My Dog Ate Chocolate – Not a Good Treat

It is never advisable to give your dog chocolate. You hear stories about dogs eating chocolate and dying, and in principle it can happen but frankly it’s not as serious a concern as some panic mongers would have you think.

It takes a hell of a lot of milk chocolate to harm a dog, dark chocolate is somewhat more dangerous and baking/cooking chocolate the highest risk, but first let’s get the dangers of dogs eating chocolate rationalized.

Level of Danger

My Dog Ate chocolate
If you come downstairs to find that he has found your chocolate stash and gobbled it up, then chances are that it is nothing to panic over. It is most likely milk chocolate as that’s what is the most common chocolate around, and the amount he would need to eat to be in any danger is probably more than you could eat yourself if he’s on the larger side.

What’s most relevant is the size of the dog. The type of chocolate is another major factor. Some chocolate has higher concentrations of cocoa and when you get up to baking chocolate then the dangers are more concerning.

Chocolate contains Theobromine which in large quantities is toxic to a dog. It comes from the same family of caffeine. But take note that although it takes a hell of a lot of milk chocolate to harm a dog, when we talk about semisweet or even more so bakers chocolate the ratio of Theobromine is greatly increased.

In rough terms, it means that with milk chocolate the danger limit is 1 ounce for every lb your dog weighs. With semisweet chocolate, less chocolate is more dangerous with 1 ounce to every 3 lbs your dog weighs. With bakers chocolate it’s far more of a danger with 1 ounce being able to harm a 9lb dog.

Other factors have to be taken into consideration such as the sensitivity of the dog and strength of the chocolate.

Little Dogs Most At Peril

So it seems size matters as it’s far easier for a small dog to find a quantity of chocolate that could be enough to harm him. The larger the dog, it is less likely that he would find enough chocolate. Yet a smaller amount which could be just the amount you leave lying around may harm a small dog

Don’t Give Them the Taste

My Dog Ate chocolate
So as established, small amounts of chocolate won’t hurt a dog but its best to never give them anyway as this gives them a taste for it putting them in more danger. If it was to ever come to pass that your dog had an absolute chocolate fest on your cooking chocolate and really did exceed these limits then he is likely to experience increase of the heart rate, diarrhea and vomiting, muscle tremors, over excited and hyper irritable, restless as well as increased urination. In those extremely rare cases then he could go into coma or even die but it’s unlikely.


There is no antidote to Theobromine toxicity and generally it will run its course over 12 to 36 hours dependent on the amount he has ingested. If you suspect he has eaten chocolate in any quantity observe him and if you feel he has really had an excess amount then take him to the vet to be safe.

Treatment is only to keep him stable and the diarrhea and vomiting is treated with IV fluids. In some cases they may induce vomiting and in more serious cases anti seizure and heart medications. But chances are it will not be that serious unless he really has had a lot. For safety’s sake keep chocolate locked away to prevent a problem.

For more details, click this link.

Dog Homes – Re-homing the Lost and Abandoned

Finding homes for dogs is the work of many an organization, from animal shelters to humane societies even pet food brands get behind it and fund some organizations. Largely these are organizations run on donation and fund raising activity. Some are privately funded but what they all have in common is finding dogs homes through adoption.

In addition to shelters and rescue groups you have websites like Petfinder. The ASPCA are involved and even leading pet stores all help in some way or the other in re-homing dogs through adoptions.


Dog Homes
Some are just run within the locality and others use the nationwide network that has built up designed to find adoptive parents to lost mistreated or abandoned dogs. From pure breeds, to little street urchin mongrels. Some are breed specific and if you are seeking to adopt a breed of a particular dog then you can register.

When the dog of the type you desire comes along they contact you. Every angle is covered giving a greater chance of successfully re-homing a dog. When they first come into a shelter they are examined by a vet and very wisely spayed or neutered to ensure they don’t spend the rest of their days adding to the dog overpopulation problem.

They are fully vaccinated, potential owners carefully vetted and all being well a dog finds a new home. Of course the new owner pays the costs of the vaccination and spay or neuter but it is at reduced rates.

Abandonment and Surrender

Dog Homes
Often a dog is simply found on the street and it happens because he gets separated from his owner or sometimes just abandoned deliberately when the owner encounters problems. Sometimes they are voluntarily given up as for various reasons the owner is not able to take care of them anymore.

Sometimes well meaning can get out of hand as in the case of this home in Frederick county.

The Adoption Team

Dog HomesAs mentioned Petfinder is a major player in this network. They serve as a nationwide and as well as Canadian directory to link up owners and pets. They present profiles of dogs that are available for adoption, and perspective buyers can browse and contact the shelter or rescue group to find the dog they want.

You can search out a specific breed or just find a lovable rogue to take home after vetting. You can search by age or state it really could not be easier. After clicking on the dog of your liking you get the opportunity to contact the author of the ad directly.

Other major players are the ASPCA who do an excellent job with their adoption service. They have great profiles describing the personality and other valuable information.

It’s like the best matchmaker service imaginable but for dogs and owners. They make a lot of effort with the profiles and even have videos to help to increase the appeal. No doubt the harder dogs to adopt get a better chance by personalizing them using video.

Many an animal shelter or rescue group offer their own service of pet adoptions directly to those that contact them but still most of them are linked into a wider program to increase the possibility of that dog finding a home. You can access lists of animal shelters and rescue group’s via the websites of Petfinder and the ASPCA who have a directory available on there sites.

Pet Stores and Pet Brands

Dog HomesMajor stores like PetCo and Petsmart have links to adoption schemes for dogs. Various dog food brands also help out like Pedigree. They all make up the team that gives these unfortunate dogs a brighter future.

Dog Life Vest – Water Safety for Dogs

There are very few dogs that don’t love water. All it takes is a throw of a stick and splash in they go. And a good thing it is too as it’s an absolutely great way to help them keep fit. They use every muscle when they are swimming doing their famous doggie paddle.

Even an older dog in senior years can benefit. We should never be over protective and prevent them doing something they enjoy and actually gives them such great health benefits. Yes they can be a little stinky after but hey so what. It’s nothing a dog shampoo can’t take care of.

So with that said wouldn’t it be a great idea to put your mind at rest and supply them with a Dog Life Vest. It is peace of mind for you as it is safer for your dog. If you go fishing or have use of a boat, then a dog life vest means he can become a passenger without the worry of him going overboard and the current maybe being too strong for him. A dog life vest will keep him afloat so you can simply pick him out the water.
Dog Life Vest
Beaches are a popular spot for dogs and if his the type that swims out instead of just running along the shoreline then maybe for his safety it may be worth putting one on him. Dog life vests and jackets do the same job they keep him afloat.

Where to Look

There are a few selections online for you to browse and gain an education on the ranges. They accommodate most dog sizes and can be florescent or damn right jazzy and colorful. Often you have to go looking between the dog jackets and the dog floats and view small ranges.

A dog vest tends to be a little less bulky than a jacket which is why some prefer them. If you’re looking for a good quality sturdy and robust dog life jacket then maybe this Champion Canine Life Vest may be just what you’re looking for.

This will protect in the most torrid of waters. In sizes to suit all size dogs from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane. It is extremely none restrictive and yet totally safe.

A useful feature is the grab handle fitted at the back, so should he need to be lifted out of the water then the handle would make it a lot easier. It has a Cordura nylon outer shell which makes it resistant to a little rough treatment even mild chewing, and most importantly machine washable.

There is an additional $7.95 for shipping on single or doubled items and $12.95 with 3 orders or more regardless of weight. It can take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. Prices range from $39 for the smallest size to $79 for the big dogs.

Other Selections

Dog Life VestAs stated before you won’t find many large selections under one roof, or on one website you may well have to look around to see the full ranges of what is on the market. Picking between the dog life jackets you will find the vests.

To find other selections with the best prices then look on Google Shopping and it will open up a mine of life dog vests and exactly where to find them. Mostly entering dog life vests into a search brings up dog life jackets and as there is little difference why not consider them too and it does open up your range of choices also.

Dog Urns – Dignified Memorials

For many, the death of their dog is a hugely traumatic experience. Often for possibly 15 years your dog has been a companion and friend and lives on in the memory. Cremation throughout history has not always been accepted and the Catholic Church only permitted it from 1963.

Pragmatism being a large reason for the turn in attitudes as with the population as it is how can we deal with the consecrated ground for millions. So slowly cremation has become a more accepted practice and is extremely common these days with humans.

No different for our pets. And a dog urn serves as a memorial of the dog’s life and many these days wish to keep the ashes of their loved dog.
Dog Urns
Pet cremations have steadily increased over the years, although many still find a corner in the garden or near his favorite spot for burial, but for many cremations is a more pragmatic option. Who knows if we ever plan a move in the future? You cannot take him with you of course. Many have a dog urn to contain their dog’s ashes and to keep them in a spot where they can acknowledge and honor the memory of their lost loved friend in that way.

It’s surprising how many there are on sale when you look online. When the cremation of your dog is over you are handed a simple wooden box with your dogs ashes and naturally for many this is not fitting with the memories and great times they had over the years and it’s a natural way to honor him and have a dog urn. The ranges are simply amazing and you can buy standard or even fine handcrafted and ornate ones on the market.

Handcrafted Custom Made

Dog Urns
As your dog was unique and there was never a dog in this world like your dog, it’s fitting to honor him with a custom made handcrafted dog urn like those produced by Spirit Remains. They have an astonishing range to choose from and you can give it uniqueness by having personal items of your choosing on the urn. You can provide a photograph and they will paint on the urn an image of your dog making it unique to your dog and honoring him in a way more in keeping with your special memories. They can add figurines and make it totally personal. The Selections are vast, a very tasteful memorial for your dog.

Beautiful Selections

Dog Urns
At Memorial Gallery Pets, they have a huge and beautiful selection of dog urns which would look beautiful as a feature on your mantelpiece. They have a range of decorative vase type urns and beautiful wooden boxes all very unique and creative; well worth a look. They have picture boxes, some made of marble. There are figurines, and many different and novel designs as well as the more traditional.

These are just small examples of the huge ranges in dog urns that are available. These are two good sites to give you an idea of what you can expect to find online. They are usually helpful and sensitive and will try and accommodate you with requests if you just talk to them. See the other ranges; there is no shortage of dog urns online.

Ceramic Dog Bowls – Non Toxic and Decorative

You may be asking yourself what it matters what my dog eats from. Plastic doesn’t break and is lightweight and durable. Yes quite right, and also toxic.

That is why many people insist on using a ceramic bowl to serve their dogs meals in. They are more robust and durable than people think. They possibly won’t survive being dropped to the floor but generally they are tough and can survive the rigors of your dog pushing it round trying to lick that last bit out.

They should be heavy enough to not go traveling round the kitchen floor as your dog buries his snout into it. Make sure it’s able to remain fixed to the floor as he eats. Also apart from having toxic properties that leak into the food, plastic also harbors smells that we can’t smell but dogs can. Maybe not enough to put hungry dogs off their dinner but they have a sensitive nose indeed.
Ceramic Dog Bowls
Ceramic bowls washes well in dishwashers and does not harbor crevices that retain bacteria. A rim is a good idea as sometimes they can slobber the food and it easily gets onto the floor. A rim could well prevent that.

In certain cases a chewy dog may chew his plastic bowl where as he cannot do that to ceramic. They are more attractive and your dog will probably prefer it.

Best Ways to Buy

It hardly seems worth it to pay the shipping costs of a relatively inexpensive item, so maybe pet stores are your best bet. Not only that it’s always good to feel the weight for yourself. A bowl that is too light will end up in the opposite corner of the kitchen by the time he has finished.

Why at pet store, what’s wrong with a normal ceramic bowl? Well simply put we use cutlery so we don’t have need of the extra weight as we don’t stick our faces in the bowl, although some of us may.

The rim on a dog bowl is to serve a purpose of avoiding spillage so in truth you could use a normal ceramic bowl but these are problems you may encounter. They simply are not heavy enough. If you do find a ceramic bowl that is then fine, use it.

Ceramic Dog BowlsPetCo have a nice range of decorative ceramic dog bowls for you to choose from. They have ones for large and small dogs and you are never too far from a PetCo. They range from $2.39 for the small dog bowls to $17.99 for the largest.

Likewise at Petsmart, again a very decorative selection and some are on elevated stands as is popular with some. They start from as little as $1.87 to $39.99 for the double bowls on elevated stands.

Ceramic Dog BowlsIt’s not the hardest item you are ever going to have to search for, and a wander round one or two pet stores will probably find you what you are looking for. Avoid the ones with a rim that goes inward to the inside of the bowl.

Designed to avoid spillage but they tend to trap food where your dog will find it hard to get at just under the rim. Even supermarkets and general hardware stores could have a supply of ceramic dog bowls. Not the hardest item to find and best bought over the counter.

Petsmart Grooming Coupons Printable – Consumer Advantage

Coupons have been in widespread use in the United States since 1909. They was first introduced by Coca Cola way back in since the 1890s. They have helped many a product launch itself over the years and simply offer discounts to those that have them.

Only a certain kind of consumer generally uses them, and today there is a newer way using the internet to distribute discounts via online printable coupons. So for the consumer that loves a bargain there are ways to find reductions on a whole range of products by simply searching the internet and printing off the offers. Petsmart grooming printable coupons are simply that, a marketing coupon available online.


Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableThe theory has always been that only those who are more price sensitive collect coupons and for those who are not then the retail value is slightly increased and they get the money back that way. They may seem like a giveaway but there is always that kick in the tail for the non coupon user. It also entices customers to buy a product or in this case to use the Petsmart grooming coupon and try a service they have not previously tried and therefore the possibility of a regular client thereafter. So that’s the principle from the stores point of view so as a consumer it’s up to you to take full advantage.

Take Advantage

Now in the internet age they are targeting a whole new kind of consumer and obtaining these discounts is easy. To find Petsmart grooming printable coupons it’s as easy as searching the product line you seek, in this case Petsmart grooming printable coupons.

When found you simply print it off and then you take your printed coupon to the store to avail of your discount. Always read any terms and conditions. You can often subscribe to be updated via e mail of any future discounts available. Sometimes clicking simply takes you to a page on the website alerting you to other discounts so a little patience is required. Also there are complaints from some claiming that they cannot obtain the coupon but around 70% succeed.

Coupon Hunting

Petsmart Grooming Coupons PrintableA search could lead you to a site such as Retail Me Not. As you searched Petsmart grooming coupons then often it will come out top of the list saving you having to search the list.

There is an option to click on print coupon and easy as that you get it, and in this case you get $10 discount off a full service groom or bath, brush or more.

It can sometimes be a little frustrating as some of the sites take you nowhere near a Petsmart grooming coupon despite the claim in the link but the more reliable ones will take you to such 8 Coupons and if you follow the list down you will come across a Petsmart printable grooming coupon where you simply click printable coupon you arrive and from there you can click for your coupon and hey presto your coupon.

All the other sites work on the same principle so go find one and give your dog a full groom and save yourself $10. Great for the price conscious consumer, don’t miss out.

It’s that simple and of course you can use them as often as you like as only one coupon at a time will be accepted. They are there to be taken advantage of so use them. The slight unreliability with some sites is a small price to pay to avail of eventually finding a bargain.

This is just a couple of sites to find Petsmart printable coupons and was found to be reliable. There are several online so a little patience and you can find many bargains including discounts at pet smart stores and discounts on grooming.

Dog Exercise Pen – Best Brands

A dog exercise pen is somewhere between a dog crate and a dog kennel. Not as large as most kennels but larger than a crate. Where crates are great to toilet train and confine your dog for short periods a dog pen is more suited to longer periods of confinement.

A crate is too restricting for longer confinement periods and besides, over confining a dog in a dog crate can defeat the purpose of what crate training is. if you confine a dog too long in a crate you will lose him having the willingness to use it as he will fear you’re going to lock him in for too long and turn him against his crate. A pen gives him that little more movement and freedom and much more suited for containment for longer periods.

They are mostly made from metal and are heavy enough to not be pushed. They are not suited to the larger dog as the additional strength of a large dog and his jumping ability may mean easy escape, hence they are usually made for smaller dogs. They can be made from chain link fence components for good weather proofing or some other metal mesh material.
Dog Exercise Pen
Some have roofs and you can be size variable. They can be used outdoors or indoors. Although your dog is a part of the family, there are still times when you need to confine him for some purposes. When visitors call, or when his left unattended for a longer period of time, it stops him running amok around the house and chewing the furniture. Always leave him a dog toy as he is bound to be a little bored and ensure he has plenty of water. Keep him out of the sun and he will learn to content himself.

Best Quality Brands

Dog Exercise Pen
Mid West Pet Products are a leading supplier of dog crates and dog pens. They have a quality range and mid west dog pens can accommodate a dog as large as 110lbs. they a range in zinc, gold or black colors. They are a leader in their field always good quality from this company. Shipping is free with orders above $50. Do not be confused with the similarly named mid west homes for pets that sell a similar product line.

In fact the name Mid West seemed to be coddled by many companies selling the same type of product. There is also Mid West Metals so be careful when you follow links that just say Mid West as it is more often than not the product made by Mid West Pet Products. If you want their product buy direct from them and don’t be fooled into any of the other similar names on the market.

If plastic seems a better option then look no further than Iris where they have a range of 4 paneled 6 and 8 paneled selections of dog exercise pens. Iris is a brand you will stumble on in your searches and fairly widely available. They are widely available through these stores.


Dog Exercise Pen
Shopping around there are plenty of options. Walmart have a range of both Iris and Mid West Homes for Pets dog exercise pens. Again note these are not the same as Mid West Pet Products who sell their product direct online.
For indoor range see

Avoderm Dog Food – High Fiber Fruit Power

Avoderm is manufactured by Breeders Choice in Irwindale California and the Avoderm produced a range and was launched in 1982. They produced a natural quality specialty product aimed at benefiting dogs coats and skin by the inclusion of avocado hence the name Avoderm.
Free from artificial preservatives and rich in Vitamin C A and E. Has fatty acids, folate, niacin and potassium.

The story of how they came to use avocado stems from a tale of a California farmer that had a surplus of avocados, and after much research they discovered that avocado ingredients was of great benefit to a dogs coat and skin and hence in 1982 they launched the product.


Avoderm Dog Food
The theme of avocado in the product is what gives Avoderm its uniqueness. High in fiber, rich in vitamins and its inclusion is the reason that Avoderm dog food is known to be so beneficial to a dogs coat and skin and as avocado is one of the most nutritious fruit there is.

Dogs’ well being is often measured in terms of his coat and skin condition. The glossy coat tells the dog owner his dog is healthy. Nothing can give a dog a shinier coat than the inclusion of this fruit in their diet.

Mixed with other healthy ingredients and omitting wheat and corn they claim to deliver a well balanced dog food. They tell you all about the power of the avocado on their website.

Product Range

Avoderm Dog Food
They have dry food formulas for Puppies which has chicken and rice dog food recipe, one being for normal size dogs and a line for small and large breeds. They also do a canned version of the same formula of chicken and rice.

For Adult Dogs in the dry food range again its chicken and brown rice. Again it is broken into small or large breed formula. Another twist with Avoderm is the here they also have a canned and dry food vegetarian formula. Much is said about Vegetarian Dog Food and will come to that shortly.

The next range is what they term as the All Life Stage which consists of a wider range of formulas, including chicken and lamb meal with brown rice , high protein, grain free salmon as well as red meat meal with potatoes.

They feature an Oven Baked Range with beef meal and lamb and brown rice and a small bites version with beef meal.

In the Canned Range they do an original formula as well as chicken and rice, lamb and rice, salmon and wild rice stew, chicken and vegetable stew and a turkey and vegetable stew.

For Seniors in dry food only, a chicken meal and brown rice formula and same flavor for Weight Control which is also available in a can. Then lastly a range of 3 in an Oven Baked Treat series.


It is worth noting that they have the one product wet and dry of a vegetarian formula. Needless to say those vegetarian dogs are an area of some controversy. A little research could be advised before you decide to turn your dog vegetarian. Click this link for additional read.

Meat Meal

Avoderm Dog Food
It’s worth acknowledging that the first ingredient is mostly meat meal of either lamb chicken or sometimes beef. Meat meal by definition is rendered meat without any manure, stomach and rumen content hoof hide horn trimmings, added blood, or hair.

Chicken meal is usually whole rendered carcass of chicken with or without the bone without heads feathers, feet, and entrails.

There is a feature on the website that helps you to find your nearest stockiest of Avoderm dog food. Here are some reviews of both the wet and dry foods of Avoderm Dry Food Review, and Wet Food Review

Cat Urine Removal – Eradication of Odor

Cat urine is one of the most unpleasant odors there is. It lingers and is indescribable. Worse of all is you even get the odor on yourself as its said by some that some cat owners smell of the cats.

Well in multi cat households it can really get out of control and could end up with a very bad odor problem. Friends stop calling and it seems it’s just something you are going to have to live with.

It’s like a cycle as the smell being there encourages the cat to go to the same spot and repeat the offence. That’s why it is very important to act quickly as by removing the smell you are reducing the chance of repeat behavior. You really do not need to have to live with it.
Cat Urine Removal
The reasons a cat urinates in inappropriate places are usually down to simple things like allowing the litter tray to become unsanitary. It is important to constantly maintain the litter tray as fussy cats don’t like dirty bathrooms.

Another reason could be spraying especially in a male. Even seeing a tom pass the window threatens some cats and as a consequence they begin scent marking which is unfortunate for you. This can be your carpet, walls, doors, bags and furniture. Urine that is sprayed is far more offensive in odor than their usual urine.

There is one obvious solution and that is to neuter your tom. Although there is a possibility it may not eradicate this behavior, it will certainly reduce it. Most cats that are neutered do not continue to spray.

Finding Old Spots

Crawling around on your hands and knees is not a great way to spend your time and that’s one way to find old spots. You can make it easier on yourself by buying a UV or Black light to help you locate the old pee spots. It would be most annoying to miss a spot and its well worth doing a sweep of your house.

Home Remedies

Cat Urine Removal
There are home remedies of which you will find many online. However the problem with home remedies is that they tend to be a little labor intensive.

Also it is said that in many cases they don’t work as the cat can still smell the old spot even if we can’t and that there is a chance they may return to that spot.

The most commonly used home remedy for getting the stain out of the carpet uses simple household products like baking soda and white vinegar. It may be good enough and if it works then is cheaper than buying a product. If you want to give it a try then read this version of a homemade remedy from

Best Products

Cat Urine Removal
Nature's Miracle
Using a product may be more expensive but it is less labor intensive and more effective. Also they are effective on most fabrics and many are stain removers also.

One of the best known effective odor eliminators is Natures Miracle which has a whole range of products to defeat odors in your house and remove the odor of cat urine. You can find natures miracle products at PetCo and Petsmart.

Other brands are available but its noticeable that many just say urine removal where as Natures Miracle is bold enough to specifically have a cat urine odor remover. As cats have that specially strong odor they seem to be the best choice.

Dog Urine Odor Removal – Deodorizing Your Home

Even the best trained dog is prone to the odd accident in the house. Puppies of course take awhile to learn not to pee in the house and it’s always a consequence of having a puppy. Inevitably cleaning up a few accidents until his trained will be part of the process of house training your puppy. Adult dogs that know all about where to pee are prone in some circumstances too.

The obvious being when he is not let out in time. It can sometimes be fear or submission. Sometimes when you tell them off they respond with a piddle. Maybe their way of saying stop shouting at me, who knows? Fireworks, thunderstorms or anything that unnerves him can trigger an indoor pee. It is very important to remove the odor quickly as in your dog’s mind his pee odor being left behind tells him it’s ok to go there to the same spot and do it again.
Dog Urine Odor Removal
Sometimes over excitability can have them dribbling and sometimes they are just bad and the devil made them do it. Ill health can be a factor and many other reasons you may find yourself on your knees dabbing up the puddles. It’s part of having a dog and will inevitably happen from time to time for one reason or another.


A solution to ending the peeing indoors is one matter and it’s a little more complex but removing the smell from your home is less of a concern. The internet is crowded with solutions and useful advice. From home made formulas to products you can buy you will find plenty of advice online. Products that you purchase can be quite expensive but at the same time is less labor intensive. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on removing the smell of dog urine from your house then try one of the many home remedies online.

Home Remedies

Dog Urine Odor RemovalYou will find many home made remedies online to remove the smell of dog pee. Most involve using household products and considerably less expensive than a product you buy at a pet store. Here is a popular home remedy and is proven to work. It has an excellent chance of succeeding in getting rid of the smell.

It involves using baking soda, white vinegar and Dishwasher detergent and hydrogen peroxide. It is taken from the dog information site Dog Chat.

It is probably the most commonly suggested home remedy. There is a debate as to how effective this method is and some argue that it does not break down the enzymes that are in dog urine and that the dog can still smell it and therefore liable to go back there and do it again. Well as this is good for many then try it and see what result it has, and if they are proven to be right then maybe a product is the answer.


Dog Urine Odor RemovalOne highly rated product that is easily available is Natures Miracle. Not only does it claim to remove the odor it also takes care of any staining. Also it will carry on working on your carpet even after the smell has gone dealing with any leftover enzymes buried deep in your carpet.

Natures miracle is easily available and comes in a 32 oz 64 oz and 1 gallon bottles and is available from PetCo, Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus and you can consider the other products listed there also.

It’s never nice to have a house that smells of dog odor but there are plenty of solutions. This is just one home remedy and one product but search online there is no shortage of products and other ideas for home remedies.