Bengal Cat Breeders – Wildly Beautiful

The Bengal cat is among the most distinctive of all cat breeds and one of the most beautiful. They have a meow that isn’t a meow it’s more of a little bark. Generally it is a cat of good health with immunity to Feline Leukemia. This is an inherited trait from its ancestor, the Asian leopard cat.

In 1963, an Asian leopard cat bred with a domestic short haired cat and the result was called the safari cat which was changed in the early 1970s to the Bengal cat. They are famous for their marbled or spotted coat that is truly beautiful. They have very much retained that feature from the Asian leopard cat. The look of the cat is very distinctive with round ears, larges eyes and wonderful facial markings.

Another distinctive feature is the hind legs are longer than its front legs again a feature inherited from the Asian leopard cat. They have a lean appearance and are powerful runners.
Bengal Cat Breeders
They can be fairly boisterous which is not too surprising when you consider who its ancestor is and not an easy cat to contain. Not always the ideal cat for everyone as they need a lot of action around them and interactivity.

Some have been irresponsibly bred which has meant that some are susceptible to cataracts as well as heart problems. They require little grooming as they have a short hair which they are rather proficient at taking care of themselves. You can expect to pay between $700 and right up to over $3000 for the more exotic types.

Responsible Breeders

Bengal Cat BreedersA responsible breeder only sells Bengal cats four or even more generations away from the Asian leopard cat. They take great care with the bloodlines, and develop cats for their temperament and sociability. Each cat has his own individual traits.

There are 4 main types of Bengal cats, either spotted or marbled. The spotted Bengal cats are the most common of these, with different background variations of either brown or white.

The breed standard allows a wide variety of patterns sizes and shapes. The spots can be large or small which are generally circular but some breeders go for the arrow shaped spots or rosettes. The spots can be random or nice straight horizontal lines.

Some have a glitter effect on the coat, in other words there is a lot of variety which only the breeder could show you properly the different types. It is important to choose the right breeder.

Breeders are quite numerous and as these cats have so many variations you need to educate yourself on the different types by reading breeder’s websites and searching for as much information as possible as this is not an inexpensive cat so you need to know what you are looking for.
Bengal Cat Breeders
A relationship with the breeder is essential as they are best qualified to advice you on their care and needs as well as educate you about the varieties. At Bengal Breed, they have an extensive list of breeders throughout the United States and Canada as well as other parts of the world many of which export the cats on demand. They do state though that they can make no guarantees as to the quality of these breeders so choose carefully.

Many responsible breeders will only sell you spayed and neutered Bengal cats as the responsibility of breeding them in exactly the correct way is important to protect this breed.

Only if you can satisfy the breeder that you have sufficient knowledge to become a breeder will they consider letting you have a breed-able cat. Search the internet and look for credible breeders like Marechal Cattery.

Join groups like The International Bengal Cat Society and improve your knowledge with regular newsletters to your e mail.

The preservation of this breed is taken very seriously by leading breeders and although one of the most expensive cats there is to buy they are among the most beautiful. Other breeders to look at Pocket Leopards Bengals and Nitewindes Cattery.


Bengal Cat BreedersA further measure to obtain one of these delightful cats is to approach a Bengal Cat rescue group and enquire about adoption possibilities.

You can find them through Purebred Cat Rescue network which can point you towards some groups they may have a Bengal cat available for adoption.

Smartest Dog Breeds – Grading Canines

So how do we define a smart dog? I’ve tried talking world politics and general knowledge questions but got little response and the chess game, well he just ran off with the king so how do I decide on the intelligence of a dog?

Well, in 1994, a book was published by Stanley Coren, a psychology professor in Vancouver. He wrote of the differences of various breeds relating to their intelligence and his work seems to be generally accepted as accurate.

However, by the author’s own admission, the ratings are only based on obedience as relating to obeying commands and general ingenuity and understanding of situations are much harder to assess.
Smartest Dog Breeds
Consequently, guard dogs and working dogs come out high in the order. He also consulted with trainers and he measured their intelligence based on methods such as quick understanding of new commands. The result being based on quickly interpreting a new command in less than 5 attempts and 95% of the time or more is obeying first command.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that Border Collies came out on top in this ranking system. They are followed by the Poodle and the Alsatian (German Sheppard). Here is a compiled list based on the top ten as rated by Stanley Coren.

Also, for a little fun you can try this range of tests out on your dog and rate his intelligence based on his performance. It’s simple and fun and based on Stanley Coren methods.

Not Just Obedience

Smartest Dog BreedsIs it fair to judge intelligence of a dog on the ability to understand a command? Surely other factors have to be considered also.

Some dogs are den animals and their ability to keep their dens clean and being an easy dog to crate train would suggest a particular kind of intelligence. Pack dogs like sled dogs show an ability to socially interact which surely is another kind of intelligence.

Or what about the clever dog that is described in Stanley Coren’s book that used to pee on the bed when a boyfriend came round to see his owner. Being a somewhat jealous miniature poodle the dog learnt that peeing on the bed kept him away.
Smartest Dog Breeds
Intelligence indeed, but poodles are given a high ranking anyway. Some guardian breeds are regarded as not easily trained due to a stubborn nature and therefore slip down the ladder based on obedience but an independent spirit is a mark of intelligence surely but that is overlooked in many ways as it’s not what we want from them I suppose. A manipulative dog is a sign of a clever dog but there are no ratings for manipulation.

Here is a story of a dog that was made the subject of a study when he came to fame on a German TV show as knowing the name of over 200 toys and is said to of known 350 words. Again this clever dog was a Border Collie.

There have been various studies done, the first being in 1976 by Kathy Coon and revised in 2003.

Tests were devised to assess short term memory problem solving agility, ability to adapt, working through a detour, and the ability of a dog to react in what he may find an unacceptable situation. Finding anything written online from Kathy Coon’s study does not seem to be available and you just may have to buy the book as provided from the link above.
Smartest Dog Breeds
The sad thing is that our beloved mixed breed dogs don’t seem to get a researcher anywhere caring about their brightness and intelligence.

But we know that the smartest dog of all is our dog. We don’t care what the researchers say.

For further reading on the topic, read Dog Intelligence at

Rare Dog Breeds – Tips to Make the Best Adoption Possible

Adopting a rare breed of dog is a dream of many due to the fact that they will not see the same kind of dog everywhere they go and it is also a status symbol. While it may sound great to adopt a dog that is of a rare breed, you need to consider the different risks that come into play.

Instead of just choosing a dog without a lot of thought, you need to see what personality and health traits come into play for rare dog breeds. Without a lot of medical history and other information available, you may end up realizing later on that the dog is not a good fit for you.

It can also be difficult to board your dog if others are not familiar with the breed. Generally speaking, it can be difficult to know what to expect from a dog that of a rare breed.

Risks Associated with Rare Breeds

There are a number of things you need to keep on your mind if you are considering adopting a rare breed of dog. A lot of people do not look into the different risk that comes into play with dogs that are not as common.

By selecting a breed of dog that is rare, you could end up with a dog that requires a whole lot of medical attention over time and it could be quite costly. If you can find any information of a rare breed, it is important to really take it to heart. This can help ensure you are making the right adoption and aren’t going to end up paying a lot of vet bills later on due to health problems.

Ensuring You Make the Best Decision

While it might sound appealing to adopt a dog that comes from a rare breed, you definitely need to consider the different issues that can come with them. It can be difficult to find information if a dog is very rare, but you should take the time to do your research if you are set on making this adoption.

Being cautious is so important if you want to make a good adoption and prevent regret later on. Speaking to experts and breeders on this specific breed you’re interested in can also help ensure you are happy with the adoption you make.

Finding a dog that is of a rare breed comes with a number of benefits, along with risks. While you will certainly love having a dog who is practically one of a kind, you need to take into consideration the mystery that comes with these breeds. By adopting a dog who is not very common, you could end up with a dog that has a number of health risks.

Being patient and looking into the different issues can help ensure you will happy with the dog you are adopting.

Bernese Mountain – Farm Dog for the Family

Among the most popular of all mountain dogs is the Bernese Mountain Dog. Originating from the Swiss Alps, one of a group of four of the family of Swiss mountain dogs, Sennenhund. There are seven kinds of Swiss mountain dogs in all.

Has a thick coat in fact the only thick coated one of its group of Sennenhund. It is believed that their origination came from when the Romans invaded that part of the world they brought with them mastiffs which bred with local native Swiss dogs.


Bernese MountainThey virtually died out until a drive to preserve the breed was embarked upon in the early 19th century. Their popularity grew in America only after the Second World War. From then on they have steadily become an extremely popular family pet for many good reasons.

They have an ideal temperament for kids are protective towards them and are very loyal, intelligent and even a little shy.

Short life

Sadly they have had some health issues commonly due to inbreeding. They are not a dog that has a long life. 7 to 8 is about the lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog, a mere early middle age compared to other dogs of similar size. They are prone to cancer and known for hip dysplasia.

Not a city dog

Very much an outdoor dog but lived indoors fine, but really though, they need the room. You should never really consider owning a dog like this if you live in an apartment and no area for the dog to run around.

Bernese MountainThey were farm dogs not so far back so be harsh cooping a dog like that up. Definitely not for city living.

You also have to be prepared to look after that long hair and they do shed, so time and effort is needed to care for him properly.

They need regular exercise of course. A big dog like that always does, but not as much as other dogs of that size.

They have a reputation for being slow to mature and remain puppy like for longer than most dogs would.

Always be farm dogs

They love being busy and are remarkably strong dogs. As farm dogs they used to pull carts and could pull many times their body weight. In fact they seem to enjoy it. They are seen pulling carts for kids and they love it as that is what they were bred for.

Gorgeous beast

Bernese MountainThey are as a handsome dog as you will ever see with beautiful markings. They have 3 colors black, fawn, and white. The white runs up the chest and neck and encircle the nose with white and running up the center of the face.

It’s a very distinctive feature they have. The fawn is on the legs and sides of the mouth and little rust eyebrows as it appears just above the eyes. Again, adding to the very distinctive look that they have. This could well be the reason they are the most popular of the mountain dogs owned.

How much

The average price of a Bernese Mountain Dog is around $1000. Good breeders are always the best source and the more selective you are then the better as not only do you want a fine dog you want the support of a breeder that can offer you help and advice over the years you share with your dog.

Bernese MountainThere are few people better to ask than people that work with them. They are an excellent choice fo a family pet.

If you’re in Canada, this is an extremely useful breeder guide, click here.

To find breeders in USA and Canada
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

Mountain Dog – Great Family Dogs

Mountain Dog is a term that depicts any dog that descends from a mountain environment. That numbers around 40. Usually they are a working dog, guard of a herd, and farm dog. They are normally on the large side, some very large.

Some of the more popular dogs defined as mountain dog in alphabetical order

Bernese Mountain Dog
One of the most popular of all mountain dogs and one of the 4 members of the Swiss mountain dog breed. A large breed that has many admirers. Very popular in the United States. They weigh between 29 to 54 kilos and females smaller than the male. They have a good temperament and excellent and protective with children. Read more.

Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Originates from Russia and popular in Armenia, Georgia and southern Russia. Very muscular and has long coat and a good temperament. Weight of around 45 kilos, females, and over 50 kilos, males. Read more.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog
One of 4 Swiss mountain dog breeds. A medium sized dog weighing in at between 45 and 65 lbs. good temperament a little cautious of strangers. Read more.

Estrela Mountain Dog
A herd guard from the Estrela mountains of Portugal. a fearless dog but excellent with children and weighing around 88 to 110 lbs males and females 66 to 88 lbs. Read more.

Mountain Dog
Caucasian Mountain Dog
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Another from the Swiss family of mountain dogs a large heavy boned dog. Very sociable but can be hard to housetrain and a bad habit of eating everything even things not known as food. males weigh around 45 to 64 kilos whilst females weigh 36 to 52 kilos. Read more.

Great Pyrenees or Pyrenean Mountain Dog
A very large livestock guard from the Basque region of northern Spain and southern France in the Pyrenees mountains. males grow to 50 to 54 and females 36 to 41 kilos. Have a long life of 10 to 17 years. Read more.

Mountain Dog
Estrela Mountain Dog
A well known large breed known famously for water rescue. They have webbed feet and were originally trained as a working dog for fishermen in Newfoundland. An extremely gentle dog and legendary good dogs for children. A very mild natured dog. They grow to 60 to 70 kilos males but can sometimes be bigger over 90 kilos. Females grow to around 45 to 65 kilos. Read more.

St Bernard
Another famous old dog from the Swiss Italian Alps and well known as rescue dogs. Very large in size with friendly nature and affectionate and wonderful with children. Well known for their slobber but ideal family dog. Famous as rescue dogs but sadly they are not used for this anymore as cross breeding altered the breed and gave them long fur that freezes in the freezing temperatures. They grow to a huge 64 to 120 kilos. Read more.

Big dog, big responsibility

Mountain Dog
Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Just a few of the many mountain dogs. They are often large and therefore need a lot of exercise but nearly all these breeds are excellent family dogs and loyal. Often used as guards and working dogs great fun to own and very lovable.

Do not consider owning a large breed mountain dog unless you have the time for a lot of exercise and often are beset with health issues so prepare for high vet costs or get insured.

Maintaining a good relationship with the breeder you buy from is always helpful for advice and helping find vets that have good knowledge of the individual breed.

Bernese Mountain Dog – Swiss Family Dog

A Bernese Mountain Dog is a terrific breed and it’s not too surprising that they are a very popular breed with some.

The breed developed when it was close to extinction but was it not for breeders and lovers of this breed who made a decision to assert the Bernese Mountain Dogs and went about locating them from the locality and encouraged the development of the breed.

Thankfully, now they are a popular sought after Swiss mountain dog.


Bernese Mountain DogThe Romans brought with them war mastiffs which they bred with native Swiss mountain dogs more than 2000 years ago and since then developed into popular farm dogs.

They are one of 4 Swiss mountain dog breeds. Beautiful dog of 3 colors, black, white and rust. Mainly black, but with impressive rust areas on their legs, face and above the eyes.

They have white chests and neck and white surrounds the nose and runs up the middle of the face. A truly handsome dog that grow to around 23 inches to 27 and half inches up to shoulder.

Family dog

They are great with children despite their large size. Known for being good with other animals as well as extremely loyal. They are still there as herders and farm dogs in their native Switzerland but they are more so a family pet in America and other places.

They are well represented around the world with clubs and enthusiasts.

Big responsibility

Bernese Mountain DogTo own a Bernese is never a decision you should take lightly as they are a large energetic dog needing a lot of exercise and of course plenty of room. A long coat like the one they have needs a lot of attention and grooming.

They are likely to have a high incidence of cancer much higher than other purebred breeds of their size and arthritis and hip dysplasia as well as cruciate ligament ruptures. They are also known to have shorter lives of around 7 in America and Canada and 8 in Europe.

They could be a costly dog to own with vet bills. They are going to eat plenty of quality dog food also so all these things need to be seriously taken into consideration before embarking on owning a Bernese mountain dog.

Breeders and support groups

The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1937 and defined in the working dog group. They also request for you to register your pup with them. Since the end of the Second World War their popularity has increased and are one of the more sought after pure breeds. Read more here.

If you want to own a Bernese Mountain Dog, the only way is through a good breeder.
Good breeders often insist on verification to ensure you can look after the dog properly. Not all ask this but ensure they are reputable and go along and visit for yourself.

A good breeder is a lifeline for information and credible dealers will always offer you a guarantee for at least 2 years.

This site can help point you towards some good breeders by simply entering your zip code anywhere in America and Canada and they can put you in touch with the nearest dealer using their online search facility.

There are many sites giving you information on this breed and all this adds to your knowledge and support system when you require help and support and knowledge.

Breeders are plentiful online and the average cost of a Bernese puppy fully vaccinated is around $1000.

Bernese Mountain DogTry looking online for breeders there are many available here is just a few:
Blackberry Farms

Club and enthusiast sites are necessary to build your support network and these can put you in touch with credible breeders.
Bernese Mountain Dog Website
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada

For an interesting video telling you all about the breed watch.

Boxer Dogs Information – All About Boxers

The boxer dog is a German breed, bred from the English bulldog and the Bullenbeisser sadly now extinct. The Boxer is part of the Molosser group. Also is a descendant of the Mastiff.

An extremely popular hunting dog in the past and used to hunt wild boar, bear and deer. They could grab the prey and hold it with their very strong jaws.

Named as boxer for their tendency to stand on their back legs in play. For more information about boxer dogs, click here.

The first boxer club was founded in 1896.

Boxer Dogs InformationFormerly the breed was docked and cropped and still are in certain countries. Now fortunately this practice is now illegal in many countries. For detailed information about this breed read this.

Boxer bitches have an average of six pups but can give birth to as many as ten pups.

Their coloring is fawn and brindle (black stripes against fawn background) with a white underbelly but not in all cases.

Boxers with white markings covering over a third of their body are known as White boxers although not in any way albino. 20 to 25% have this white feature and are a little at risk from sunburn. Eighteen percent of white boxers are deaf. White boxers are not accepted in shows anywhere in the world.


They are loving and loyal safe around children, although wary of strangers. They are friendly and playful yet courageous when needed. Very clean and extremely intelligent they are very much a sought after popular family dog.

Energetic and smart

Boxer Dogs InformationBoxers require plenty of exercise as they are a very energetic breed. Known as a little stubborn they can be a little difficult to train but respond better to positive reinforcement so therefore suitable for clicker training. They are Independent thinkers.

They were introduced to the United States and became recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904.

Boxers did their war duty during the First World War used as messengers and attack dogs. Their popularity never really caught on till after the Second World War. They have since become popular as guard dogs.

Genetic health concerns

Health wise they are prone to cancers and heart conditions. Also they can suffer epilepsy and hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

They can be fussy eaters with sensitive stomachs.

Sixth most popular dog in America so therefore is no shortage of clubs and enthusiast sites online. here is a list of reputable boxer clubs

The American Kennel Club alone has several regional branches honoring this magnificent dog.

Choose right breeder

Boxer Dogs InformationBreeders are numerous but careful selection of a breeder should be taken as with so many genetic health conditions that they are prone to. A good breeder should screen before breeding.

A dog that has contracted mange should never be bred. Careful screening by a breeder will not eliminate the problems associated with boxer’s health but the risk should be at least reduced.

A good breeder should offer you a one year written guarantee against genetic conditions in the dog and in some cases, you can have a 2 to 3 year guarantee. A breeder that does not offer a guarantee should be avoided.

They should be able to produce hard copy evidence of health testing on the parents and if they can’t do not do business with them.

For more info, click here.