Finding Pet Insurance in New York

As a pet owner in the city of New York it is obvious to search for pet insurance in New York when you start out online. But when you see the options that are available to you in the first page of the search engine (being Google, Yahoo or MSN), you will quickly realize that you might have to narrow your search by being a little more specific. The question is: How do you type something more specific than “the type of insurance” and “the city name”? One would think that entering “Pet Insurance” and “New York” should do the trick but it doesn’t.

Pet Insurance In New York

But why is that? Is it because Google, Yahoo and MSN aren’t doing the job they are supposed to do or could there possibly be another explanation? My guess is (and bear in mind that I can only guess) that the reason lies with the insurance companies. First reason is that even though the internet has been around for a while there are still a majority of insurance companies that don’t realize the power of online presence and therefore haven’t given any effort into their website.

The second reason is that even though there are millions and millions of pets in the United States alone, most insurance companies see pet insurance programs as a secondary product offering and it has therefore not been given that much attention in a marketing perspective. Luckily more and more insurance companies are realizing this and in the future I’m sure we’re going to see how they will spend more time and energy promoting it.

Finding Pet Insurance

My suggestion to you when searching for pet insurance in New York is as follows. It is a small 3 step process but the benefits from following this procedure can be enormous.

Step number 1:
Go to your favorite search engine and enter “insurance company”+New York because that will give you a wide list of insurance companies located in the city of New York.

Step number 2:
Research each of the top10 (or top20) insurance companies that you find and see whether they offer a pet insurance product or not. If they do then add them to your list to be used in step 3.

Step number 3:
Now take your list from above and start calling every insurance company and ask them questions about prices, terms and whatever comes to mind. End up getting a quote from them.

Now you should have several quotes and should have learned a lot about what to ask for when purchasing a pet insurance and you are ready to make your decision. Most of the insurance companies offer a discount when applying online so make sure to do that. Good luck finding pet insurance in New York.

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