Dog Food Brands – How to Identify & Choose Quality Dog Food

There are many dog food brands available in the market. They come in a variety of types of dog food, i.e. dry or wet, protein based or organic or natural.

Many dog food manufacturers have come out saying theirs is of high quality as they use the best natural ingredients.

Choosing which dog food brand may be one of the toughest decisions that dog-owners will need to make when they consider what really is best for their dogs. It is quite a daunting task!

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to identify and choose a top dog food brand, and a list of the top 5 natural dog food brands in the US.

How to identify the best quality dog food

dog with his foodRead the labels carefully. How many of us dog-owners are fooled by the pretty pictures and fancy descriptions?

These are meant to catch our eyes and inadvertently get the focus out of the real ingredients.

The term, “Natural” can be misleading! What we need to put top priority on is what we are going to feed our animals with and how they could possibly react to it, especially if they are ill.

In the US, The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) had already established the rules that regulate animal feed, including dog food ingredients.

All dog food manufacturers are required to follow and stick to these “Rules” and show the following information on all their product labels:

  • Product Name
  • List of Ingredients
  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Nutritional Adequacy Statement
  • Dog Feeding Guidelines
  • Net Quantity Statement
  • Manufacturer’s Name and Address

What we should be aware of is that it is allowed to omit critical information entirely on the label, i.e. ingredients that manufacturers do not add themselves but are obtained from their suppliers.

Another thing is that common descriptions are not regulated at all, i.e. “Recommended by top Veterinarians”, “All-Organic”, “All-Natural” and other similar catchphrases. We just need to be cautious.

dog food brandCompare dog food brands. There’s just so many to choose from and so many information to absorb! What we need to pay attention to and look for is human grade dog food. (Read more)

Look online for dog food products’ websites and reviews. We need to make sure that the ingredients are made locally from USDA inspected facilities or from reputable countries.

Review diligently the food label and check the list of ingredients before the fat source. Most manufacturers that deliver high quality dog food list down up to 10 more ingredients before the source of fat.

Dog Food BrandStudy the meat components. Meat is the highest source of protein which is the most vital substance in a dog’s diet. You want high quality meat product that has more meat than grains.

Avoid dog food brands that do not mention a specific animal as the source of the meat. Avoid the term ‘by-product’ as well – even if source is cited.

Look for information on quality sources of fat and grains. Although fruits and vegetables are not as important in a dog’s diet, it’s a good source of extra nutrients but veer away from onions.

Study the label for food preservatives and chemical additives. Look for more natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Top 5 Natural Dog Food and Holistic Brands

Here is what we have gathered as America’s leading dog food brands of natural and holistic in quality:
1. Solid Gold
2. Innova
3. Nature’s Variety
4. Holistic Blend
5. EVO Grain-Free

Purina Dog Food

Dog owners have one thing in common when it comes to choosing the best dog food for their pets.

That is, to keep their pets happy, healthy and strong at very affordable prices!

This is the one thing that Purina shares with them, claims it as their main mission, putting quality on top priority when they produce their wide range and variety of dog food products for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Although many have criticized Purina for commercializing dog food by creating this variety of products and therefore, compromising the quality of its ingredients, it has maintained its stature as one of the best dog food manufacturer in the market.

About Purina Dog Food Formulas – Positive vs. Negative

Purina Dog FoodIn most of its formulas, Purina uses corn as a main ingredient, as well as wheat, soy, and other ingredients.

In many of the reviews I have read about Purina Dog Food, I have learned so far that many dog owners have claimed that corn products in dog food are bad for dogs’ digestion.

However, according to the site Helium on their Dog Care and Health section under the Pets and Animals channel, there are many myths that continue to circulate about this; but they are largely myths. It claims that there are many benefits to using corn products in dog food.

It is 99% digestible because it is finely ground corn and designed specifically for easy digestion. It is the best source of carbohydrates that provides the fiber and amino acids our pets need.

On the other hand, there are other schools of thought which suggest that corn metabolizes in dogs much the same way as sugar metabolizes in humans.

Purina Dog FoodTherefore, feeding your dogs with dog food that contains corn products could result in hyperactivity or energy spurts and crashes in your dog which is not going to be totally healthy. [Read more for details]

In the same article, it was written that corn may reduce serotonin levels in the brain for some dogs.

Serotonin is a chemical that reduces stress and anxiety. Therefore, low serotonin levels could result to dog behavioral problems.

Price and Availability

Purina dog food products are readily available at many pet stores and groceries at affordable prices as compared with other dog food brands. One may also check online where they are available; some of the sites that carry the products include Pet Smart, PetCo, Walmart, and other similar stores.

Purina offers coupons and special discounts on its website regularly. Similar offers are available on stores that carry the product. Bulk orders are offered in some stores.


To sum it up, it is very much a dog owner’s responsibility to provide his dog with the proper care and nutrition. Finding the best dog food for your dog is a pretty much daunting task and when you are faced with various and sometimes opposing ways of thinking, it could intimidate and stop you in finding the right answers.

What we should think of really is that what may be right for one dog may not be good for the next one.

This is where Purina comes in; they help you find the right balance of nutrition for your dog.

Purina Dog FoodAnd because the people that make up Purina are pet-owners too, they cannot compromise the quality of their dog food formulas.

They are committed to providing quality in every dog food formula they create especially for the varying types of needs our dogs have.

Purina dog food formulas are produced and marketed by the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. Currently, its main headquarters is located at St. Louis, Missouri.