Fetch Pet Insurance. Good or Bad?

In August 2007 the company Fetch, Inc. decided to launch a pet insurance program called “Petplan Insurance”. Petplan is operated by Fetch, Inc. and has been approved by ANPACC and has been given the rating of A+, which is the same as a Superior rating by AM Best. The insurance plan is considered one of the very best and is one of the world’s leading pet insurance brands. It is also one of the most commonly recommended pet insurance plans by VETs and pet owners nationwide.

Fetch Pet Insurance

When Fetch Pet Insurance was launched, it was done on the basis of extensive market study and research that resulted in several very unique and flexible pet insurance plans that would meet the needs of the most American pet owners.

Fetch, Inc. has it’s headquarter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has the exclusive right to use the PetPlan logo in the United States. Besides all the information that you might have read from the massive media coverage that the company got back in 2006 you can find out more by going to www.gopetplan.com or by calling 1.866.gopetplan.

In one of my previous articles I have been talking about the Fetch Pet Insurance program when I did a review of the website. The site focuses mainly on pet insurance for dogs and cats but you are also able to get quotes for other types of pets. The reason for having these to species as their main focus is solely because they are the two most commonly owned pets in the United States.

Insurance Company For Cats And Dogs

As an extra feature you’ll find that Fetch Pet Insurance has partnered with The Humane Society of the United States because (as they state):

“The Humane Society of the United States has been a proponent of pet health insurance since 1999. The Humane Society has partnered with Petplan which we believe is the most comprehensive health insurance product available for pets and the one product The Humane Society of the United States is proud to offer our members. The HSUS believes pet health insurance is an important component of responsible pet ownership and ensuring happy, healthy pets.”

Now that is some kind of recommendation. Again, as with any other pet insurance program that I have talked about, make sure you do your homework. Call them and ask them all kinds of questions. Write them an email to see how fast the will respond. Make sure that the level of service they provide fits your needs BEFORE you decide to sign up for the Fetch Pet Insurance Plan. If you do go that route make sure to take advantage of the 5% online discount that they offer.

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