that your dog had an absolute chocolate fest on your cooking chocolate and really did exceed these limits then he is likely to experience increase of the heart rate, diarrhea and vomiting, muscle tremors, over excited and hyper irritable, restless as well as increased urination. In those extremely rare cases then he could go into coma or even die but it’s unlikely.


There is no antidote to Theobromine toxicity and generally it will run its course over 12 to 36 hours dependent on the amount he has ingested. If you suspect he has eaten chocolate in any quantity observe him and if you feel he has really had an excess amount then take him to the vet to be safe.

Treatment is only to keep him stable and the diarrhea and vomiting is treated with IV fluids. In some cases they may induce vomiting and in more serious cases anti seizure and heart medications. But chances are it will not be that serious unless he really has had a lot. For safety’s sake keep chocolate locked away to prevent a problem.

For more details, click this link.

Petsmart Grooming Coupons Printable – Consumer Advantage

Coupons have been in widespread use in the United States since 1909. They was first introduced by Coca Cola way back in since the 1890s. They have helped many a product launch itself over the years and simply offer discounts to those that have them.

Only a certain kind of consumer generally uses them, and today there is a newer way using the internet to distribute discounts via online printable coupons. So for the consumer that loves a bargain there are ways to find reductions on a whole range of products by simply searching the internet and printing off the offers. Petsmart grooming printable coupons are simply that, a marketing coupon available online.


Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableThe theory has always been that only those who are more price sensitive collect coupons and for those who are not then the retail value is slightly increased and they get the money back that way. They may seem like a giveaway but there is always that kick in the tail for the non coupon user. It also entices customers to buy a product or in this case to use the Petsmart grooming coupon and try a service they have not previously tried and therefore the possibility of a regular client thereafter. So that’s the principle from the stores point of view so as a consumer it’s up to you to take full advantage.

Take Advantage

Now in the internet age they are targeting a whole new kind of consumer and obtaining these discounts is easy. To find Petsmart grooming printable coupons it’s as easy as searching the product line you seek, in this case Petsmart grooming printable coupons.

When found you simply print it off and then you take your printed coupon to the store to avail of your discount. Always read any terms and conditions. You can often subscribe to be updated via e mail of any future discounts available. Sometimes clicking simply takes you to a page on the website alerting you to other discounts so a little patience is required. Also there are complaints from some claiming that they cannot obtain the coupon but around 70% succeed.

Coupon Hunting

Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableA search could lead you to a site such as Retail Me Not. As you searched Petsmart grooming coupons then often it will come out top of the list saving you having to search the list.

There is an option to click on print coupon and easy as that you get it, and in this case you get $10 discount off a full service groom or bath, brush or more.

It can sometimes be a little frustrating as some of the sites take you nowhere near a Petsmart grooming coupon despite the claim in the link but the more reliable ones will take you to such 8 Coupons and if you follow the list down you will come across a Petsmart printable grooming coupon where you simply click printable coupon you arrive and from there you can click for your coupon and hey presto your coupon.

All the other sites work on the same principle so go find one and give your dog a full groom and save yourself $10. Great for the price conscious consumer, don’t miss out.

It’s that simple and of course you can use them as often as you like as only one coupon at a time will be accepted. They are there to be taken advantage of so use them. The slight unreliability with some sites is a small price to pay to avail of eventually finding a bargain.

This is just a couple of sites to find Petsmart printable coupons and was found to be reliable. There are several online so a little patience and you can find many bargains including discounts at pet smart stores and discounts on grooming.

Vegetarian Dog Food – Ethical Diets Debates

Now this really is a difficult topic. Dog food is always contentious, but rarely is it more contentious than when it comes to the issue of vegetarian food for dogs. With some arguing its benefits and even claim that it has health advantages, and many that argue that it’s totally unsuitable for a dog.

The more you trowel over these issues the more complicated it becomes. It’s even more confusing when you see many brands selling vegetarian dog food which has some thinking that because of its availability, that its tried and tested and not a source of debate, as why would so many be selling potentially harmful food, so it must be good.

Diet for a Cause

Vegetarian Dog FoodWell commercialism is not the divine right of the meat based dog foods. Naturally if you are selling a product you are going to sing its praises and vegetarian dog food manufacturers are going to use ploys as much as anyone else to sell their product.

Usually, the reason a dog is switched to a vegetarian diet is because of the owners’ views on factory farming methods. It may be a valid view to the owner but is it right to inflict something on your dog who frankly has no views on such issues himself other than he likes meat. There is a reason he likes meat and that’s because he is a carnivore. Or is he?

Learn before Switching

As your dog’s health is the issue here, it really should be a well researched decision before you switch as there are many opponents stating it has serious nutritional deficiencies. It would pay to take on board some of the points and to question if it’s for his benefit or to inflict your cause upon your dog. Special consideration should be taken when it comes to vegan diets for dogs as this is even more of a source of controversy.

The Humane Society of the United States strongly approve vegetarian diet for dogs, so much so they entered the vegetarian dog food business selling an organic dog food named, Humane Choice. However, it must also be remembered that ethical issues are not everything and there is another side to the debate as the Whole Dog Journal points out. There are serious differences in thinking, which does not make it any easier for you in deciding whether or not to switch.

The Brands

Vegetarian Dog FoodThere are choices between vegan dog food brands and vegetarian dog foods. Here are a few of those on the market; The Vegetarian Dog Food Company and V-Dog.

Other brands include those as sold by West Coast Pet Supply.

Remember any literature you read is coming from people that are actively selling vegetarian dog foods so consider that when you are reading.

Also read this to add a little balance into your decision making.

Combo Consideration

Nothing is easy when making important decisions regarding your dog’s diet and it would appear that because it’s often an ethical decision that was made by the owner then combining meat and vegetarian dog foods are rarely discussed.

Sometimes the decision is made on ethics alone and because of the owners’ opposition compromise is never sought. It may be worth consideration giving your dog the best of both schools of thought. Your vet will be trained in matters of dog nutrition and it could be wise to consider his view before you decide which way to go in the future.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Buy Dog Food – Freshness First

Buying dog food is hardly the hardest logistical task on your weekly list. It is widely available from supermarkets to the corner store. As you get more specialized in need or taste, or should I say your dog’s taste, then it can be a little more troublesome but not so much these days. Even if you prefer a raw food supplier then you may have to do a little searching but you will almost certainly find a supplier of whatever your need. As a dog loving nation, dog food is not going to be in short supply.

Best Deals

Well the best deals are usually obtained through buying in bulk but that in itself can be a problem. If you have a whole pack of dogs this would be by far the best way for economy but if you just have 1 or 2 average size dogs then it is not as feasible. You have issues with freshness and storage. Best before dates on tinned meat and kibble is long if unopened. So the trick is to buy the right amount to remain fresh against the saving you make.
Buy Dog Food
Opened kibble is only good for 6 weeks. Fine while it’s in the bag unopened but once its opened then it has a life of 6 weeks only even when stored in airtight container. Beyond 6 weeks the nutritional content drops significantly and it’s simply not as good after that.

The recommendation is to throw out any kibble 6 weeks after opening. Therefore if you buy a huge sack then you have to ask yourself will it be used in 6 weeks. It could possibly be better to buy several smaller sized bags to get the freshness and value.

Buying 50 lb bags is fine if you own a kennel or have a few dogs the size of small ponies, but generally ask yourself is it worth the risk and trouble for 1 or 2 medium sized dogs. I remember my dad used to drive 15 or 20 miles to get petrol at a few pence less. But surely the saving was lost in the 30 mile round trip. I suspect that this is a similar syndrome.


Buy Dog FoodAs previously stated dog food is everywhere. Supermarkets carry most of the major brands at reasonable prices more often than not and in convenient sizes.

Pet stores such as PetCo, Petsmart, Pet Supplies Plus and all other leading pet stores have huge choices and are a little more specialized than the average supermarket. Most of the leading brands are available and reasonably priced through these outlets. At pet stores, you are more likely to get a greater variety.

Specialty Food

If you’re dog has special needs due to your dog’s allergy or kidney problem then you may need condition specific dog food. Many brands sell condition specific dog food but some can only be purchased through a vet. This can be extremely expensive.

If your dog is diagnosed with a specific condition don’t just accept that you are going to have to buy from your vet at higher prices. Talk to your vet and be frank and explain that the expense is too high and seek recommendations of other ways to feed him even homemade.
Buy Dog Food

Raw Food

Raw food suppliers of dog food are not numerous but there are sources. A leading raw food producer is Barf. Some argue that a raw food diet is healthier and more natural to a dog and that commercial products degrade the food with cooking and enhancing their palatability. You can find a distributor using this link.

Cat Food Recipes – Make Your Own

The constant talk about cat food quality is getting a little boring sometimes and theorists and contradictions and sometimes uninformed information peddled around online can mislead many of us. We all know by now that many commercial brands do not exactly prepare gourmet dinners for our cat and we know that there is too much corn in some and less in others.

We know about meat by products and additives and sometimes it’s easier to just ignore it all and make our own. There problem solved. You no longer need to study and concern yourself about what is in a can of cat meat.

From now on you put together the ingredients and simply stop worrying your head about the right and wrongs of cat food ingredients in a can you buy at the store.

Ok so now you have made that decision and oh no here we go again. Some say bones are good some say not and some say raw some say not. Does the confusion ever go away? Seems not and all the information out their again is confusing and which way to go is a hard decision. Trying to learn you end up more confused.

So for safety’s sake I will try not to guide you into too many areas of debate and give information that is generally true and safe.

What Cats Shouldn’t Eat

Cat Food RecipesWell white rice is a no no for cats, brown rice is fine. Feeding a cat table scraps is not advised as some of the food we eat is not best suited to a cat. Onions are commonly in our food but are not good for cats. Canned tuna is definitely not good for a cat as the kind we eat has too much mercury.

Raw eggs are not advised neither is chocolate nor dog food. It is a complete myth as regards cats and milk. Milk is not good for a cat despite what we have been led to believe. Cats have lactose intolerance but you can buy lactose free milk. That’s fine to give them.

Chances are a cat will shy away from something not to good for her but not always and the problem is if they are mixed into the recipe then she will not be able to avoid it. Don’t include anything citrus into the diet.

Tomatoes and potatoes are not good for them as well as meat fat scraps, liver, mushrooms and garlic may be good for our immunity but not good for a cat. Some will say no bones at all whereas others will say they are fine as long as they are not cooked.

Cooked chicken bones splinter more easily and can harm her. As regards feeding a cat bones being good or bad is one of those areas of debate so I will just say that and leave the future research and decision up to you.

Again going back to the confusions I note here amongst the recipes that liver is sometimes a part of the meal. Elsewhere liver is not advised. Sometimes the more you try to know the less you know what’s right. I would take liver to be not advisable but small amounts certainly won’t kill her. Bit like a burger for us I suppose.


Cat Food RecipesThere are so many home made recipes online for cats. Of course the internet is a tool for the informed to give information and also all too easily a tool for misinformation also.

So any recipes you find then maybe check the ingredients against the bad list. Recipes are plentiful online like from this Blog that invites you to sample varieties of homemade cat recipes. It’s a good read and includes input from readers. Another good selection of recipes to try on your cat can be found here at They also have good advice about diet for you to consider.

There are plenty more so try not to get too caught up in the debate and do some basic research yourself if you are considering making your own cat food, but generally most tinned and kibble cat foods are perfectly safe but you may wish to give your own recipes a try.

Besides you may be a little disappointed by your cat’s reaction to a new food. Your feelings may be hurt because they turn up their nose at what you have spent an age preparing. Don’t take it personally as cats do tend to adapt slowly to new things and it probably is not because you are a lousy cat food chef. Introduce the new food slowly and you will probably have to mix it in with the food they are used too till they slowly adapt.

Good luck you’re on the road to being a cat chef. Careful choices and good balance will no doubt improve the health of your cat no end.

Dog Food Protein – Balanced Nutrition

Protein is a vital part of a dog’s diet. There is so much information flying around regarding dog’s diet that it usually serves to confuse as much as it informs. A puppy as it is growing, needs more protein than an adult dog. Then dependent upon the activity level of the dog the more need for protein.

Your average dog needing around 18% a puppy about 28% which is the same amount as what a lactating dog needs. Moving up to your more energized breeds require around 25% and a sports dog like a sled dog requiring as much as 35%. But don’t let these figures be totally your guide.

It’s down to the quality of the proteins that count and a more reliable method to check protein quality is to look for the right sources being at the top of the list of ingredients. Whatever there is most of in the ingredients is what is listed first.

So if you see chicken or lamb as the first 2 ingredients you’re getting a good protein meal for your dog.

Avoid the Confusion

Dog Food ProteinI can present you with information about dogs needing 22 amino acids and how many grams of protein a dog needs against his body weight but frankly are any of us really going to understand it. What it does pay to know is that protein comes in many forms even corn.

It’s about how usable that particular protein is to your dog and its digestibility. Chicken and lamb are excellent forms of protein that the dog’s body can handle well and thrive on and eat less of to maintain his level of required protein.

Don’t be totally guided by protein but do regard it as an important part of his diet. A dog also needs carbohydrates, fats and calories as well as vitamins and minerals.

At the cheapest end of the scale the correct balance may not be there but if you stick with a premium brand that lists real meat at the beginning of the ingredients list, then you’re probably feeding him good enough food with a good balance of protein.

Trying to take on board all the information can not only confuse you but even misinform you. If he does not thrive on that diet there is a possibility he may be having a kidney problem in which case your vet will prescribe a low protein diet.

In all a good premium brand should meet his needs and if his extra active then there are good protein sources that are quality proteins that you can supplement him with.

Protein Extras

Dog Food ProteinGood sources of protein and good quality protein which is easily digested can come in the form of fish, cheese, milk and eggs. All of which being excellent sources of protein for a dog. Cottage cheese has a very high protein level also. The fish must be cooked.

Diet is not everything in the well being of a dog and the right amount of exercise is required to go with his high protein. He doesn’t really want more than 25% if his moderately active dog but too much is not likely to hurt him unless he has a kidney problem.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the science as no premium brand dog food company is plotting to harm your dog. The cheaper ones maybe putting profit a little more in front of quality but if you stick to this simple guide then he will be fine. For more advice on protein and your dogs diet click this link.

Dog Illness – Knowing the Signs

We are dog owners and not vets. A vet’s job is to diagnose problems with your dog’s condition and our job is to notice something is not right. As we interact with them daily, there is none better qualified to observe changes in your dog’s behavior and the general well being of your dog. If we can’t notice, who the hell can?

But as a good dog owner, it is only right that we go to trouble to check on things when he is not quite himself. A healthy dog does the same things everyday like get excited at meal times and walk time. They enthuse when certain people call on your household and you always notice when your dog is healthy. Simple observation should be easy to detect when things are not so well.


Dog IllnessDogs are tuff nuts and don’t readily display signs of weakness. This is all the more reason why a watchful eye is necessary. He will try to continue on in the same way as that’s an instinct.

Dogs hide weakness because in their wild ways of old, a weakness was not good with a pack animal. Fearing being left behind by the pack or challenged they tend to soldier on and conceal it. They have learnt better since out of the wild but that instinct is still passed down.

You may notice a once lively dog becoming more lethargic. Just like with us that’s often the first sign. Monitor his general coat condition and a soft shiny coat is always a good sign. Suggests he’s getting the nutriments he needs and you’re doing well there as a dog owner. If his coat becomes rough and loses some of that gloss, then maybe re-examine his diet. Here is some advice on diet from

Observe his stools as it’s most likely you cleaning up the yard then observe to see if there is blood or signs of worms. Just break the odd one open with a stick and you may see signs of worms.

Dog IllnessMany a tale is told in the stools of your dog. A good healthy stool should be firm, moist and fairly small depending on dog size of course. Diarrhea if it does not pass quickly should be observed and if prolonged then definitely a visit to the vet is in order.

The color should be brown and yellow could be a sign of Giardia, a parasitic intestine invader. It can also result in yellow diarrhea. Again a trip to the vet is called for.

Smelly poops can happen for harmless reasons as they eat many things they find that they shouldn’t or it could be even his system reacting to a change of diet, but it can also be more serious. If change of diet is not the cause and it recurs longer than it should given that he may have eaten something bad somewhere then again off to the vet with you.

A little blood or mucus from time to time may not be to worrying but if it goes on for a couple of days, then vet time. Excessive blood in the stools makes it black and tarry and even red. This can be signs of having eaten something sharp he cannot digest or parasites.

Black tarry stools tell the vet the bleeding is from the upper intestine whereas red is coming from the lower intestine or rectum. We can go further and give you the correct temperature but I’m sure you don’t want to take the temperature of a dog stool.

We have just tickled on the subject observing your dog for illness and stool checker tells you a lot. By knowing your dog you often pick up on those subtle changes that suggest he is not himself. Remember early diagnosis can give him better recovery likelihood.

Dog IllnessAlso ensure he is fully vaccinated starting at a few weeks old and ensure he receives at least his core vaccinations.

The subjects of fleas and skin conditions is another piece again but any excessive scratching should be taken seriously and make sure he has a flea treatment regular from your vet. Yearly examinations do not only safeguard your dog but in the long run save you money.

Healthy Dog Treats – Rewards Made Healthier

If you see an overweight dog and follow him home and observe the habits of the dog owner then you will probably see fairly quickly what it is that is making him overweight.

The dog often has the owner wrapped around his dewclaw and just a look gets a treat tossed over. Then there are the table scraps which are fine if mixed in with his meal and not given as an extra. It’s that extra that causes all the damage as he gets his meals and he gets a whole lot more.

You sometimes hear them say ‘I don’t feed him too much I don’t know why his so fat’. They seem to bypass the treats when considering how much they are feeding their dog. An obese dog is an unhealthy dog and much more vulnerable to ill health with joint pain, diabetes and far worse.

So as it’s difficult to break a bad habit then perhaps you could consider a healthy way to reward and treat your dog so as to not make him unhealthy. Healthy dog treats should be around 15 to 20% of your dog’s entire diet.

Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Dog TreatsSurprisingly dogs will eat certain vegetables as a treat like a baby carrot or peas. Before domestication in the wild state when they ate a carcass they obtained a lot of valuable nutriment from the stomach content of the prey.

Although carnivores, they still benefited from eating vegetable matter in this way as well as the fruits the prey was digesting. They don’t digest all vegetables that well but a small amount does benefit them. The ingredients of many better quality dog foods often include vegetables.

A healthy egg white could be used as an alternative treat, high in protein with the unhealthy yoke removed. It may be difficult at first with him being used to sweetened and high fat commercial brand treats but given time he will find what he likes and soon adjust to his new treats.

Good to Buy

Healthy Dog TreatsWhen you buy treats for your dog, avoid buying high fat high sugar treats available from some commercial dog food producers and try to find ones designed for the overweight dog of which there are quite a few on the market.

Whilst still on the vegetable theme, you can purchase Pegetables, a healthy vegetable treat made for dogs that are low in fat. They are easily acquired through PetCo, Petsmart and Pet Valu.

There are certain ingredients that are best avoided in dog treats which are Chicken Meal, Meat Meal, Beef and Bone Meal, Artificial Preservatives and Colorings. Also Look Out For Tallow and Animal Digest.

There are healthy treats readily available on the market like Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits. If you have to feed your dogs treats, try and make it ones that are designed to keep a dogs weight down like weight control formula biscuits from I Ams.


Healthy Dog TreatsIf you have the time and the will to make your own healthy dog treats then there are quite a few online. Here are a few suggested treat recipes you may like to make yourself for your dog.

Giving your dog treats is fine if you moderate it and stick to healthy ingredients. Over feeding your dog with unhealthy dog treats may feel like you’re making him happy but you are making a health problem for the future.

Cat Not Eating – Possible Causes

When cats go off their food, it could be for a variety of reasons. The sensitive little darlings that they are can be very easily thrown off their food by events or illness.

Many things can stress out a cat. It is very common for a cat to react to stress by being off her food. Just like us in times of high anxiety and depression, we lose the urge to eat; well, cats are certainly no different.

Monitor events which may have caused her stress. A tom may be having his territory invaded by another tom and this is very often a reason they go off food. Worrying about the next altercation is likely to be playing on his mind and it must be similar to us after being a victim of violence or threat of violence.
Cat Not Eating
If this is the case you have 2 alternatives. Leave him to tough it out and come what may he will get over it. Or keep him indoors. He may lose his ground but could be better than an injured and stressed cat that won’t eat.

Even a change of diet can be a reason as cats are very finicky creatures when it comes to food. If you do change your cat’s diet, then introduce the new food slowly by mixing a little with the old food and steadily increasing the volume of the new food.

Unsettling Environment

Cats really are very temperamental and delicate on occasions and you would be surprised how much a simple change around of the furniture can stress some cats even enough to put them off their food. They like things how they are and moving a favorite spot of the cat to a place she is unhappy can be enough to make them lose their wanting for food.

The bringing a new pet into the home can send them into anxious overdrive. They won’t know what to make of it. Is it a threat? Has my place in the home hierarchy been diminished? There are a million things for a cat to worry about in his stressful little world.

Greener Pastures

The reason could be something even less harmful and your crafty outdoor roving cat has seduced old Mrs. Wildebeest down the road and is getting treated like royalty with best slices of meat and treats and when she comes home she simply is not hungry.

Cats are great manipulators and a few meows in the right direction can pay dividends. It’s even possible he’s turned hunter and found a great location for mice and feasting. Many cats don’t actually eat mice but some do.

Catching a bird is another possibility. Even finding some scrap food that was to her taste can be enough to convince you that she is off her food for other reasons.


Cat Not Eating
The least popular of the reasons could be due to sickness. It is usual as with all creatures that an illness would cause appetite to disappear.

Does she not drink water as is sometimes the case with the onset of an illness? Is she listless and lethargic and hiding herself away in a secluded spot as many cats react that way to illness.

As a general rule, you should observe your cat and if some stress issue is obvious then see how she goes but if you cannot see any obvious stress factor in your cats world and the lack of appetite goes on for over 24 hours then it is important you seek the advice of a vet.

Your cat may have an infection, kidney disease, a problem with her digestion, or even a tumor could be the cause. Something as simple as tooth pain could be causing it and time is of the essence. Don’t delay; have her examined after you first suspect it is something more than a stress issue.

Read here to see 8 possible reasons why your cat may not be eating and the possible illnesses that could be causing this.