Petsmart Pet Hotel – Home from Home

When you want a hotel to stay in overnight or even for a short stay in the day time you would be looking for comfortable room with attentive staff, a nice lobby, room service, in room entertainment and activities in the hotel, a good ventilation system, somewhere to work out, a salon and a comfortable bed.

So if that’s the kind of stay you would be looking for then if I said that’s what is available for your dog or cat then maybe you would be surprised no doubt. At Petsmart Pet Hotels, that’s what they get. The best daycare or overnight stay imaginable for a dog or cat.

Guest Requirements

Petsmart Pet Hotel
It’s quite reassuring to know that Petsmart hotels will only admit guests that are fully up to date with vaccinations. They will not accept home vaccinations and they prefer that they were vaccinated at least 10 days prior to their stay. Also ensure that your pet has no ticks or fleas as they will not be permitted to stay.

For Dogs

Petsmart Pet Hotel
Your dog can have overnight stay or day care. They can also use what they call the Doggie Day Camp. This is an alternative to having a dog sitter and a great way to stimulate your dog in group activities when you’re unable to be with them.

With Overnight Care, they have the choice of standard (atrium) room or you can upgrade to a suite. If he’s not a socialite and does not require the group activity of the doggie day camp, he can simply check in for Day Care where they can stay in a comfortable room and be involved in group play or individual play time with staff (for an extra fee).

For Cats

Petsmart Pet Hotel
As cats are not as sociable a creature as dogs, the services for cats consist of day care and overnight care. They have a separate ventilation system so dog smells won’t stress them. They are kept in kitty cottages and if a cat from same household is with them, they are kept together with connecting doors so they will feel more relaxed with their regular companion.

Additional Services

Petsmart Pet Hotel Doggie day camp is an Additional Service already mentioned above as well as Snack Kong which is simply giving him a treat filled toy. Treat time where they get dog safe ice cream and biscuits. Group play time is a crazy half hour of lively play with other guests.

If you prefer your dog to play alone or he is an intact male, bitches on heat or a powerful breed that has a tendency to fight other dogs then he can have individual play time. They can have their nails clipped and a bath before they go home. They have a range of add on packages involving some of these services mixed together. And also the option of double play time morning and afternoon.
Petsmart Pet Hotel
You can avail of dog training where a qualified dog trainer will teach your dog some tricks maybe. If you’re really missing your dog you can call the lobby and they will fetch your dog to the bone booth as they call it. There is no talk of this for cats as we all know cats can’t talk.

You can also arrange a grooming appointment whilst they are staying the Petsmart hotel. Everything is indoor and fully sanitized. They can arrange special diets; if your pet has allergy or other dietary needs that can be accommodated for.

Siamese Cat Rescue – Best Loved Breed

The best known of all cat breeds the much loved Siamese cat has a rich heritage. Companions of royalty and featured in mystical tales, the Siamese cat is a breed of distinction. They are famous for their unique eyes and aloof yet affectionate nature. They are the kind of cat that tries to communicate with their owner’s with a meow all of their own.

They are extremely sociable and intelligent cats that really do develop a close bond with their chosen one and can pine when left on its own. To know more about Siamese cats read Animal Planet for breed information.

The Best Place

Siamese Cat RescueWith a breed so popular it’s not too surprising to learn that they are well represented with rescue centers dedicated to the breed. From localized to nationwide, they take in abandoned Siamese and then set about re-homing them.

Groups like Siamese Rescue, a group that relies on donations, pulls together other groups and shelters and in a similar way to how Petfinder, the well known national network of pet adoption, creates a nationwide service of teaming cats with potential owners.

They put you in touch with a rescue center that can accommodate you but only after they are convinced you understand the nature of this special cat and are aware of the difficulties associated with this breed. Because of their sensitive nature it is important they are understood.

On a more localized level you have organizations like NYC Siamese Rescue. They operate with a team of volunteers that home foster unwanted Siamese cats and once you have passed and been approved for adoption you can view the cat in the fosterer’s home by appointment.

At the time of writing they had 21 cats available for adoption. They request help from those that cannot adopt by offering themselves in other ways like help with advertizing and cross web postings. Also to assist in the socializing of a cat and naturally enough request donations as again this is a voluntary group.

The Purebred Cat Rescue also links you to several Siamese cat rescue organizations as well as other pure bred cats.

Their Stories

It’s hard to imagine how a popular cat like a Siamese cat becomes unwanted. Well it’s not always for reasons of being unwanted. Sometimes the owner has passed away and there is nobody to look after the cat so adoption is the only answer.

They are widely loved but to some they are annoying as they are extremely vocal and due to their intelligence get bored easily and can be mischief prone. Sometimes people that take on a Siamese are not aware of these characteristics of the breed and then they turn them over to a rescue center.
Siamese Cat Rescue
If you are considering adoption of one of these special cats it would be wise to ensure you fully understand them and be sure you are completely ready to be an owner. There are clubs and groups that by being involved with would give you a better understanding and help you to establish a support network. These are great cats but need extra understanding. Clubs like National Siamese Cat Club could be helpful.

These cats are well represented in rescue centers and it’s worth noting that the usual spay and neuter policy of many rescue centers is not applied. These are popular cats for breeding and remain one of the best loved cat breeds there is.

Pet Friendly Airlines – Options for Flying

It’s more than possible these days to fly with your pet. Not just in a cargo hold but actually in the cabin. No of course they are not allowed to run around and go lifting their leg etc. but you can enjoy a flight with them in the cabin. It is so much easier and less upheaval than cargo and so much better for the pet. Many domestic airlines allow this and although there are regulations to observe, it is simple and now an everyday practice.

Not only can you take your pet in the cabin with you, he can fly alone too so give him a brochure so he can book his own vacation. There is an airline that only flies pets. You can’t go on it, its pets only so even if you can’t be with him in flight, it is still possible to fly your pet without having to put him in a stressful cargo hold. Each airline has its own regulations which differ so you must check with the individual airlines before you make any plans.


Pet Friendly Airline
You will need to ensure your carrier meets the right criteria and need all their health and vaccination documentation and even have him checked before the flight. If they are flying overseas they will need to be micro chipped so as you can see it can be quite an ordeal preparing for a flight with your pet.

That’s without even talking about quarantine regulations in various countries you may be flying to. It is seriously worth considering whether it is a wise decision to fly with your pet. If you have to, then fine but if it cannot be avoided then that’s the only time to consider it. It can be a stressful ordeal for a pet whether in flight or otherwise.

In all don’t leave anything to the last minute as this is something that takes a little organization. For more information about which airlines accept in cabin flights and there conditions read Pet Friendly Travel and there is also some additional information on chartering flights with pets. You can fly to Canada with a pet in cabin but not Hawaii or Alaska.

Also read this information from Delta which you should find to be a useful source of information regarding regulations and conditions.

Chartering a Flight

As stated there is another option and if your dog is larger than a small dog the only option other than in the cargo hold is that of chartering a flight. For groups or families it is not so economically unviable but can be expensive if as an individual with your dog.

For more information about chartering a flight read Stratos Jet Charter Services which you should find useful. There are fewer regulations with charter flights and although more expensive is another option if you don’t want your pet in the cargo hold.

Pet Dedicated Airlines

Pet Friendly Airlines
Companion Air Ad
The other option is to fly your pet alone with an airline dedicated to looking after your pet on your behalf. It is easily the least stressful way for a pet to fly if they really have to fly. There is also a new service that allows you to fly with your pet and is a pet dedicated airline.

The pet’s only service is Pet Airways and the new service where you can board with your pet is Companion Air.

For more information, read about Pet airways and how they do things.

For traveling tips, read more through this link to the Humane Society of the United States.

Cat Toilet Training – Saving Money on Litter

One of the great things about a cat is that they are not difficult to train to use a litter box. A litter box is a natural choice of toilet for a cat and they don’t have too much trouble in getting the message.

As kittens, they tend to not get it at first and sheets of newspaper are all over the house. When they use the wrong place as a kitten you don’t tell them off as that does nothing with a cat only stresses them. You simply pick them up and put them in the litter box. Eventually they get it, there is no great skill required in training your cat to use a litter box.

Kitty in the Bathroom

Cat Toilet TrainingBut how much easier would it be if your cat uses the toilet that we use. No more cleaning out litter boxes. It would be the end of expensive cat litter eating into our budgets. If only it was possible. Well this may come as a shock but it is. It is not easy by any means and no guarantees of success. But with patience and a little trouble it is entirely possible.

There are products you can buy that serve the purpose of helping her graduate towards the bathroom and actually using the toilet. You need to keep up the discipline of always ensuring that the conditions are right for instance making sure the seat is always down and possibly initially encouraging her by creating steps for her to find her way to the toilet. There is a method and there are varying accounts of how to achieve this end of having your cat trained to use the bathroom.

Products for Toilet Training

Cat Toilet TrainingThere is a product that is designed to help you train your cat to use the toilet that is ideal for any shape of toilet bowl and uses flushable litter and the end result being you don’t need any litter and no special devices after training.

It involves using a cover with cat litter in to initially bring him to the bathroom and by using a small hole in the middle she soon becomes comfortable with it. Then gradually the size of the hole is expanded and they soon learn that doing their business directly into the hole keeps the litter clean and cats love a clean litter.

Bit by bit the hole is expanded and eventually no more litter. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Not every cat manages to get it and if so then it’s simply back to the litter box after much effort, but it’s certainly worth trying when you consider the long term costs it will save you. And to eradicate the smells makes it worth the effort alone. The product is called Citi Kitty and full training instructions are provided.

Home Made Version

Cat Toilet TrainingIt is possible to do this yourself without the use of a bought product. It involves making a homemade cardboard litter box and with gradual patient progression he soon gets it. Some people have a problem with reluctance in their cat and this can be due to cleaning products which the cat does not like the smell of.

As we all know cats are fussy and are easily put off things. You have to start by gradually moving the litter box closer and closer each day to the bathroom, and as said previously much patience is required.

Here is an account from Cats Care Guide of one method to slowly encourage your cat to use a toilet. Training them to wash their hands after is another proposition.

Back To Basics

Cat Toilet TrainingIf after all your efforts it turns out to be a failed venture then it’s simply back to the litter box she knows so well. Not the end of the world by any means and certainly worth a try. Of course as we all know it is essential to keep the litter box clean or you may be dealing with another problem of inappropriate cat urination and worse.

But most of us have little problem with litter boxes and going back to the old tried and tested system of litter box use is the end result of a failure with toilet training.

For tips on litter boxes and keeping her using it then read this interesting piece from Animal Planet.

Dog Homes – Re-homing the Lost and Abandoned

Finding homes for dogs is the work of many an organization, from animal shelters to humane societies even pet food brands get behind it and fund some organizations. Largely these are organizations run on donation and fund raising activity. Some are privately funded but what they all have in common is finding dogs homes through adoption.

In addition to shelters and rescue groups you have websites like Petfinder. The ASPCA are involved and even leading pet stores all help in some way or the other in re-homing dogs through adoptions.


Dog Homes
Some are just run within the locality and others use the nationwide network that has built up designed to find adoptive parents to lost mistreated or abandoned dogs. From pure breeds, to little street urchin mongrels. Some are breed specific and if you are seeking to adopt a breed of a particular dog then you can register.

When the dog of the type you desire comes along they contact you. Every angle is covered giving a greater chance of successfully re-homing a dog. When they first come into a shelter they are examined by a vet and very wisely spayed or neutered to ensure they don’t spend the rest of their days adding to the dog overpopulation problem.

They are fully vaccinated, potential owners carefully vetted and all being well a dog finds a new home. Of course the new owner pays the costs of the vaccination and spay or neuter but it is at reduced rates.

Abandonment and Surrender

Dog Homes
Often a dog is simply found on the street and it happens because he gets separated from his owner or sometimes just abandoned deliberately when the owner encounters problems. Sometimes they are voluntarily given up as for various reasons the owner is not able to take care of them anymore.

Sometimes well meaning can get out of hand as in the case of this home in Frederick county.

The Adoption Team

Dog HomesAs mentioned Petfinder is a major player in this network. They serve as a nationwide and as well as Canadian directory to link up owners and pets. They present profiles of dogs that are available for adoption, and perspective buyers can browse and contact the shelter or rescue group to find the dog they want.

You can search out a specific breed or just find a lovable rogue to take home after vetting. You can search by age or state it really could not be easier. After clicking on the dog of your liking you get the opportunity to contact the author of the ad directly.

Other major players are the ASPCA who do an excellent job with their adoption service. They have great profiles describing the personality and other valuable information.

It’s like the best matchmaker service imaginable but for dogs and owners. They make a lot of effort with the profiles and even have videos to help to increase the appeal. No doubt the harder dogs to adopt get a better chance by personalizing them using video.

Many an animal shelter or rescue group offer their own service of pet adoptions directly to those that contact them but still most of them are linked into a wider program to increase the possibility of that dog finding a home. You can access lists of animal shelters and rescue group’s via the websites of Petfinder and the ASPCA who have a directory available on there sites.

Pet Stores and Pet Brands

Dog HomesMajor stores like PetCo and Petsmart have links to adoption schemes for dogs. Various dog food brands also help out like Pedigree. They all make up the team that gives these unfortunate dogs a brighter future.

Dog Urns – Dignified Memorials

For many, the death of their dog is a hugely traumatic experience. Often for possibly 15 years your dog has been a companion and friend and lives on in the memory. Cremation throughout history has not always been accepted and the Catholic Church only permitted it from 1963.

Pragmatism being a large reason for the turn in attitudes as with the population as it is how can we deal with the consecrated ground for millions. So slowly cremation has become a more accepted practice and is extremely common these days with humans.

No different for our pets. And a dog urn serves as a memorial of the dog’s life and many these days wish to keep the ashes of their loved dog.
Dog Urns
Pet cremations have steadily increased over the years, although many still find a corner in the garden or near his favorite spot for burial, but for many cremations is a more pragmatic option. Who knows if we ever plan a move in the future? You cannot take him with you of course. Many have a dog urn to contain their dog’s ashes and to keep them in a spot where they can acknowledge and honor the memory of their lost loved friend in that way.

It’s surprising how many there are on sale when you look online. When the cremation of your dog is over you are handed a simple wooden box with your dogs ashes and naturally for many this is not fitting with the memories and great times they had over the years and it’s a natural way to honor him and have a dog urn. The ranges are simply amazing and you can buy standard or even fine handcrafted and ornate ones on the market.

Handcrafted Custom Made

Dog Urns
As your dog was unique and there was never a dog in this world like your dog, it’s fitting to honor him with a custom made handcrafted dog urn like those produced by Spirit Remains. They have an astonishing range to choose from and you can give it uniqueness by having personal items of your choosing on the urn. You can provide a photograph and they will paint on the urn an image of your dog making it unique to your dog and honoring him in a way more in keeping with your special memories. They can add figurines and make it totally personal. The Selections are vast, a very tasteful memorial for your dog.

Beautiful Selections

Dog Urns
At Memorial Gallery Pets, they have a huge and beautiful selection of dog urns which would look beautiful as a feature on your mantelpiece. They have a range of decorative vase type urns and beautiful wooden boxes all very unique and creative; well worth a look. They have picture boxes, some made of marble. There are figurines, and many different and novel designs as well as the more traditional.

These are just small examples of the huge ranges in dog urns that are available. These are two good sites to give you an idea of what you can expect to find online. They are usually helpful and sensitive and will try and accommodate you with requests if you just talk to them. See the other ranges; there is no shortage of dog urns online.

Petsmart Grooming Coupons Printable – Consumer Advantage

Coupons have been in widespread use in the United States since 1909. They was first introduced by Coca Cola way back in since the 1890s. They have helped many a product launch itself over the years and simply offer discounts to those that have them.

Only a certain kind of consumer generally uses them, and today there is a newer way using the internet to distribute discounts via online printable coupons. So for the consumer that loves a bargain there are ways to find reductions on a whole range of products by simply searching the internet and printing off the offers. Petsmart grooming printable coupons are simply that, a marketing coupon available online.


Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableThe theory has always been that only those who are more price sensitive collect coupons and for those who are not then the retail value is slightly increased and they get the money back that way. They may seem like a giveaway but there is always that kick in the tail for the non coupon user. It also entices customers to buy a product or in this case to use the Petsmart grooming coupon and try a service they have not previously tried and therefore the possibility of a regular client thereafter. So that’s the principle from the stores point of view so as a consumer it’s up to you to take full advantage.

Take Advantage

Now in the internet age they are targeting a whole new kind of consumer and obtaining these discounts is easy. To find Petsmart grooming printable coupons it’s as easy as searching the product line you seek, in this case Petsmart grooming printable coupons.

When found you simply print it off and then you take your printed coupon to the store to avail of your discount. Always read any terms and conditions. You can often subscribe to be updated via e mail of any future discounts available. Sometimes clicking simply takes you to a page on the website alerting you to other discounts so a little patience is required. Also there are complaints from some claiming that they cannot obtain the coupon but around 70% succeed.

Coupon Hunting

Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableA search could lead you to a site such as Retail Me Not. As you searched Petsmart grooming coupons then often it will come out top of the list saving you having to search the list.

There is an option to click on print coupon and easy as that you get it, and in this case you get $10 discount off a full service groom or bath, brush or more.

It can sometimes be a little frustrating as some of the sites take you nowhere near a Petsmart grooming coupon despite the claim in the link but the more reliable ones will take you to such 8 Coupons and if you follow the list down you will come across a Petsmart printable grooming coupon where you simply click printable coupon you arrive and from there you can click for your coupon and hey presto your coupon.

All the other sites work on the same principle so go find one and give your dog a full groom and save yourself $10. Great for the price conscious consumer, don’t miss out.

It’s that simple and of course you can use them as often as you like as only one coupon at a time will be accepted. They are there to be taken advantage of so use them. The slight unreliability with some sites is a small price to pay to avail of eventually finding a bargain.

This is just a couple of sites to find Petsmart printable coupons and was found to be reliable. There are several online so a little patience and you can find many bargains including discounts at pet smart stores and discounts on grooming.

Cat Behavior Problems – The Annoying Ways of Cats

Cats are generally a fairly easy pet to look after. We get to know their ways and that they can become a creature of habit almost. They always look for the easy life although an outdoor cat can easily look after himself but of course it’s so much easier to just go home and get the food. We make them lazy and pamper them but despite all this there is a lot of instinct in them. We feed them so the drive to go hunting is lessened, but the instinct is always there.

So knowing their behavior is one thing but knowing about their behavior when the behavior is negative is another. Even more importantly, what to do to deal with negative behavior in a cat, also to understand the reasons.

Unhelpful behavior

Cat Behavior ProblemsIt’s great to observe our cats and watch these traits in them when they play and reading their minds, or at least trying too is all part of the joy of owning a cat. But when a cat indulges in certain behavior patterns then the whole having an easy pet thing breaks down.

A behavior problem in a cat really means something they do that is troubling to us. We can identify that as spraying, scratching on furniture, aggression, not using the litter box and of course courtship noises. These are the most common factors that drive us crazy as cat owners but all of these behaviors have a reason. By trying to understand the reasons we can try to eliminate or reduce certain problem behavior in our cat.


This can be the most annoying thing of all. A male cat that is not neutered is quite likely to spray and put down his sent to deter other males from invading his territory. Females are not likely to spray but some spayed females do, but not to any degree that it becomes anything like the problem a male can bring. The smell is awful and frankly it’s hard to stop an un-neutered tom doing this. The earlier a tom is neutered then the more likely it is that neutering him will stop the spraying.

Scratching on Furniture

Cat Behavior ProblemsA cat will scratch you can’t train a cat not to scratch. If you want a cat and you have expensive wooden furniture, then you should of thought of that before. But you can reduce such behavior supplying him with things he can scratch to take his attention away from the chair leg. scratching posts are a good way to divert their attention away from the furniture. They scratch partly to keep their nails in order So give them plenty of manicure places and spread scratching posts around the house.


This can be towards ourselves or other cats or both. cats learn to accept petting and a well socialized cat is less likely to show aggression. The earlier a cat is socialized around other humans then the more tolerant and less fearful she will be around people. Much cat aggression is fear based and can be from previous negative experiences with humans in the past and trust is lacking.

Litter Box

cats can be very fussy creatures and they often insist on a clean bathroom. commonly cats will use the toilet in some other spot other than the litter box if the litter box is not cleaned and changed frequently. Stress can also prompt this kind of behavior. Always make sure that her bathroom is clean.

Sounds like Love

Cat Behavior ProblemsThere can be little more annoying from a cat owner’s point of view then when your cat goes into heat. They want to place a huge ad in the mating gazette that they are ready to mate and the sound carries far with an earsplitting howl called caterwauling. This goes on for several days and can keep you and your neighbors up at night. If you have no breeding plans then spaying is a solution that will certainly work.

For more information on cat behavior read this.

Wholesale Pet Products – Good to Talk For Best Deals

If you’re just a simple pet owner then there is little point in going out to hunt down wholesale pet supplies. The quantity you will need to buy to gain a significant reduction is probably not feasible as its one thing having a storeroom full of pet food but freshness is always going to be the issue.

If you’re a store owner then finding wholesale prices is vital to your existence. If you can’t find a price that gives you the possibility of a markup then what’s the point in being in business.

So to get that price you are looking for you are going to need to have to buy a quantity that reduces the cost by at least 20%.

Frankly searching the net for wholesale pet supplies is a big frustration as many links that claim to be wholesale are simply retailers that add wholesale to their name just to bring you to their site.

However there are wholesalers to be found if you know where to look.

The aim here is to identify where the average pet store owner can go to find deals that make it worth him being in business.


Wholesale Pet ProductsSearching online for one central supplier of pet supplies seems to be very difficult. The internet is a frustrating place when it comes to wholesale pet supplies.

It’s not really possible to tell you hand on heart that there are wholesalers out there that are easy to find and can supply you with all your needs in a one stop shop situation. A good idea may be to attend pet trade shows and talk to the various suppliers there.

A site to look at is Royalpetsupplies site. They offer support for small independent pet stores with a wide range of products and brands.

Another useful find is They offer a good drop ship supply to pet stores with easy to deal with customer service. They take you under their wing and offer a wide range of pet product supplies.

Or how about King Wholesale where orders are accepted for as little as $25 but $10 dollars is added to any order less than $100 in what they describe as a processing fee. They have a wide range of brands and products.

Also try that offer small or no minimum order deals. A good website that has well researched the wholesale pet product market and well worth a read is and their insight may well be helpful.

Pet Food

Wholesale Pet ProductsBy searching the various brands of pet food you sometimes come across offers for retailers. The lesser known brands are only too happy to find a new retailer to supply their product and a search of these brands may well be worth the effort.

Talk to their representatives and see what kind of a deal you can make. Even some of the larger brands offer such deals to retailers and its well worth a chat to see if they can accommodate you.

Honestly, researching this topic was frustrating and misleading with many red herrings and blind alleys so patience is required when looking for good wholesalers to supply you. Many want to take you under their wing too much and tie you into deals you may well not want and how flexible these outlets are remains to be seen.

There was not a lot of incentive to be a pet store owner based on internet research but generally it’s down to talking to the individual companies and arranging a mutually beneficial deal that gives you the price for a good mark up without buying huge stocks.

Many of these pet supply wholesalers understand this and it is important to try and build a good relationship with them and see where you go from there.

Also try for more sources and information.

Average Life Span of a Cat – Pampered Cats Live Long

There is a major difference in the life span of a domesticated cat compared to that of a feral wild cat. A feral cat is a cat that has only ever known rough living and is a streetwise survivor compared to a stray cat that is generally a pet that has become misplaced and learning to fend for himself.

It’s harder for a stray to survive than a feral as a feral does not need to adapt, he only knows the life he has where as a stray is used to better times and may find it harder to survive.

But frankly neither of them is destined for a long life. They are exposed to disease and unsuitable diet and constant dangers and their chances of a long bountiful life are small.
Average Life Span of a Cat
They are often infested with fleas and worms and they really don’t have much of a chance for a long life. Most feral cats hang around in cities and generally urbanized areas and how often have we seen a feral cat as road kill, very often I’m sure.

That’s why it’s great to see that there are people out there that care about these poor downtrodden cats and actually support colonies of cats by feeding them good food and giving them shelter. The story of the feral cats at the Jeld-Wen Field home of the Portland Timbers and Portland State University Vikings is testimony to this.

The lives of feral cats can be greatly enhanced by support and love of many that have a heart for these unfortunate creatures. To join in with enthusiasts of feral cat colonies and supporting them consider joining.

In general the life of a feral cat that is not maintained by any kind colony caretaker is as low as 2 to 5 years. Not surprising when you consider the dangers and poor diet and disease they are exposed too.

Domestic Cats

Average Life Span of a CatNow with domestic cats it’s quite a different story. Our pet cat receives a high standard of care plus good food and the best medical attention. Just as in humans where as in the poorest places that life expectancy is far lower than in impoverished countries then the lot of a cat is no different.

If they lead a pampered life with the best food and the best medical care then life expectancy is raised considerably. Not too shocking to find that out I’m sure.

Generally a domesticated cat will live around 13 to 15 years and there are many cases of cats living beyond 20 years and there are even cases of a few cats living to 30. This is extremely rare though.

Some breeds of cat are known to have longer lives than others like Oriental, Manx, Persian, Russian Blue, Siamese and Egyptian Mau that are known to live the longest lives. In general if your cat lives to be 15 he has not had a bad innings and of course the better the standard of care the longer the life of the cat.
Average Life Span of a Cat
Regular checkups, vaccination and quality food are instrumental in the long life of a domestic cat. It’s a very general question to ask how long will my cat live and many factors are involved in the life span of your cat.

Past a certain age they are possibly not comfortable and can be afflicted by many woes in old age and that’s when your decision as to whether to end the suffering of a cat of many senior years is the right thing to do. Sometimes we just need to let go and except the inevitable.