Small Dog Carrier – Dogs’ Days Out

You have a much greater range of choice for a small dog when it comes to carriers. Small dogs are treated by some as a fashion accessory. Not good I know but that’s the world we live in.

So consequently a whole range of fashionable carriers are available that is simply not there for larger dogs. For one you can’t really carry a large dog in a handbag sized carrier so the range of choice is much more for a small dog.

A small dog is easy to take around with you and tend to be a pocket dog in many cases. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and some they can poke their heads out and watch the world go by as you carry them on your shoulder.

In this respect small dogs have a more fun time as they get to be taken everywhere from work places to shopping malls.

Most dog boutiques have an abundance of such carriers. Of course you can get the more orthodox types but too big and bulky then you don’t have the same freedom.

From handbag size to sports bag size and even back pack style, there is a small dog carrier to suit your need.

Where to Find

small dog carrier
At, they have a very wide range of small dog carriers that fit the purpose of being fashionable and useful for taking your dog everywhere with you as many of us do.

The range features slings, classic styles, puppy carriers and a lot more. They have Italian leather, glamorous ones and airline approved. They ship for free on orders over $75 and only $4.99 on anything less. Good selection to be browsed.

At again a good across the range selection to choose from. Slings, embroidered, animal print soft bags are available. They have suitcase style carriers, courier bags all of which look good and keep your dog safe and secure whilst in transit with you. Shipping is free.

More choices at with ranges from $49 to $460. Selections of Italian leather looking more like a stylish bag than a dog carrier. Cute little soft denim carriers and back pack style.

These are all stores with generous ranges for you to browse and variety of styles. For practical use if you are ever a traveler and want to take your dog with you, as you can take your dog in cabin with you on many airlines these days then airline approved pet carriers are a must.
Small dog carrier
A leading brand for airline approved dog carriers are Sherpa who offer quality and safety and security and were the the first airline recommended soft sided bag. Always upgrading their designs, they are known for their good quality durable dog carriers. Furthermore they will refund all expenses you may have lost if one of their bags is not accepted when boarding.

Also take a look at Official Dog House that have a generous range as well as Muttropolis .

Small dogs are well served with choices from the practical to the simply fashionable. These are stores deliberately chosen for the large selections and variety. There is a carrier for every small dog. Where possible ensure it is fully washable and well ventilated. These are never factors to overlook as the comfort of your dog is more important than the look.

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Unique Beds – Different Kind of Comfort

There are many dog beds available without having to look far. Pet stores have abundant supplies for large and small dogs and online there is link after link from the simple cushion bed to the orthopedic or raised even heated. But the ranges are often no different from the next store and it’s not so easy to find that novelty or something a little more in keeping with the style of your home.

Many probably just buy a bed they are not overly impressed with as they think that finding something different is too difficult. It need not be the case. Although they are not in huge quantities they are out there if you know where to look.

You can search using words like unique or custom and still mostly what you get is the run of the mill ranges and it’s hard to understand how they are calling anything in their range unique. You simply have to think beyond that and use words like hand crafted or specialized and novelty and even then the results are disappointing but you’re getting nearer to what you’re looking for.

Look for designer dog beds and try angles like that and you should get a more rewarding result.


Unique Beds
The types of beds that you can truly call unique vary from the slightly unusual to the bizarre. Always a good place to seek out the slightly unusual in anything is Etsy where they always have many choices to show you. Etsy links you to many stores and many pages of dog beds of which many can be called unique.

With Etsy they always have many different and more interesting stores and a good place to see the kinds of dog beds available is to use this site as a starter. They are not all of a highly unique nature but many are and the sheer volume means you have an excellent chance of finding something you was looking for.

Interior Designer Dog Bed

Now for the truly original and unique take a look at Opulent Items which in fact is a site for interior design but this novel bed is certainly something a little different. Called the VU dog pod, it’s a complete one off made in either Cherry Wood, Aluminum Laminate or Wenge Wood. Definitely something a little different which may appeal to some for its look although it does not appear too comfy. It comes with free shipping at a price of $550.

Hand painted

Unique Beds
For beauty and originality try the JBB Je t’aime Hand Painted Dog Bed for this beautiful wooden bed with hand painted molding and is truly beautiful.

Would look good in any home and although your dog may not be too up on beautiful artwork you will love it.

Attractive fabric graces the top with a washable outer cover. A truly unique item at $399 and shipping may take 2 to 3 weeks but worth the wait.

Space Saver

Here is a bed designed for space saving and fits snugly into a corner from Perfect Dog Beds. They are fairly simplistic in its design but definitely unique. Some are designed for the corner of the room others are oval shaped. They are handcrafted dog nests made in a variety of colors with furniture grade foam cushion. Furthermore all the profit from these dog beds goes to homeless pets.

This just a small selection of unique dog beds and although they are not easy to find, patience and imaginative searching will locate some. Just saying unique won’t find you much in a search so look at interior designs for homes and handmade and hand crafted when you search. A little effort involved in finding true originality but they are there.

Petsmart Pet Hotel – Home from Home

When you want a hotel to stay in overnight or even for a short stay in the day time you would be looking for comfortable room with attentive staff, a nice lobby, room service, in room entertainment and activities in the hotel, a good ventilation system, somewhere to work out, a salon and a comfortable bed.

So if that’s the kind of stay you would be looking for then if I said that’s what is available for your dog or cat then maybe you would be surprised no doubt. At Petsmart Pet Hotels, that’s what they get. The best daycare or overnight stay imaginable for a dog or cat.

Guest Requirements

Petsmart Pet Hotel
It’s quite reassuring to know that Petsmart hotels will only admit guests that are fully up to date with vaccinations. They will not accept home vaccinations and they prefer that they were vaccinated at least 10 days prior to their stay. Also ensure that your pet has no ticks or fleas as they will not be permitted to stay.

For Dogs

Petsmart Pet Hotel
Your dog can have overnight stay or day care. They can also use what they call the Doggie Day Camp. This is an alternative to having a dog sitter and a great way to stimulate your dog in group activities when you’re unable to be with them.

With Overnight Care, they have the choice of standard (atrium) room or you can upgrade to a suite. If he’s not a socialite and does not require the group activity of the doggie day camp, he can simply check in for Day Care where they can stay in a comfortable room and be involved in group play or individual play time with staff (for an extra fee).

For Cats

Petsmart Pet Hotel
As cats are not as sociable a creature as dogs, the services for cats consist of day care and overnight care. They have a separate ventilation system so dog smells won’t stress them. They are kept in kitty cottages and if a cat from same household is with them, they are kept together with connecting doors so they will feel more relaxed with their regular companion.

Additional Services

Petsmart Pet Hotel Doggie day camp is an Additional Service already mentioned above as well as Snack Kong which is simply giving him a treat filled toy. Treat time where they get dog safe ice cream and biscuits. Group play time is a crazy half hour of lively play with other guests.

If you prefer your dog to play alone or he is an intact male, bitches on heat or a powerful breed that has a tendency to fight other dogs then he can have individual play time. They can have their nails clipped and a bath before they go home. They have a range of add on packages involving some of these services mixed together. And also the option of double play time morning and afternoon.
Petsmart Pet Hotel
You can avail of dog training where a qualified dog trainer will teach your dog some tricks maybe. If you’re really missing your dog you can call the lobby and they will fetch your dog to the bone booth as they call it. There is no talk of this for cats as we all know cats can’t talk.

You can also arrange a grooming appointment whilst they are staying the Petsmart hotel. Everything is indoor and fully sanitized. They can arrange special diets; if your pet has allergy or other dietary needs that can be accommodated for.

Best Dog Food Brands – Best Contents

Who is to say which dog food is the best? Naturally I have no idea but picking out some of the better ones is an easier task. So which are the better ones?

Well the ones that are not the best we mostly already know and that’s the cheaper products that bring the price down by using fillers like corn and more meat by products than actual meat. It would suggest in theory that the good ones are the expensive ones, and although much of that holds true, it’s more important to go by what is written on the packet or tin. The ingredients tell all.

Read the Label

Best Dog Food BrandsWhen considering the quality of the ingredients, it’s important to know that the ingredients that there is most of is what is listed first. So if it says chicken as a first ingredient, you’re on to a good start. If it says chicken meal it’s not such a bad start either. Lamb is a great first choice also as it’s believed these are the best meats for a dog’s digestive system.

If we are going to judge it in human terms we would say chicken is best as opposed to chicken meal. Chicken meal is most of the carcass rendered. Chicken, if it says chicken it would be nearer to the standard we eat. That’s because we don’t eat guts.

But guts are good for dogs and it’s the main course to any dog in the wild that makes a kill. Therefore chicken meal is a great first choice for a dog on the ingredients list. They thrive on guts. Chicken meal is also meat

Ingredients to Avoid

Best Dog Food BrandsAnimal by-products and meat meal is not of the same caliber as chicken meal. That can be many other sources of meat, even rendered euthanized pets. Poultry meal, again best avoided as it’s a wide definition so look for chicken and turkey as opposed to poultry.

Animal fats are often added by the lesser quality dog foods and used as a way to flavor dog food and make it tastier for dogs. That does not make it good, if It does not say animal fats on the label, that’s good.

Fillers are added to make a dog feel full but have little nutritional benefit to a dog and not easily digestible. A small amount is ok but if it’s high up the list, it could suggest the food is rather filled out by these products and compromise nutritional quality.

So look for corn and wheat and rice in high quantity and try and avoid. A little brown rice is fine and some add vegetables and even fruits. This is fine as long as the main ingredient is quality meat like lamb or chicken. Some brands even promote the virtue of fruit and vegetables in dog food. As long as they are not using it too much to bulk up the product.

Here is a more comprehensive guide of things to avoid in dog foods from the Dog Food Project and advice on the additives to look for that you don’t want to see in a good dog food brand.


Best Dog Food BrandsThe opinions of others can be relevant but consistency in praise is what you are looking for. Try to find reviews that list the ingredients of the brands they are reviewing, as so much information is in these lists of ingredients.

A good review that not only lists ingredients, but has a review for many brands is Dog Food Advisor. They have an A to Z guide of all the brands as well as wet, dry and raw dog food reviews. This is a useful pointer towards selecting the best dog food brands.

The best dog food for you is one that agrees with your dog’s system, has him passing regular healthy stools and his general coat condition and the gleam in his eye should tell you if it agrees with him or not.

Here at Natural News, they give an account of the dog food industry and inform you of things you never knew about dog food. They have information about chemicals and other additives in dog food to look out for and avoid. More concise information on dog food and its contents can be found on Pet Advisor.

Some reviews and experts can seem a little alarmist and much is made of subjects such as human grade meat when in fact a dog would probably prefer the innards rather than best breast of chicken so don’t be led too much by reviewers that rate dog food as if it was for humans. (That actually reminds me of a review I read about the Dogtra e-collars where a reviewer was really subjective and had not really checked forums etc. but that is another story).

Remember dogs are not humans and dog food is not something to compare with our own best cuts of meat. also just because a brand is veterinarian approved does not mean it’s a great brand. Try and keep it simple when judging dog food brands and always be guided by ingredients.

Dog Training Basics – Essential Control Techniques

The beginning of training your dog starts as a puppy. Before you ever reach the stage of teaching them to sit you have to toilet train them. So the first training task is simply that as failure to do so means he poops and pees around the house and who wants that. The earlier you start a little basic training with your dog the better and the most basic thing is just that, teaching him where to do his business.

Crate Training

A common method of doing this is crate training. It’s a very effective method using the dogs own den instincts. Dogs hate eating in the same place they use the toilet. By crating him he learns control or the consequences for him are poop in his dining area and they simply hate that. Here is an account of how to crate train your dog and the reasoning behind it from the Humane Society of the United States.
Dog Training Basics

Puppy Training

It is so much easier to train your dog when you start with him at a young age. The biting and chewing, jumping up on people especially children, potential aggression, collar and leash training and the continuation of toilet training are all issues to get to grips with early on when still a puppy.

It’s also the time to socialize your dog and get him used to other dogs and people, which may prevent problems when he is older. Here is an excellent piece from Perfect Paws which should help to guide you through those early months of having your new puppy and effectively training him. The time and effort and patience you put in at this stage will be of major benefit as he grows and develops.

Basic Training

Dog Training BasicsAs he gets a little older the work you have put in training him as a pup should make the task a little easier. By now he should be responsive to you and recognize you as pack leader. Basic training classes are provided by many major pet stores such as Petsmart who have courses in dog obedience training as well as PetCo.

This is a simple and convenient way to progress him and the basic obedience training they offer will include learning the command of sit and stay, to go down and come when called as well as heel. It should also progress him to walking on a leash without pulling.

All the basics we need for simple control of our dog. It is vital to get your dog at least to that stage with training as a well trained dog in simple obedience matters means a dog you can control as the last thing you want in a public park is a dog that pulls on the lead and runs off and won’t return when called. Many dogs get lost in this manner.

Home Training

Dog Training BasicsSometimes dogs respond better without the distractions of other dogs in groups and there is always the option of having a trainer come to your home and assist you with basic obedience training. As much as anything they can train you in how to train your dog.

Here at Canine Crib, they give an account of how best to train your dog some of the basic commands.

Finding the right dog trainer is essential and always use a credible trainer that is accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and on their site they have a list of reputable dog trainers which you can find using their search facility that helps you find good dog trainers in your area.

Bengal Cat Breeders – Wildly Beautiful

The Bengal cat is among the most distinctive of all cat breeds and one of the most beautiful. They have a meow that isn’t a meow it’s more of a little bark. Generally it is a cat of good health with immunity to Feline Leukemia. This is an inherited trait from its ancestor, the Asian leopard cat.

In 1963, an Asian leopard cat bred with a domestic short haired cat and the result was called the safari cat which was changed in the early 1970s to the Bengal cat. They are famous for their marbled or spotted coat that is truly beautiful. They have very much retained that feature from the Asian leopard cat. The look of the cat is very distinctive with round ears, larges eyes and wonderful facial markings.

Another distinctive feature is the hind legs are longer than its front legs again a feature inherited from the Asian leopard cat. They have a lean appearance and are powerful runners.
Bengal Cat Breeders
They can be fairly boisterous which is not too surprising when you consider who its ancestor is and not an easy cat to contain. Not always the ideal cat for everyone as they need a lot of action around them and interactivity.

Some have been irresponsibly bred which has meant that some are susceptible to cataracts as well as heart problems. They require little grooming as they have a short hair which they are rather proficient at taking care of themselves. You can expect to pay between $700 and right up to over $3000 for the more exotic types.

Responsible Breeders

Bengal Cat BreedersA responsible breeder only sells Bengal cats four or even more generations away from the Asian leopard cat. They take great care with the bloodlines, and develop cats for their temperament and sociability. Each cat has his own individual traits.

There are 4 main types of Bengal cats, either spotted or marbled. The spotted Bengal cats are the most common of these, with different background variations of either brown or white.

The breed standard allows a wide variety of patterns sizes and shapes. The spots can be large or small which are generally circular but some breeders go for the arrow shaped spots or rosettes. The spots can be random or nice straight horizontal lines.

Some have a glitter effect on the coat, in other words there is a lot of variety which only the breeder could show you properly the different types. It is important to choose the right breeder.

Breeders are quite numerous and as these cats have so many variations you need to educate yourself on the different types by reading breeder’s websites and searching for as much information as possible as this is not an inexpensive cat so you need to know what you are looking for.
Bengal Cat Breeders
A relationship with the breeder is essential as they are best qualified to advice you on their care and needs as well as educate you about the varieties. At Bengal Breed, they have an extensive list of breeders throughout the United States and Canada as well as other parts of the world many of which export the cats on demand. They do state though that they can make no guarantees as to the quality of these breeders so choose carefully.

Many responsible breeders will only sell you spayed and neutered Bengal cats as the responsibility of breeding them in exactly the correct way is important to protect this breed.

Only if you can satisfy the breeder that you have sufficient knowledge to become a breeder will they consider letting you have a breed-able cat. Search the internet and look for credible breeders like Marechal Cattery.

Join groups like The International Bengal Cat Society and improve your knowledge with regular newsletters to your e mail.

The preservation of this breed is taken very seriously by leading breeders and although one of the most expensive cats there is to buy they are among the most beautiful. Other breeders to look at Pocket Leopards Bengals and Nitewindes Cattery.


Bengal Cat BreedersA further measure to obtain one of these delightful cats is to approach a Bengal Cat rescue group and enquire about adoption possibilities.

You can find them through Purebred Cat Rescue network which can point you towards some groups they may have a Bengal cat available for adoption.

Siamese Cat Rescue – Best Loved Breed

The best known of all cat breeds the much loved Siamese cat has a rich heritage. Companions of royalty and featured in mystical tales, the Siamese cat is a breed of distinction. They are famous for their unique eyes and aloof yet affectionate nature. They are the kind of cat that tries to communicate with their owner’s with a meow all of their own.

They are extremely sociable and intelligent cats that really do develop a close bond with their chosen one and can pine when left on its own. To know more about Siamese cats read Animal Planet for breed information.

The Best Place

Siamese Cat RescueWith a breed so popular it’s not too surprising to learn that they are well represented with rescue centers dedicated to the breed. From localized to nationwide, they take in abandoned Siamese and then set about re-homing them.

Groups like Siamese Rescue, a group that relies on donations, pulls together other groups and shelters and in a similar way to how Petfinder, the well known national network of pet adoption, creates a nationwide service of teaming cats with potential owners.

They put you in touch with a rescue center that can accommodate you but only after they are convinced you understand the nature of this special cat and are aware of the difficulties associated with this breed. Because of their sensitive nature it is important they are understood.

On a more localized level you have organizations like NYC Siamese Rescue. They operate with a team of volunteers that home foster unwanted Siamese cats and once you have passed and been approved for adoption you can view the cat in the fosterer’s home by appointment.

At the time of writing they had 21 cats available for adoption. They request help from those that cannot adopt by offering themselves in other ways like help with advertizing and cross web postings. Also to assist in the socializing of a cat and naturally enough request donations as again this is a voluntary group.

The Purebred Cat Rescue also links you to several Siamese cat rescue organizations as well as other pure bred cats.

Their Stories

It’s hard to imagine how a popular cat like a Siamese cat becomes unwanted. Well it’s not always for reasons of being unwanted. Sometimes the owner has passed away and there is nobody to look after the cat so adoption is the only answer.

They are widely loved but to some they are annoying as they are extremely vocal and due to their intelligence get bored easily and can be mischief prone. Sometimes people that take on a Siamese are not aware of these characteristics of the breed and then they turn them over to a rescue center.
Siamese Cat Rescue
If you are considering adoption of one of these special cats it would be wise to ensure you fully understand them and be sure you are completely ready to be an owner. There are clubs and groups that by being involved with would give you a better understanding and help you to establish a support network. These are great cats but need extra understanding. Clubs like National Siamese Cat Club could be helpful.

These cats are well represented in rescue centers and it’s worth noting that the usual spay and neuter policy of many rescue centers is not applied. These are popular cats for breeding and remain one of the best loved cat breeds there is.

Pet Friendly Airlines – Options for Flying

It’s more than possible these days to fly with your pet. Not just in a cargo hold but actually in the cabin. No of course they are not allowed to run around and go lifting their leg etc. but you can enjoy a flight with them in the cabin. It is so much easier and less upheaval than cargo and so much better for the pet. Many domestic airlines allow this and although there are regulations to observe, it is simple and now an everyday practice.

Not only can you take your pet in the cabin with you, he can fly alone too so give him a brochure so he can book his own vacation. There is an airline that only flies pets. You can’t go on it, its pets only so even if you can’t be with him in flight, it is still possible to fly your pet without having to put him in a stressful cargo hold. Each airline has its own regulations which differ so you must check with the individual airlines before you make any plans.


Pet Friendly Airline
You will need to ensure your carrier meets the right criteria and need all their health and vaccination documentation and even have him checked before the flight. If they are flying overseas they will need to be micro chipped so as you can see it can be quite an ordeal preparing for a flight with your pet.

That’s without even talking about quarantine regulations in various countries you may be flying to. It is seriously worth considering whether it is a wise decision to fly with your pet. If you have to, then fine but if it cannot be avoided then that’s the only time to consider it. It can be a stressful ordeal for a pet whether in flight or otherwise.

In all don’t leave anything to the last minute as this is something that takes a little organization. For more information about which airlines accept in cabin flights and there conditions read Pet Friendly Travel and there is also some additional information on chartering flights with pets. You can fly to Canada with a pet in cabin but not Hawaii or Alaska.

Also read this information from Delta which you should find to be a useful source of information regarding regulations and conditions.

Chartering a Flight

As stated there is another option and if your dog is larger than a small dog the only option other than in the cargo hold is that of chartering a flight. For groups or families it is not so economically unviable but can be expensive if as an individual with your dog.

For more information about chartering a flight read Stratos Jet Charter Services which you should find useful. There are fewer regulations with charter flights and although more expensive is another option if you don’t want your pet in the cargo hold.

Pet Dedicated Airlines

Pet Friendly Airlines
Companion Air Ad
The other option is to fly your pet alone with an airline dedicated to looking after your pet on your behalf. It is easily the least stressful way for a pet to fly if they really have to fly. There is also a new service that allows you to fly with your pet and is a pet dedicated airline.

The pet’s only service is Pet Airways and the new service where you can board with your pet is Companion Air.

For more information, read about Pet airways and how they do things.

For traveling tips, read more through this link to the Humane Society of the United States.

Pet Vacuum – Best Choices for Hairless Homes

Pet hair is a problem in many homes especially if you have a hairy beast long haired dog. Dogs jump up on the furniture and lie around the carpet. When they scratch themselves you see the hair flying and of course it’s going to land somewhere or the other. They jump on the bed and they leave the dander there too and it’s hard to keep a pet from doing these things and the only solution is a good vacuum cleaner.

There are special attachments that are designed for pet hair but in general a good vacuum cleaner that gets deep into the carpet is what you need. Strong suction obviously as pet hair can be very stubborn on certain surfaces and grips on and is hard to lift. The special attachments are an addition in certain brands.

Naturally enough, every company tries to pull in customers by recognizing a need and a need for pet owners is to get that damned hair up. The best vacuum cleaner manufacturers are busy working on ways to get deeper into your carpet and into the tightest corners, and with every technological advancement, the removal of pet hair becomes easier. If somebody in the household suffers allergies then a good top range vacuum cleaner is essential.

Best Brands

Pet Vacuum
Dyson have a range of vacuum cleaners that have animal hair in mind. They have a series they call the Dyson Animal Range. They have the DC 25 at $549.99 and the DC28 at $599.99. These models are both uprights.

In addition they have the hand held DC31 ideal on upholstery and furniture at $269.99. They all are, as the attachments are what perform that task with the uprights. Furthermore, you may find this review of interest and worth noting the comments on the mini roller.

Pet Vacuum
Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is a popular vacuum cleaner brand and within their range they have the Dirt Devil 0105 Corded HEPA Handheld Vacuum with Pet Hair Upholstery Brush on the Dirt Devil website with free shipping at $59.99.

Another good brand of vacuum cleaner has a model that claims to have extra magic when it comes to pet hair. Bissell have within their range the Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Models 3920 and 87B4 series with special extension tools of pet contour tool and pet turbo brush. At a less expensive price of $149 and a 3 year warranty.


Pet Vacuum
What’s different about a pet vacuum? Well by all accounts it appears that on the whole they are really simply highly efficient vacuums that come with an attachment. Suction is suction and powerful suction is the first priority when it comes to getting that stubborn pet hair up.

The tools are what put them into the pet vacuum category. So based on that and you already have a powerful vacuum cleaner, simply speak to the manufacturers of your vacuum and ask if there are any special attachment that they can provide that fit the model you have.

You may already have the ideal vacuum for pet hair, but just needs the extra help of the right attachment designed to vacuum upholstery and furniture. May just save you the need to go out and buy a new vacuum.

Any electrical appliance distributor will be able to recommend a particular model and brand but remember the attachment is helpful but above all what you need is powerful suction.

Cat Toilet Training – Saving Money on Litter

One of the great things about a cat is that they are not difficult to train to use a litter box. A litter box is a natural choice of toilet for a cat and they don’t have too much trouble in getting the message.

As kittens, they tend to not get it at first and sheets of newspaper are all over the house. When they use the wrong place as a kitten you don’t tell them off as that does nothing with a cat only stresses them. You simply pick them up and put them in the litter box. Eventually they get it, there is no great skill required in training your cat to use a litter box.

Kitty in the Bathroom

Cat Toilet TrainingBut how much easier would it be if your cat uses the toilet that we use. No more cleaning out litter boxes. It would be the end of expensive cat litter eating into our budgets. If only it was possible. Well this may come as a shock but it is. It is not easy by any means and no guarantees of success. But with patience and a little trouble it is entirely possible.

There are products you can buy that serve the purpose of helping her graduate towards the bathroom and actually using the toilet. You need to keep up the discipline of always ensuring that the conditions are right for instance making sure the seat is always down and possibly initially encouraging her by creating steps for her to find her way to the toilet. There is a method and there are varying accounts of how to achieve this end of having your cat trained to use the bathroom.

Products for Toilet Training

Cat Toilet TrainingThere is a product that is designed to help you train your cat to use the toilet that is ideal for any shape of toilet bowl and uses flushable litter and the end result being you don’t need any litter and no special devices after training.

It involves using a cover with cat litter in to initially bring him to the bathroom and by using a small hole in the middle she soon becomes comfortable with it. Then gradually the size of the hole is expanded and they soon learn that doing their business directly into the hole keeps the litter clean and cats love a clean litter.

Bit by bit the hole is expanded and eventually no more litter. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Not every cat manages to get it and if so then it’s simply back to the litter box after much effort, but it’s certainly worth trying when you consider the long term costs it will save you. And to eradicate the smells makes it worth the effort alone. The product is called Citi Kitty and full training instructions are provided.

Home Made Version

Cat Toilet TrainingIt is possible to do this yourself without the use of a bought product. It involves making a homemade cardboard litter box and with gradual patient progression he soon gets it. Some people have a problem with reluctance in their cat and this can be due to cleaning products which the cat does not like the smell of.

As we all know cats are fussy and are easily put off things. You have to start by gradually moving the litter box closer and closer each day to the bathroom, and as said previously much patience is required.

Here is an account from Cats Care Guide of one method to slowly encourage your cat to use a toilet. Training them to wash their hands after is another proposition.

Back To Basics

Cat Toilet TrainingIf after all your efforts it turns out to be a failed venture then it’s simply back to the litter box she knows so well. Not the end of the world by any means and certainly worth a try. Of course as we all know it is essential to keep the litter box clean or you may be dealing with another problem of inappropriate cat urination and worse.

But most of us have little problem with litter boxes and going back to the old tried and tested system of litter box use is the end result of a failure with toilet training.

For tips on litter boxes and keeping her using it then read this interesting piece from Animal Planet.