Free Pet Insurance – It doesn’t exist – Learn why!

Now let me first ask you this question: Do you believe there is such a thing as free pet insurance? Let’s be honest and look at it this way. If an insurance company gets no funds from its customers because if offers a thing like a free pet insurance program, how much money do you think it will have to pay for the medical bills? Not much right?

So let’s start removing the thought of a free pet insurance program from our heads. Its a fantasy and if it were real it wouldn’t work anyway. So when you can’t have it for free, then what are your options?

Almost free pet insurance

Your first option is actually free if you look at it personally but it won’t be the insurance company that pays for it. What you can do is find someone else that would be interested in paying for your pet insurance. You might find friends and relatives that could help you out or you could make it your birthday or Christmas gift. It would be a bit unusual, but at least you would have it the way you wanted it (free).

Next you can trade your abilities for a payment of the fee. Let’s say you’re great at cooking or you’re great at cleaning houses. Why not put a note up in your local grocery store asking people to hire you and then have them pay you by paying the pet insurance fee? Now there might be some tax issues you’ll need to look into first but I’m sure it can be done.

Third option is to get a sponsor. Maybe your pet can become a mascot for the local sporting goods store or maybe the local florist? Being their mascot they might be willing to pay not only the insurance fees but also food and other supplies that your pet might need. Sure, this option might be a long shot but if you haven’t tried it yet then who knows? It would mean that you would get the insurance for free + at lot of other stuff.

That is why free pet insurance is wrong

Did you ever hear the saying: “You get what you pay for”? That is exactly what will happen if you try to save too much money when you’re buying pet insurance. An insurance coverage is meant to cover your pet so that when accidents and sickness does strike you won’t have to pay out huge amount for medical and doctor’s bills. If you don’t care much for your pet then a cheap pet insurance might be the right solution for you but why then buy it in the first place?

I’m not saying that you should spend all your money on pet insurance because that would be stupid. You should never pay for more than you get but what is important is to find out where you will get all that you pay for and maybe even a little service on top of things.

To find a company like that you will need to call several of them and ask them all kinds of questions. I encourage you to do a fair due diligence when looking for the right pet insurance company and remember: When you find them and they pay for your first medical bill it WILL be like have a free pet insurance.

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2 thoughts on “Free Pet Insurance – It doesn’t exist – Learn why!”

  1. this is soooo true if you follow a link that says free pet insurance its justa lie and it wont work youll be better off to listening to the tips above.

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