Petplan Insurance – Leading Name in Pet Insurance

Not to be confused with the UK version, Petplan in the United States was founded in 2003 by Chris and Natasha Ashton, a husband and wife team.

From 2003 they have operated as an affiliate of Petplan of the UK an already long established (1976) Pet insurance company in the UK owned by the biggest European insurance company Alianz SE. Petplan USA, hold the exclusive license to use the Petplans name in the USA.

The Beginning

The whole idea stemmed from the simple fact that as students attending the University of Philadelphia, they struggled to obtain insurance for their own pet. The business plan they put together went on to win the Prestigious Wharton Business Plan competition and despite the $20,000 dollar prize money they struggled to make ends meet for 3 years.
Petplan Insurance
The Wharton Entrepreneurial program helped them with marketing strategies by referring them to a visiting lecturer who set his students about the task of developing a marketing method for Petplan. They are now one of the leading pet insurance companies in the United States.


Petplan InsuranceThey only cover Dogs and Cats; there are no exotic pet options. They call it simply a dogplan and a catplan. Named gold, silver and bronze giving you those alternatives and in addition they are customizable to tailor for your individual need.

Much like all insurance companies they make it simple with an online quote facility giving a 10% discount for micro chipped pets. Veterinary professionals and students qualify for a 15% discount and medical service pet such as guide dogs get a 10% discount in recognition of the great work they do.

There are discounts on renewal also. They have good discounts on multiple pets with 10% discount available on each pet above one. They claim that 90% of their existing customers renew.

They are the only pet insurer in the United States that cover hereditary and congenital disease with no time limits and no cap on the amount.

To get the best value then it is best to insure your pet early as you gain from the annual discounts and Petplan do not take on a dog past 8 years of age and in the case of select breeds even as low as 5 years of age. This applies to breeds that are known to be more prone to severe disease and other conditions in later life. There are distinct advantages to taking on lifetime cover.


Petplan InsuranceIt’s always good to take in other pet owner’s experiences and general impressions. Don’t take every cooent at its face value but a general wellness and not so wellness factor can be drawn from others comments.

Here is a review of 11 people and mixed is certainly the word from this one. Out of a 5 star rating as many as 7 gave them the thumbs down with a 1 star rating and then somewhat counter balanced by 2 awarding 5 star reviews and another 2 gave 4 stars.

Reading through reviews, much of the dissatisfaction seems to stem from lack of communication with complaints of failure to call back and paperwork going missing.

Here again is another review which is a little old but few recent postings are anywhere to be found. Generally a greater approval here, although often some of the negative comments are because the reviewer has not understood the policy from its inception.

Petplan Insurance
Chris and Natasha Ashton, Petplan USA Founders
Some do not seem to get that it is in nearly all pet insurance cover agreements that they pay 80% of the vet fees but some don’t even seem to comprehend that and complain as though they are being cheated. The moral of the tale is with Petplan or any other insurer for that matter, read the policy and don’t sign a thing until you are fully understanding of everything you are covered for.

What kind of policy you take is dependent on different factors like age and breed. This is no different from any other insurer. Certain breeds are always more expensive than standard mongrels and although insurance can be difficult to understand, it is important you go to extra lengths to comprehend.

A better idea is for you to draw up what you want as opposed to what’s their as standard and see if by using the customization they promote that you can come up with something that suits your expectations.

More reviews to consider at Yelp.

Pet Insurance Comparison – Checking out a Range of Rates

If you have decided to invest in pet insurance for your dog or cat, it is important that you do your research before deciding on a particular provider or plan. You could end up spending far more then than you intended if you do not take the time to shop around. By doing a pet insurance comparison, you can determine who is offering insurance for the best price and whether or not you are getting a good deal with a particular plan. You also need to consider how much coverage you are interested in for the right plan.

Considering the Coverage Needed

When you begin shopping around for pet insurance, you will likely find a large range of costs. Instead of spending tons of money on a monthly plan, you should consider how much coverage you actually need. If your dog or cat is relatively healthy, you really do not need tons of coverage- this is especially true if they are a healthy breed and young. By browsing the different options available, you will be able to decide what provider offers the best prices for the plan you want. It is common knowledge that the more coverage you have, the more affordable it will be. However, it is crucial that you select enough coverage for you to be comfortable with the plan that you have purchased.

Reading into Different Insurance Providers

With all the people interested in giving their pet the healthcare they deserve, it makes sense that there a wide number of options in terms of who to choose for coverage. Instead of choosing insurance based only on price, you should take the time to see who has the best plan for the money. Comparing different providers based on customer ratings, coverage, and so forth will help ensure that you are satisfied with your investment. Finding reviews that have been left about different providers will help give you a good idea of who to select. Many people fail to do all this research and end up with an insurance provider they are not satisfied with. Doing your research is the best way to get the coverage you want without spending too much money or getting the bare minimum plan.

Finding insurance for your pet is important if you want your vet costs to be covered and don’t want to spend a fortune. Instead of opting for a particular provider based on just a little bit of information, you should do the research and ensure that a particular provider will be a good fit. You also need to think over the different plans and the range of coverage available. If your pet is overall healthy, you really do not need to spend tons of money on insurance. By choosing something that fits within your budget and gives your pet the kind of healthcare you want, you will be satisfied with your investment.

How To Get Pet Insurance Quotes

Vet bills can be costly and your pet will almost certainly become ill at the time when your cash flow is most stretched. Pet insurance is a wise idea as the future regarding the health of your pet.

You are never short of companies to make applications with. There are many online. It may be sensible to go directly to the insurance company itself as cutting out an agent must mean a good 10% saving.

It’s easy enough to obtain quotes so why not get as many as your fingers can type for. Make sure you have a good idea what you want and what you want to be covered for. Pet Insurance QuotesThink what you think is a realistic amount to be covered for. Think dental and not just accident only as illness is more likely than accident. Always make sure you are aware of what you’re not covered for as clearly as you know what you are covered for.

Remember cheapest is not always best. In most cases your pet will need to be in good health when you apply so do it quickly because nobody knows when sickness or calamity can strike.
In most cases you are expected to pay the vet bill yourself, and then make your claim. Ask about expected time line on reimbursement.

The major players

Pets Best Insurance, will insure your pet from 7 weeks of age with no upper limits. They are limited to cats and dogs only.

Petplan, a leading pet insurance company, claim to be the leaders in their field and so gain a quote from them and see if they are right. Again, for cats and dogs only.

Pet Insurance QuotesVPI Pet Insurance, not only insures cats and dogs, they also cover exotic pets which is rather a wide field. Amphibians, gerbils, even pot bellied pigs plus many others. However you can not only claim online for cats and dogs to take out exotic pet insurance, you need to make a phone call. However details are online so that would be a big help.

At Sheltercare Pet Insurance, you can have a credit of $8.95 if you have adopted a pet from a participating shelter within the last 30 days. Again, cats and dogs only.

Finding insurance for pets other than cats and dogs can be a little more difficult but simple search for horse insurance or parrot or whatever your pet is, and you should find a link. Depending what your pet is then other fields is more specialized. But just search and you will find.

Pet Insurance QuotesSome companies also offer pet travel insurance, again just search for the name of exactly what your looking for and put USA after to save you wasting your time reading about policies that after spending ten minutes reading you suddenly discover that its only covering another country.

Some companies allow you to customize your policy to your needs and other add-ons such as insurance to cover boarding if you are hospitalized; others even put up reward money for a lost pet and cover advertizing costs to help to locate the missing pet.

Don’t just take the first quote by any means and don’t be shy to ask specific questions. If you are unable to make direct enquiries and can only follow an application form method then call them. It is important you get it right.

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Direct Line is a very well known insurance company in the UK and the market leader in motor insurance; famous in the UK for their advertisements featuring a red phone, and later on, introduced a red mouse to the logo when they became an online company. (Click link to see video)

They were the first UK insurance company to operate by phone later also online.

Founded by Peter Wood in 1985 and is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, it was consequently nationalized in November 2008 due to being bailed out by the British government during the banking crisis.

Direct Line Offices

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThey have a head office in Croydon, Surrey, England and since have opened many other regional offices nationwide. They have expanded into Spain (Linea Directa), Germany, Italy and Japan in partnership with (Yasuda Life).

Their rise as an insurance company to the top was achieved very quickly.

Out of this, they started trading in pet insurance and have become one of the market leaders in this field of insurance too. They recently celebrated their 25th year of offering pet insurance.

They offer a generous 15% discount on the first 12 months’ premiums. Its usual now to cut out the agent with the rise of online business and this meant that they could offer cheaper quotes having that early advantage but naturally the competitors have caught up in that department by now.

Catering for Cats and Dogs

They will pay the Vet fees directly saving the policyholder a lot of unnecessary stress and form filling.

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThey cater to dogs and cats only and are very competitively placed in the UK market. (Read more)

They cover kittens from 8 weeks of age up to 9 years old.

For dogs, they offer to cover vet fees for up to £4,000 – £6,000 GBP on their advanced policy on any new condition over a 12 month period.

They can pay up to £1,000 GBP should the owner need to go into hospital thus taking care of the boarding fees and even offer £1,000 GBP advertising fund for lost pets, and a £200 reward offered to anyone that finds the pet.

They have a pet travel insurance option for which you would need a pet passport which is a system in the UK to ensure all animals traveling into and out of the UK are cleared through quarantine. To obtain one, your pet has to be micro chip tagged and can be quite a complicated process.

Direct Line is a highly respected body in the UK in many fields of insurance and is easy to use and like other online options everything is done by phone or internet.

Direct Line Pet InsuranceThere are many players in the British pet insurance market and Direct Line has been long established in this field. There is facility online to ask a question so be advised to think carefully as to which kind of cover you want for your pet.

The options are varied and as always with insurance, a little complicated. Ask specific questions applicable to your needs and your pet.

They operate 24 hours 7 days a week so no need to take time out to find the information you need to make a choice.

As always read the small print and don’t rush decision but if you’re looking for a market leader, then Direct Line definitely qualifies.

Where Can You Find a Reliable ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Review?

Whether you have never before purchased pet insurance or you are simply switching providers, it is crucial that you take advantage of the numerous rating systems online. There are a handful of websites that offer clients accounts of their experiences with particular insurance providers, allowing you to determine which the best for your dog or cat is. The ASPCA is often recommended as the single best business in the industry. They are recognized nationwide for their commitment to helping animals in need, so it makes sense that so many pet owners trust them for their insurance. Before you choose them for your pet, you will need to check out an ASPCA pet health insurance review or two. This way, you can get familiar with both the pros and cons of choosing them for your insurance.

The Importance of Purchasing a Good Insurance Plan

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a reputable business for many reasons, leading tons of animal lovers to believe they are the number one choice for protecting their loved pet. The purchase of pet insurance is such a great investment, as it allows individuals to provide medical care to their dog or cat when an unexpected injury or illness occurs and money is tight. By paying monthly fees, you in return get free or heavily discounted checkups, lower costs for prescription medication, and of course- tons of money back on any treatments you may bring your pet in for. Different providers often have very different rules and coverage plans for their insurance, so it is important you look at each carefully in order to ensure you are getting the right provider for your pet.

Utilizing the Internet to Find Reviews

A common problem many people make when they are investing in pet insurance for the first time is they make their decision without too much thought. Once considered a strange idea, insurance coverage for dogs and cats has grown significantly and many pet owners are now making the purchase. Due to the growth, more and more people are finding it necessary to spend time looking at all available options for their insurance. The ASPCA may be great for some, while others may have horrible experiences regarding customer service, coverage, and prices for plan. By going online and doing a simple search, you can find an abundance of reviews from individuals offering their first hand experience of the insurance. It can take some time, but it will ensure that the ASPCA is the right provider to invest in for your dog or cat.

When you first begin checking out the ASPCA and their insurance plans available, it can appear as if they are the perfect fit. Affordable rates, comprehensive coverage, and other factors can all help push a person to make them their first option for pet insurance. However, with the research of different providers in the area, you may find that were not a good fit for many people. Pet insurance should be a good investment that provides you with the coverage you need when a pet requires medical attention, but many people have a completely different experience. By checking out reviews online, you can get familiar with what the pros and cons of this business are and whether or not you should choose them for your pets insurance.

Banfield Pet Hospital Reviews

You have probably heard of the Banfield Pet Hospital as it is one of the larges chains of pet hospitals in the world. Covering most of North America Banfield has placed itself in a very unique position as a leader in the market. By leader I don’t mean by being the best but rather by being the largest of its kind.

Pet Hospitals

Because of this I find that it would be in place to conduct a review of Banfield Pet Hospital. So many animals are treated in one of their hospitals every single year and as a pet owner you want to feel secure that not only the quality of treatment is high but also that you’re not being ripped off when you see the hospital bill.

Now as you might have guessed it is not easy to do an objective pet hospital review as you can only base it on testimonials from clients that have already used the service they provide. Since there are more than 500 hospitals all over the country you will also find that quality and service can very greatly as with any other large corporation.

Reviews Of Pet Hospitals And Pet Care

A client can have been unfortunate to run into a stressed doctor or nurse while others might have encountered hospital staff in their best possible moods. Should the Banfield pet hospital reviews be based on such subjective and incidental situations? I don’t think that would be fair to neither the hospital nor to you as a pet owner.

So how do you then do a review? I’ve searched all over the Internet for testimonials on how people find the services of the Banfield hospital and even though I found a lot of pet owners that had spoken their mind I weren’t able to come to a clear conclusion. Some of them were really happy with the treatment that their pets had gotten while others were not. So the only thing that I can say with certainty is that these Banfield Pet Hospital Reviews are really had to be objective about.

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Embrace Pet Insurance – Embrace Your Pets with a Loving Reassurance

Pet lovers are finding that having a quality health and accident insurance policy with the Embrace Pet Insurance Company is a way to make life better for both them and their 4-footed animal companions. The Embrace Pet Insurance is a plan that offers an affordable, low cost protection policy to cover your furry pal’s vet treatment when accidents and illnesses interrupt your daily routine. The company itself was founded by people who have been through the stress and worry of trying to pay for quality vet care for a sick pet. Embrace’s CEO has had to deal with this type of pet care problem in the past, and this was one of the reasons that this insurance plan was created.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Today health care costs are higher than ever before and this is just as true for veterinarian fees. Technology has made astonishing advances the field of medicine and cats and dogs can now be successfully treated for a multitude of accidents and illnesses, including hereditary problems. Our faithful and loving animal friends can be given medications, surgeries and specialized care for heart, kidney and lung problems. There is even dialysis available that can add precious months and years to a treasured animal’s life.

Medications and Embrace Pet Insurance

Medications and special care can be used to treat heartworms, intestinal parasites, arthritis, and even depression in our pets today. While the quality and length of an animal’s life can be increased substantially, there is also the need to realize that all of this wonderful care comes with additional costs and fees. Conscientious and loving pet owners want the best for their furry buddies but the reality of how much this top vet care costs is something that we all must carefully consider. It helps when you have a plan that will reimburse you up to 80% of all medical costs.

This is why Embrace Pet Insurance has become a much-appreciated option among pet lovers across the country. With the backing of this insurance plan, your much-loved friend can have the best care whenever they need it. Owners are able to tailor a plan that is individualized for their pet and their budget, and they can use the benefits as needed. There are some other health care plans for pets on the open market but these often have drawbacks and exclusions that people are not aware of.

Many pet owners who already have policies underwritten by the Embrace Pet Insurance Company are quick to point out some of the solid performance features that set this plan apart from the competition. Owners have the ability to choose the annual limits for their policy and are not required to settle for a standard program that has standard annual limits. Accidents and illnesses for pets can occur at any time within any given time frame so it is especially reassuring to have the ability to choose a policy with coverage amounts of $2000, $5000, or even $10,000 per year. Even the deductible amounts can be tailored to meet the needs of the policy owner.

Another benefit of the Embrace policy is that you can decide exactly how you want to use the coverage dollars. This gives you better control of how your pet health care dollars can be utilized. Embrace is also known as a company that delivers personalized and compassionate customer service. Policy owners are quick to point out that the staff takes great pride in the way they handle all claims and questions. During critical moments, this “little extra” means a lot to someone who is dealing with a sick or injured pet. The people who work for Embrace are pet lovers themselves and they can really identify with what customers are going through when their pets are hospitalized or need specialized emergency care.

Once you have your pet covered with one of the health care plans, you will find that the company lives up to its promises. Embrace stands behind the promised benefits that they describe to their customers. Some of the other policies are known to exclude costs that are incurred for treatments and disorders by claiming the animal had a pre-existing condition that was overlooked. There are also claims that have been submitted by unsuspecting owners who only receive a portion of the expected reimbursement received because charges are disallowed after the fact. The Embrace Pet Insurance is recognized for its honest disclosure from day one, and they do not look for loopholes that will let them get out of paying a valid claim.

This coverage does have some drawbacks however, and one of these is related to age limits for animals that are accepted on the policy plans. Dogs must be no older than the age of 8 if they are mixed breeds and 6 years of age for purebred canines. This is unfortunate for some pet owners who have animals just a little beyond the age restrictions. Many dogs are in superb health at 7, 8, or even 9 years of age, and it seems a little harsh to find out that they are still ineligible for coverage by the Embrace Pet Insurance umbrella.

These pet policy benefits are based on the region in which you live, and coverage amounts are affected by your zip code. Some people do not like being reimbursed for costs that are calculated in this manner. The Embrace Pet Insurance plan is also one that is structured for accidents and illnesses, and not routine health care. Normal wellness checkups and visits are only covered if this option is offered in your state of residence. And even then you must request and pay for this additional coverage. Pet pregnancy is also not covered by the Embrace Pet Insurance policy because pregnancies are viewed as a routine and natural event, even if surgery or other treatments are required. For some people these drawbacks are viewed as significant, but others are happy with the excellent quality and many outstanding pet care benefits that this policy delivers.

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Quick Care Pet Insurance Secrets Revealed

Whether you have a young cat or an old dog, you already know that one thing that you have to think about is your pet’s health care, and this is where Quick Care pet insurance comes in. Veterinary bills can be astonishingly high, and while you may be able to budget for things like shots and vaccinations, it is much harder for you to stop and budget for the bigger things.

Veterinary Bills

When veterinary bills can run into the thousands of dollars and your pet’s life hangs in the balance, you should be able to make decisions quickly and this is what good pet insurance can help you do. If you are looking to make sure that your pet has access to the medical treatment that he or she deserves, pet insurance can give you the ability to make your pet very comfortable, and depending on the situation, may even save their life! Take some time and make sure that you consider Quick Care and everything that it can do for you.

Quick Pet Care

When you are looking at choosing Quick Care for your pet insurance, what should you expect? It is very important to be as informed as possible when you are looking at purchasing insurance, and whether you are thinking about shopping for your pet or yourself, there are plenty of things to consider. In the first place, you’ll find that one nice benefit is that you are not going to need to change vets.

You can still use the licensed veterinarian of your choice. You will be in a place to pay a reasonable fifty dollar deductible per visit and this remains constant as long as your pet insurance is valid. This is an incredibly easy way to handle things and it can make a lot of things much more simple and affordable for you.

Take some time and think about your pets and what you can do to protect them. If you have more than one animal, you can use the online enrollment system to get them all signed up all at once.

Quick Care Pet Insurance Discount

If you have three or more dogs, you’ll find that you are in a great place to get a ten percent discount. You can also get a discount for animals that have been micro chipped, though you should keep in mind the fact that there is a limit to how much can get taken of. There is a maximum discount of ten percent per animal, per policy.

You’ll find that one of the appealing things about this program is the fact that it can be administered almost completely online. This is something that can mean a lot when you are in hurry and you want to get it all taken care of at once. Do make sure that you are aware of the pay issues, though. If you pay on a monthly basis, there is a two dollar service charge, though if you end up paying annually, there is no such fee. Remember that you are looking at good way to move forward and to pay for your pets insurance all at once, so make sure that you are aware of what is going on and what needs to happen. Similarly, making a claim is quite simple because you can mail or fax in a one page claim that is mailed in by yourself and the attending veterinarian. Along with this, all you need to submit are the detailed receipts.

One of the best things about the Quick Care Pet insurance is the fact that there are so many ways to customize it. Take some time and really think about what you can do when you are looking at getting your pet taken care of. For cats, for instance, you’ll find that one option is going to be Quick Care Gold, where all accidents and illnesses are covered and the deductible is set as 100 dollars. With Quick Care Complete on the other hand, you’ll see that not only are all accidents and illnesses covered, but you’ll get an annual wellness plan as well as 70 percent coverage.

If your cat is relatively young and healthy, consider getting the Quick Care accident only plan, where only accidents are covered at 100 percent but with a fifty dollar deductible. On the other hand what if your cat is indoors and the possibility of accidents are relatively slim? Think about getting Quick Care for Indoor Cats, where selected accidents and illnesses are covered. This is a plan that has a fifty dollar accident deductible as well as a 200 dollar illness deductible.

When you are thinking about getting coverage for your cat or dog, you’ll discover that the more you can customize the plan, they better off you are going to be. This is something that can mean a lot, and one thing that you certainly don’t want to do is that you do not want to throw money away on coverage that you are not going to use. If your cat is older, make sure that you take advantage of the Quick Care Senior Pets program, where selected accidents and illnesses are covered. Make sure that you get a program that will serve your pet well when it is necessary and that you are going to be able to make the right decisions when it comes to making sure that

Many people are now getting involved with pet insurance, and when you are thinking of Quick Care pet insurance, you are looking at some good coverage with a lot of specialization. Take some time and think about the kind of coverage that would cover your pet the most thoroughly, and see which program is best for you.

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Argos Pet Insurance

There are many different situations that you might be in if you are in a place to consider Argos pet insurance. Perhaps you have a rambunctious puppy or kitten, or perhaps you have a pet that is getting older and you need to look forward to an increased cost in care. No matter what, though, you are doing the responsible thing and looking forward towards providing good care for your beloved pet!

Pets Need Insurance

More and more people are realizing that pets need insurance just as much as people do. Your companion animal depends on you for care, and when you are looking to make sure that your pet will be provided for, this is where pet insurance can come into play. There are many different places out there that offer pet insurance, and you may find that you are a little confused. Take a look at the pet insurance company Argos. Consider the pros and cons and see whether it will work for you!

Argos Pet Insurance Considerations

When you are considering the pet insurance that is offered by Argos, you’ll find that you are going to be looking at some great prices. With this company, you can expect to pay around £4.06 a month, and when you are in a position to buy online, you can see this price drop by five percent. This can make a huge difference if money is going to be tight, but at the end of the day, you’ll find that this is really nothing compared to the savings you’ll see should your pet need the care. The truth of the matter is that vet’s bills are expensive, and if you want to make sure that you can make important decisions about your pet’s life, you do not want to be doing while worrying about cash!

If you are looking at what it takes to make the most out of Argos pet insurance, you’ll find that there is plenty to recommend it. In the first place, you’ll have your choice between levels of coverage. At this point, it is important to remember that there is no perfect insurance, just the perfect insurance for you, your situation and your pet!

What do you need to think about when you are thinking about getting the right coverage? Remember that the age of the animal, its health and in some cases even its breed can tell you what you need to do. For instance, the insurance that you buy a young and active puppy would be different from what you would buy for a cat who was middle age and this is appropriate. This way, you will only be buying something that will be useful for you down the line.

When you are in a place where you are thinking about getting Argos coverage for your pet, think about which of the three levels that you need. With Silver Cover, you will find that it covers vets fees that go up to £2,500 per condition for up to a year. With Gold Cover, you’ll be able to collect £4,000 per condition per year. Finally, with Platinum Cover, you will be able to receive up to £7,000 per condition. For Platinum Cover, there is no limit to how long the treatment can last; it can continue so long as the premiums are kept up to date

One of the best reasons to sign on with Argos is the fact that there is no maximum age coverage on your pet. Many pet owners have been looking for insurance for older animals but were dismayed to find that it was next to impossible to find insurance that would cover pets past a certain age. This is something that can be deeply traumatic as well as troublesome when you take into account the fact that your pet is in a position to need it more than ever.

Once again, if you have animals in your home that are past a certain age, you can more or less bet on the fact that there will be some vet bills in the future. The truth is that if you want to make sure that your elderly pet is healthy and happy that you are going to need to figure out the vet situation right now!

When you are looking at the services that Argos provides, you’ll find that you are going to have free access to a helpline that is for both legal and for vet help. If you have ever been in a situation where you don’t know what to do, this is something that can be very handy and very important. If you are someone who has a hard time deciding what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to vet care, this is something that you need to think about. Take some time and really consider what help a telephone line line this can be for you.

However, it is also important to talk about at least one negative fact about the Argos insurance that might affect you. Keep in mind that like many other insurance companies, it will not cover pre-existing conditions. Take some time and really think about what these options are going to be and what needs to happen when you want to make sure that your pet is covered. Take some time and really think about what your option are and what needs to happen to get your pet the coverage that he or she needs.

Take some time and make sure that you think about the pros and cons that come along with Argos pet insurance. Your pet, no matter what their age, can benefit from the use of insurance, and you’ll find that it can be a very important thing to think about!

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ASPCA Pet Insurance Reviews

While pet insurance may not be something that you consider an important thing to carry, anyone who has ever had a serious bought of illness or an accident with their pet will tell you that having pet insurance would have greatly relieved the burden of treatment.

ASPCA pet insurance reviews give varying opinions, and much like any other insurance plan, there are pros and cons.

In this article, I shall endeavor to give you an idea of what people say about ASPCA and learn more about its coverage:

Click on the links above to go directly to that section of the article.

Pet Insurance for Animals

ASPCA, also known as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and is one of the larger providers of pet insurance.

While this company provides insurance, they are also advocates against animal cruelty among other things.

They are active in fighting against cruelty on many levels and even conduct investigations when abuse is suspected and strong advocates in the fight against dog fighting as an illegal blood sport.

They have volunteer programs and involved with pet adoptions and educate pet owners about animal welfare and have deservedly earned themselves a very healthy credible reputation as a worthwhile organization which is known by just about everyone.

They moved into selling insurance and their good name as a charitable foundation puts them in a position of trust with many who are familiar with the good name the organization has earned itself over the years with its animal advocacy.

That’s a little background about the ASPCA, so we move on to the real topic here of assessing their insurance policies by using reviews to see how others have found them to be as an insurance provider.

When shopping for an insurance plan, this site offers four levels of plans with varying degrees of protection. It is your choice to select the level that is suitable for your pet’s needs and, of course, your budget. It does not necessarily mean that the cheapest cover is the worst pet health care insurance; it’s simply about finding the one that fits with your need and your budget.

All of the plans are set up to reimburse 90% of the customary charges after a simple $100 deductible. They also offer a 10% discount if you enroll multiple pets. Another plus is ASPCA gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not make any claims within the period.

Understanding what is covered and not covered will make it much easier to select an appropriate plan to avoid frustration later.

Pet Insurance Sample Plans

ASPCA has a 4-level protection plan that you can choose from. Here below, I shall give you the details of a Level 1 package.

Level 1 is a cheap pet insurance package which ASPCA offers that is an Accident only cover, and has a per incident limit of $2,500. The insured will be covered for Accident expenses, including but not limited to:

  • Operating room, sedation and pre-anesthetic blood work, anesthesia, and anesthetic monitoring fees;
  • For humane reasons, expenses to end life such as euthanasia;
  • Extractions of broken teeth;
  • Nursing care and hospitalization;
  • Examinations such as consultations with specialists, first examinations, emergency visits, and for 2nd opinion;
  • Laboratory tests
  • Intravenous (IV) fluids and medications;
  • Medical supplies such as but not limited to casts, bandages, and splints;
  • Poison control consultation fees;
  • Medications prescribed by a Veterinarian and that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA);
  • Surgical Treatment; and,
  • Radiology tests including X-rays, ultrasound, CAT scan, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

What is NOT covered?

  • Pre-Existing conditions, which includes any disease, illness, injury or change to your pet’s health which first shows indications of or arises: before coverage is effective;during a Waiting Period; or before the current Policy Period. This likewise includes conditions that are secondary, related to, or resulting from a Pre-Existing Condition.
  • Diagnosis, treatment or surgery related to knee and ligament conditions that arise or show signs of within the first 12 months from the effectivity date of your pet’s coverage on a 12-month policy. Knee and ligament conditions include anterior cruciate ligament (acl), medial patella luxation (mpl) lateral collateral ligament (lcl), cranial cruciate ligament (ccl), medial collateral ligament (mcl), or meniscal damage.
  • Any sickness, any wellness care, or any Congenital, Hereditary, or Genetic Conditions including those that are secondary, related to, or arising from any Congenital, Hereditary, or Genetic Condition.

All other general exclusions may be read on ASPCA’s website.

Levels 2, 3 and 4 are the more comprehensive plans that ASPCA offers, and each one has different levels of protection from the other. Click here for detailed information.

Expensive Bills without Pet Insurance

Much like going to the dentist or doctor without insurance, many people choose to wait until the problem has become exacerbated because the cost for treatment is so inflated. How many times have you thought to yourself that your pet needed a checkup or vaccinations, or even treatment for something more serious? Wouldn’t it have been better to have the option for at least minimum coverage?

While premium plans may be overpriced and unnecessary, it may be prudent to get a minimal accidental plan. These usually fall in the price range of less than 20 dollars a month, and should your pet get into some kind of accident, it is good to have that peace of mind.

I wasn’t always a proponent of pet insurance until my little Cocker Spaniel, Sadie, had crawled under my deck one night. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Finally, I heard her crying. She was obviously very sick, and I just could not afford to take her to the vet. I felt so bad with the pain of my decision. She had been bitten by a spider, and I could not treat her.

Fortunately, she recovered. But it was a tenuous several days. I vowed that I would never have a pet again that I couldn’t get medical treatment for. The cost of treatment and medications would have been several hundred dollars, whereas I could have had preventive maintenance for a few dollars each month.

Some of the stories of pets that have benefited from the insurance will make you a believer. ASPCA pet insurance reviews give reports of assistance with animals from shelters with a sketchy medical past, pets struck with a debilitating illness, and assistance for accidents.

Of course, there’s always the other side of the story.


Some pet owners complain that the company denies claims because the vets charge too much for care. With the 80% company payment, they have denied payment. Much like insurance for people, the carrier determines the “allowable” amount to be paid for treatment.

The only problem with this plan is that veterinarians don’t write off the difference. If your vet, for example, charges $300 for a procedure, and the company deems it allows $180, you will only be reimbursed 80% of the allowable amount, which is $144. You are still out the $166.

For some, this is more like a discount program. You get reimbursed, but you have to be careful how much you are depending on. There is no book that gives a statement of allowable expenses.

While most reviews are positive, some users complain that getting a payment from the company is a hassle. For those who don’t keep good records, you may want to in case you ever have a claim.

The biggest recurring complaint in ASPCA pet insurance reviews is the issue of pre-existing conditions. Evidently, if your pet is being treated for a condition at the end of the policy and then the treatment carries over to the renewal period, the new period considers it a pre-existing condition. Several people have had complaints about treatments not being paid once the policy renewed.

One animal was treated the day before the policy renewed, and when follow up treatment was necessary because it was an unclear illness, no more payments were made. The company considers each renewal a completely NEW policy.

Therefore, if your claim is for a treatment on an overlapping policy period you are out of luck.

Going for ASPCA Pet Insurance

Whether or not you decide to insure your pet is a decision you must make based on several factors. How much treatment are you willing to put your pet through, how often will you use it, and what kind of risk factors do you deal with? Use these parameters to determine how much insurance you need, or if you would do better to self insure.

Even after my experience with my cocker spaniel, I’m not one hundred percent sold on owning pet insurance. I do believe that it can be an extremely useful thing to own, but be careful to read the fine print. I think my final decision would be to know I could afford the vet bills with a strong emergency fund. I would possibly own pet insurance and consider it a discount program.

In order to get the most value out of the insurance, make sure your vet is offering services at a reasonable rate. Prices can vary greatly. The range for spay/neuter and shots varies in my area from about $100 up to $300. That price difference makes it worth a little bit of a drive!

When owning a pet, there are always unexpected expenses. Just make sure you read the fine print before you agree to a policy. If considering ASPCA, there are an abundance of ASPCA pet insurance reviews available to reflect on.

At the end of the day, being a responsible pet owner, the most important thing that you can do for your pet is give it the best possible care as humanly possible by getting a good insurance coverage and uphold its rights to enjoy its remaining life as a well-treated animal.