Cat Toilet Training – Saving Money on Litter

One of the great things about a cat is that they are not difficult to train to use a litter box. A litter box is a natural choice of toilet for a cat and they don’t have too much trouble in getting the message.

As kittens, they tend to not get it at first and sheets of newspaper are all over the house. When they use the wrong place as a kitten you don’t tell them off as that does nothing with a cat only stresses them. You simply pick them up and put them in the litter box. Eventually they get it, there is no great skill required in training your cat to use a litter box.

Kitty in the Bathroom

Cat Toilet TrainingBut how much easier would it be if your cat uses the toilet that we use. No more cleaning out litter boxes. It would be the end of expensive cat litter eating into our budgets. If only it was possible. Well this may come as a shock but it is. It is not easy by any means and no guarantees of success. But with patience and a little trouble it is entirely possible.

There are products you can buy that serve the purpose of helping her graduate towards the bathroom and actually using the toilet. You need to keep up the discipline of always ensuring that the conditions are right for instance making sure the seat is always down and possibly initially encouraging her by creating steps for her to find her way to the toilet. There is a method and there are varying accounts of how to achieve this end of having your cat trained to use the bathroom.

Products for Toilet Training

Cat Toilet TrainingThere is a product that is designed to help you train your cat to use the toilet that is ideal for any shape of toilet bowl and uses flushable litter and the end result being you don’t need any litter and no special devices after training.

It involves using a cover with cat litter in to initially bring him to the bathroom and by using a small hole in the middle she soon becomes comfortable with it. Then gradually the size of the hole is expanded and they soon learn that doing their business directly into the hole keeps the litter clean and cats love a clean litter.

Bit by bit the hole is expanded and eventually no more litter. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Not every cat manages to get it and if so then it’s simply back to the litter box after much effort, but it’s certainly worth trying when you consider the long term costs it will save you. And to eradicate the smells makes it worth the effort alone. The product is called Citi Kitty and full training instructions are provided.

Home Made Version

Cat Toilet TrainingIt is possible to do this yourself without the use of a bought product. It involves making a homemade cardboard litter box and with gradual patient progression he soon gets it. Some people have a problem with reluctance in their cat and this can be due to cleaning products which the cat does not like the smell of.

As we all know cats are fussy and are easily put off things. You have to start by gradually moving the litter box closer and closer each day to the bathroom, and as said previously much patience is required.

Here is an account from Cats Care Guide of one method to slowly encourage your cat to use a toilet. Training them to wash their hands after is another proposition.

Back To Basics

Cat Toilet TrainingIf after all your efforts it turns out to be a failed venture then it’s simply back to the litter box she knows so well. Not the end of the world by any means and certainly worth a try. Of course as we all know it is essential to keep the litter box clean or you may be dealing with another problem of inappropriate cat urination and worse.

But most of us have little problem with litter boxes and going back to the old tried and tested system of litter box use is the end result of a failure with toilet training.

For tips on litter boxes and keeping her using it then read this interesting piece from Animal Planet.

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